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Christina + Gina

Hi! We are Christina and Gina. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us while you are making so many important decisions about you and your child. Our life together is a story of fun, adventure, and unconditional love and we are so excited to welcome you into our family through adoption.

A Note To You

Thank you so much for taking time to get to know us. We will never fully understand the weight of what you're feeling as you take this journey. But, we will always be here for you. We are in awe of your courage and the love you undoubtedly have for your child.

We are excited not just to invite a child into our life, but you as well.

A Little About Us

'A Little About Us' Image

We met each other working as educators at summer camp in 2008. Our friendship quickly blossomed into something deeper and we began spending all of our free time together. By 2013, we got married in our backyard surrounded by family and friends. Having a child has always been part of the plan, and we are excited to start growing our family.

Together, we are a team. When we run into hardship, we make an effort to remember the team is strongest when every member is heard and their thoughts are valued. We believe love and patience are more powerful than yelling or holding a grudge. We value others, having fun, traveling, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Christina is on the left and Gina is on the right!

Our Promises To You

We promise to do our best to raise a caring, loving person who will know their adoption story.

Our child will know how your love plays one of the most important roles in their story. Your role in our lives is valued and you will be an important part of our family.

We know we aren't perfect, but we promise you this: your child will be loved unconditionally in a home where they can be happy being whoever they are.

Our Home

'Our Home' Image

Our house is in a small historic suburb with parks and nature trails within walking distance. We decorate our house for holidays, garden and have a backyard for our dogs to play in. We also enjoy grilling out and having campfires with family and friends.

We have two dogs (Buster and Clementine) and two turtles (Zippy and Tilly). All four of our pets have been rescued. Buster loves cuddles and children, and Clementine has enough energy to play for days!

Here is Christina with Buster (left) and Clementine (right)!

Family And Friends

'Family and Friends' Image

Gina has a really small (but mighty!) family. Shirley is her mom and her sister Linda is four years younger. Katie is Linda's wife who got married last year. Gina has one aunt, one uncle and three cousins who have children pictured here. Gina's dad Randall died when she was 16. He taught her a lot about finding joy and making sure family comes first.

Tina has a mom (Joyce), dad, (Godwin), a sister and brother (Jenny and Michael). Between her parents, she has an incredible amount of aunts and uncles that Gina has periodically tried to memorize. Tina has over fifty first cousins and over forty second cousins.

To us, our friends are also family. We have friends who have adopted, friends who have been adopted, friends with children, friends without children, and even friends we visit in England! We will make sure our child understands the importance of building strong, healthy friendships.

5 Wishes We Have For Our Child:

'5 Wishes We Have For Our Child:' Image

1) Create new adventures

2) Travel to new places

3) Know how to have fun

4) Go out into nature

5) To know they are loved- by their birth family and by us

Thank You...

...for taking the time to meet us! We consider it an honor that you were interested in us to be a part of you and your child's life.

Please know that no matter what, we wish you peace while continuing your journey. We know you are making nothing but loving, thoughtful decisions for you and your child. We hope every single person you meet on this journey treats you with kindness and gives you support because you deserve nothing less.

Much love from,

Gina & Christina

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