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Chris + Barbara

Hi there! Our names are Barbara and Chris. We greatly appreciate you taking a moment to look through our profile and learn more about us. You will find we are a caring and fun loving couple who enjoy spending time together. If you decide to pursue an adoption plan with us, we promise to live up to the high standards you and your child deserve every day.

Our Story

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Barbara and Chris met through mutual friends. She remembers thinking he was one of the funniest people she had ever met, with a very dry and witty sense of humor. He remembers her as being beautiful, clever, and the life of the party. But things clicked for them after the wedding of two of their best friends. She was talking to friends and was wearing a bow shaped bracelet.

He came up to her and said, "I like your bracelet, you look like a present. Can I walk you home?" Who could say no to that line? They dated for 2 years and on their 2nd anniversary, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said yes at least 20 times, because she was afraid she hadn't answered yet! They were married 6 months later on a beautiful beach in Mexico with their closest family and friends there to support them. They're now about to hit the 5 year mark, and it has been 5 years of joy.

Yes, there have been some tears, but they always follow the tears with laughter and love. Chris has said in the past that the best pre-wedding advice anyone gave him, is "never stop dating your wife." And he has held true to that. They make each other a priority and support each other in all walks of life. As someone special shared with them recently, "individually you are both incredible, caring, and smart. But when you put the two of you together, with the love that you share, it is just extraordinary."

Why Adoption?

Our paths were guided to adoption after a long and difficult journey through infertility. We have wanted to become parents for a long time, and after realizing that we wouldn't be able to conceive naturally, we spent a lot of time determining which path was best for us. We briefly discussed simply not becoming parents, but ultimately decided that we had too much love in our hearts for a child that we could not ignore. And we realized, that while we could not have biological children, it did not mean that we could not be parents. We feel blessed to have started down this road and look forward to how it all unfolds!

Meet Barbara

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This is coming from a place of intense bias, but Barbara might be the most selfless and caring person I have ever met. Both in her personal life, as well as her career, she only ever wants the best for people! In her work as a therapist, her dedication to her patients is one of intense focus. She cares for them as if that patient is a member of her own family. She laughs with them when they win and cries with them when they suffer a setback. She loves to laugh and her joy is incredibly contagious to everyone around her. I can safely say that it will be one of the great joys of my life getting to watch her be a mom.

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Song/Band: Lionel Richie

Something Silly: I tend to burst into song at random times, sometimes even in public! I am the reigning fantasy football champion, in a league where I am the only female (Girls rule!)

Something Serious: One of my greatest passions is my job. I have the honor of being a therapist at a nursing home and strive to help the elderly live out their lives with as much dignity and joy as possible.

Meet Chris

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I wasn't looking for love or romance, but then this sweet, goofy guy made his way into my life and I experienced a love that I thought only existed in the movies. When we were first dating, he would send me a joke every day. They were usually something silly and fun, and I would sometimes roll my eyes, but inside I was smiling. He is incredibly thoughtful, not just to me, but to all our friends and family. He thinks of things that people might need before they can think of it themselves. There is never a dull moment in our house, one of us (but usually both) is always, singing, dancing or laughing! Chris has this incredible wit and can make me laugh even when I am trying my hardest not to. There is an incredibly sweet side to him too. I love to watch him play and talk to our godchildren. They love their "Uncle Chrissy!" It's a sneak peek for me into what he'd be like as a father, and it's wonderful!

Favorite Movie: Anything Marvel

Favorite Band: The Beatles

Something Silly: I have won more than a dozen adult kickball championships and retired into the league's Hall of Fame.

Something Serious: There is nothing I love more, in any situation or walk of life, than helping someone be better today than they were yesterday.

Our Home

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We live in a wonderful part of the city that feels both remote and connected. Our home has a huge backyard that is ready to be played in and the neighborhood has hundreds of stately trees with multiple parks and playgrounds within walking distance. It is also near a beautiful lake that offers plenty of opportunities for strolling and play. Barbara likes to call the bridge leading into our neighborhood the "Bridge to Terabithia" because it feels like you are crossing from the heart of the city into a fantasy world.

Last Christmas we gave ourselves the best present in the form of our puppy, Mosley. Mosley is giant ball of energy, fur, and love! She loves walks in the neighborhood or around the lake, playing with friends at the nearby dog park, and belly scratches! She is a gentle giant who adores children and cannot wait to have a little one to grow up with.

Our Hearts

Please know we appreciate you taking your time to read through our profile! We hope that you felt the love, passion, and fun we have as a couple and as individuals. Adoption is an act of love that takes much courage, on both sides. It is something that unites people together and binds them into a family forever.

We want you to know that we see you and understand that you have a difficult decision ahead of you! Before you go, we would like to share a few promises that we hope will assure your heart if you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us.

We promise to love your child unconditionally and to honor and carry forward the love that you have for them in your heart. It took a lot of strength for all of us to get to this point, and we promise that we will never let that strength falter. We promise to do our utmost to ensure that your child is raised to be a good and moral person and that they will never want for anything. We promise to hug often, sing at the top of our lungs, and have many dance parties.

We promise to speak of you often and kindly. We desire for your child to know of the great and remarkable love their mom/parents have for them!

Much love,

Barbara & Chris

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