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Clayton + Claire

Thank you so much for considering adoption and considering us as adoptive parents for your child. Life is an amazing journey with incredible ups and downs. Given the chance, we would like to walk this journey with you.

So Nice To "meet" You!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to get to know us. Your openness to adoption is incredibly brave and we respect you so much for considering this option for your child. We cannot begin to understand the decision you are facing or the emotions you may be experiencing. First and foremost, we want you to know that you are loved and the little one you carry is such a gift! We believe it must take a truly selfless act of love to consider the best possible life for your child. Thank you so much for considering adoption and considering us as adoptive parents for your child. Life is an amazing journey with incredible ups and downs. Given the chance, we would like to walk this journey with you.

Our Story:

'OUR STORY:' Image

We met when we were freshmen in college. Our best friends were dating so naturally, we got to know each other! Throughout the 15 months, we dated we learned we are complete opposites. Claire is always prepared and organized, whereas Clayton is full of energy and always ready for a spontaneous adventure. However, we are both very loving and compassionate. This combination was the perfect match and we have been a wonderful combination of opposites ever since.

Clayton proposed to Claire at the beginning of Christmas break during our senior year of college. Claire lived with six girls in a very old house close to campus. Clayton decorated her room with flowers and was waiting for Claire when she returned from her last fall semester final. The best part was surprising her and driving her home to celebrate with both of our families!

We are each other's biggest fan and supporter. One of the most difficult trials of our marriage is not being able to have biological children. We have tried for several years through much pain and exhaustion. However, we strongly believe that God has a plan for everyone and this is our plan. Our faith has been such an important part in overcoming the trials of life. It was during this hard time we decided to adopt - something we had many conversations about since we starting dating. We are anxiously awaiting the joys of parenthood. We know there will be difficult times that we will face as parents and that we will not be perfect, but we will face trials as our families always have: together and with faith in God's plan.

We continue to look forward to the day we welcome a little one into our family with open arms.

Meet Claire:


I enjoy traveling, working out, reading, water skiing, and hiking with my family (this is not Clayton's favorite activity )

"Claire is the kindest and most caring person I have ever met. She demonstrates these qualities every day as a dedicated burn and trauma ICU nurse. The two best qualities a person can possess are kindness and compassion, and she is full of both. She will make an amazing mother because she is always willing to accept and care for all. She has such an amazing work ethic and will work so hard at being the best mom she can be. She is the best listener and always offers the best advice. I don't know what I would do if I did not have Claire to do life with. I admire Claire's devotion and her faith - she doesn't only study the Word but is such a light and encourager to other people. Friends and family come to her for guidance on anything they may be dealing with. I can't wait to see the mother that Claire becomes. I know she will provide a warm home, lots of encouragement and plenty of unconditional love to our child and creating a family full of endless happiness. There are no bounds to her love and kindness." - Clayton

Meet Clayton:


I enjoy playing tennis, watching and attending college football and basketball games, traveling, and spending time with Claire

"Clayton has a firecracker personality. He is the most laid back, extroverted, and social person I know. No one stays a stranger with Clayton. He is a pharmacist and becomes invested in the lives of his patients from their first conversation. His heart for people is my favorite thing about him. When we were dating, I fell even more in love with him because of the way he loves his family. I know he will be an incredible Dad. Clayton is also the most fun person I have ever been around. He's one of those people that everyone loves to be near. He always has people laughing. What I appreciate most about Clayton is that he is by my side during my highest days and he is by my side during my lowest days. I cannot imagine doing life without him. He is so entertaining and he will love taking our child to the neighborhood park, playing in the sand at the beach, watching all of his favorite Disney movies and telling our child about growing up with his grandparents and parents with whom he was incredibly close." - Claire

Our Home:

We live in a suburb of a large southern city, where Claire grew up. Clayton's hometown is three hours away from our home and we visit often. Living close to family and friends is one of our greatest blessings. Our hometown is a growing area with many family activities and events. We love that we are not far away from the beach or the lake, but our favorite weekend escape is to the mountains!

We live in a planned community and our house is located in a quiet cul-de-sac. It is the perfect spot to teach a child to ride a bike. We are within walking distance to an elementary school, neighborhood pool, playground, and tennis courts. Our house backs up to softball and soccer fields where Claire grew up playing. We live in a very family friendly neighborhood. Children are always playing in our neighborhood. It will be so much fun to one day watch a child of our own playing on the soccer fields or playing tag with the other neighbor kids.

Our Family:

We are a very tight-knit family. Our families have so many great traditions. We usually always plan a yearly trip where the whole family spends a week together. We are so grateful that we both come from families where our parents are some of the greatest role models in our life.

Clayton's Family: Clayton is an only child but grew up within ten miles of his extended family. He was blessed with knowing his four grandparents and all of his great-grandparents. Three of his great-grandmothers attended Claire and Clayton's wedding. He has an extremely close relationship with his extended family and talks to them daily. Clayton's mother is a retired teacher and rivals Martha Stewart with her cooking, sewing, and entertaining skills. Her desserts are especially delicious. Clayton's father owns a timber company founded by Clayton's great-grandfather. Clayton considers his parents two of his best friends and his role models. Clayton's immediate family travels to Disney World annually, and his father is the most excited about this trip every year! Clayton traveled with his great grandparents every summer and those trips sparked his love of travel. Clayton has a great relationship with his parents, they talk daily and we always look forward to getting together.

Claire's Family: Claire's father is a pediatrician (which will come in handy!) and her mom is a retired nurse. Claire has two siblings, Lee and Annie. Lee and his wife Kathryn, live in San Diego, where Lee is a wildlife biologist and Kathryn is an Occupational Therapist. Claire's sister, Annie, is in nursing school. Claire's mother is an extrovert and always makes people around her feel comfortable. Claire's father is kind and gentle spirited, but also has a fantastic sense of humor. He is a constant encourager and gives wonderful advice. Claire's family is extremely close-knit. We travel together often and enjoy going to see Lee and Kathryn in San Diego a few times a year. Claire's paternal grandparents and maternal grandmother live in the same city as Claire and Clayton. Claire's family celebrates all holidays together and eat Sunday lunch together on a weekly basis - they are thrilled to welcome a child into the family!

We are so thankful that our child will be loved by so many. We have a large family and they are all waiting in excitement to see our family grow.

Our Dogs:

'OUR DOGS:' Image

These springer spaniels are a part of our family - Berta Lou and Blanche. They are two of our greatest joys and best friends. Berta Lou's favorite pastimes are sleeping, eating and more sleeping...She is the sweetest dog in the world (we are not biased at all). Blanche is full of energy and is always getting into mischief. She thinks she is a 50 pound lap dog, who likes to cuddle. They cannot wait to have a playmate!

Before You Go:

We want to thank you again for taking the time to get to know us. We know that this can't be an easy process for you and we honor your courage so much!

Before you go, we want you to know:

We will raise our child in a strong Christian home

We will do everything we can to provide the best education possible.

Our child will be surrounded by an abundance of fun and love

We can't wait to welcome a baby into our home through adoption

We are praying for each of you daily,

Claire and Clayton

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