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Chris + Christy

Thank you for reading our profile, but more importantly thank you for considering an adoption plan for your child. No matter your decision, we acknowledge your deep love for your baby. Our names are Chris and Christy, and we have a wonderful son, Alex, through an open adoption.

Dear Expectant Mother

Please let us first take an opportunity to say Thank You.

Thank you for reading our profile, but more importantly thank you for considering an adoption plan for your child. No matter your ultimate decision, we recognize your deep love for this baby. We hope that you are able to get a feeling of who we are as a family through this profile. After you have finished learning about us, we know that there will still be many questions. Please consider this our commitment to working towards answering those questions with you.

We routinely envision our family's lives days, weeks, and years into this relationship and how our bonds with one another through adoption grow and mature. Though we have not yet met, please know that we keep you and your child in our prayers. As you get to know us we hope that you might come to see us as the people you would want to build this lifelong connection with.

A Little About Us

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Our names are Chris and Christy, and we have a wonderful son, Alex, through an open adoption. We met at our high school jobs at a car dealership, started dating 4 years later, and got married 4 years after that. We will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary this year, three days after Alex's 3rd birthday. Together we have celebrated amazing accomplishments and weathered our share of challenges, but our guiding principle is always to manage it together.

As a couple, we think we strike the perfect balance. Chris is patient and soft spoken while Christy is spontaneous and can be a bit excitable. Our strengths complement each other and provide the foundation to our lives. We believe communication is the most important aspect of our partnership, and we have expanded that belief to our parenting style with Alex. Alex lives his life with an open heart, he is very outgoing, sweet, and smart. He loves singing, swimming, reading books, running outside, and snuggling in a rocking chair.

As a family, we love to experience new things. Sharing excitement and wonder has proven to be the guiding force in our lives. We also love to laugh, and we definitely don't take ourselves too seriously. We are so glad to be passing that down to Alex; his laughter is the best sound we've ever heard!

About Chris (according To Christy)

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Chris is the most determined person I have ever met, and he has an overwhelmingly positive influence over everyone he interacts with. He chooses to conduct himself with integrity in all he does and never cuts corners for speed or ease if it might jeopardize doing the right thing.

His sincerity is felt by everyone who knows him. As a son, a brother, an uncle, and a son-in-law, he prioritizes family, makes time and travels for visits, and leaves making sure his family feels supported and loved. As a friend, Chris is fierce in his devotion, quick to make sacrifices for the people closest to him. And as a husband, he facilitates an openness and equality in our partnership that is nurtured through love and respect.

But what makes me the most happy is to watch Chris be a dad.

As a father, Chris makes unconditional love look easy. He is able to get down on Alex's level and has just as much fun playing in a playhouse or with trucks as Alex does. He has shown more sweetness than I could ever have imagined, craving those times when he gets to live in the warmth of a long snuggle.

I try to catch secret glimpses of Chris with Alex and store them in my memory. The love Chris has in his eyes while he looks at Alex as they sit together on the couch, reading a book. How he turns his head at the dinner table to hide his laughter after Alex throws a handful of dinner to the dogs. His unwavering devotion through his serious approach to setting boundaries for Alex's safety.

I am looking forward to watching Chris's love grow as our family expands. He does and will continue to love our family unconditionally. He will make a place in this second child's life for silliness, support, and structure.

About Christy (according To Chris)

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If you were to ask anybody who has ever met Christy what stands out most about her, they would say her laugh. She has an incredibly infectious laugh and wants nothing more than to share her joy with everyone around her. She is smart, fun loving, generous, thoughtful, and the most caring person I have ever met. She has an abundance of love to give and never hesitates to share that love with the world.

When Christy and I first started dating, I realized quickly that she loves absolutely and will go to incredible lengths for those that are lucky enough to call her a friend. Whether it is one-day trip to visit family 300 miles away, or flying cross country for the Christening of our twin Goddaughters, she will always make time for those she loves. There is never a higher priority.

This endearing quality has grown ten-fold with Alex.

Whenever Alex or I have any stumbles or setbacks, her unwavering support will always be the driving force behind our success. We would be nowhere without her.

Christy's tenderness and caring nature are what make her an unbelievable mother. When I see her face light up when Alex comes into the room, or her head whip around when he starts to giggle, you can so clearly see in her eyes that her love for him is unconditional and true. Her patience and loving demeanor shine anytime Alex is involved. No matter the circumstances or Alex's mood that day, you can just see the joy in her eyes and heart to be his mom, and she has much more love to give.

About Alex

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A charmer, Alex greets everyone he sees with a wide grin and his kind eyes. He is quick to laugh, loves to read books about trucks, has a wonderful memory for his friends' faces, and a vocabulary that grows every day. His favorite things are "applajas" (apple juice), "papoo" (popcorn), and his stuffed puppy. He is quick with his pleases ("peeese") and thank yous ("tan kue"). When excited, he calls to DaDa, and wants MaMa when he's scared.

Alex is pure joy and has brought such meaning and happiness to our lives. Helping him to grow and learn has been the most important thing we have ever done, and we can't remember a time in which we were more engaged or fulfilled than we are as his parents. We feel so lucky to have him as part of our family, and the love we anticipated giving before he came is nothing to the depths of true emotion that Alex's arrival has inspired.

A Gladney baby, he was born in Florida. While in Florida, we were so lucky to meet his truly wonderful first mom and her family, whom we have kept a close relationship with. We text, video chat, send photos, and visit in-person. We recognize that all adoption relationships are different and dependent on the wishes of all members in them, but we are very glad to nurture our bond with Alex's first mom. She has become like another part of our family, for which we are forever grateful.

Our Home & Puppies

We moved to Connecticut, right outside of New York City, about 6 years ago. We have enjoyed learning about New England, experiencing the beautiful seasons, and taking advantage of being close to the excitement of the City. We love our home and have been updating room-by-room. Our favorite projects lately have been to turn one of the available bedrooms into a sweet nursery, and decorating a big-boy room for Alex. We also have a large yard that we enjoy spending time in EVERY season -- Alex loves the snow as well as the summers!

We have two dogs, Maxie and Bourquey, who have very different, funny personalities. Maxie is loving and reserved, whereas Bourquey wants to be best friends with everyone he meets. They make our lives so much fun and keep us active.

Alex LOVES his doggies. He calls Maxie "Good Girl," and his name for Bourquey is "Woof." They taught him how to bark at passing cars and to share his string cheese, but more importantly they are teaching him to be gentle with smaller creatures than himself.

Family & Friends

We are very lucky to share close relationships with our families, who have taught us everything we know about love. Chris is one of four children and we have one adorable nephew and two beautiful nieces. Christy is an only child with a tight bond between her and her parents. Our families have been so supportive of little Alex.

Christy's parents have found their life's calling in being grandparents. They are having more fun than ever before! And Chris's family's group text absolutely lights up for each of the four grandkids! Alex has love from all of our extended families, as well; he is adored more than we could have ever imagined.

Our families have been terrific role models to us; Chris's parents have been married for 43 years and Christy's for 39! They have instilled in us a devotion to one another that is grounded in and fueled by our faith. We look forward to sharing that love and devotion as our family grows.

We are also blessed with enduring friendships. From childhood friendships to those that have entered our lives more recently, we have created a beautifully diverse chosen family. Alex has enjoyed the built-in friendships with our friends' children, as well as those relationships he has created with his classmates and church friends. He is also increasingly interested in loving on the babies at school! We think he'll make a great big brother!

Thank You!

We are looking forward to adding more laughter, playing, excitement, and love to our lives with another child, along with the spills, diapers, tears, and boo-boo kisses that come with it. Perhaps more importantly, we have built the support structure necessary for succeeding at parenting: our church, family, daycare, and friends. We have learned what it is to be parents with the arrival of Alex, and we can't wait to keep learning and loving with his future sibling. One day, after having stayed home with a very sick baby Alex, I looked at Chris and said, "This may have been my worst day of parenting, ever. But it was still better than almost any other non-parenting day I have ever had."

We hope that through this profile you have been able to get an idea of who we are and what our lives are like. There are so many things for us to be thankful for! But right now we are most thankful for your consideration. We have a lot of love to give and plenty of room in our hearts for you and your child.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with follow up questions. Until then, we keep you in our prayers.

Thank you,

Chris & Christy

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