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Clay + Meredith

We would like to take a minute to let you know how courageous and strong you are. We cannot fully comprehend the sacrifice you are making, but we want you to know that we (along with our family and friends) are praying for you to have the peace and strength that only God can provide you during this time of your life. We hope you enjoy learning a little about us, and we pray for God's guidance and wisdom in your upcoming decision.

About Us

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We met in college at a mixer between Clay's fraternity and Meredith's sorority. Neither of us wanted to go that night, but our roommates forced us to go with them! Little did we know what was in store for us! We married in 2004 and adopted Rachel through Gladney in January 2013.

We enjoy family time and traveling to fun places (especially the to beach, the mountains, and Europe). We rack up a lot of airline miles from all of our travel, but we love it!


'Clay' Image

-is known for his online shopping deals

-is an IT Security Consultant, which basically means he is a hacker

-makes the best brownies ever; he's also known for his Christmas fudge

-loves trains and airplanes and could be entertained by them for hours


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-loves reading books

-doesn't eat seafood or anything with a bone in it...she is odd like that!

-was born in Tennessee and visits there often

-loves Chick-Fil-A, Italian food, and Mexican food


-is a thrill-seeker! She loves riding rides at places like Disney World, Six Flags, and the state fair

-always eats the frosting off cupcakes and leaves the cake part

-has a huge vocabulary and loves talking to everyone she meets. She is super social!

-loves to play dress up

Our Promise To You, Should You Chose Us As Adoptive Parents

We promise to provide a loving, Christian home for your child

We promise your child will always know that you loved him/her so much that you chose us to be his/her parents

We promise be involved in his/her life as a parent, not just sit on the sidelines

We promise to take many wonderful trips as a family over the years to learn more about the amazing world in which we live....and to have fun in the process

We promise to encourage him/her, offer support when needed and provide unconditional love

Thank You

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Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us a little. Hopefully, this shows you a brief glance into our family. We hope you see that we are a loving, active family who truly believes in faith, family, friends, and fun. We love being parents, and we can't wait to expand our family to a party of four! We wish you the very best of luck in your decision, and we pray for both you and your baby's health and happiness.

About The Adoption Process

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