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Bryson + Sara

Hi! We're Bryson and Sara! We understand we haven't met you, but we want you to know we admire your strength and the courage that is within you. We don't know what life circumstances have brought you here but we are praying for you. We pray that you have a sense of peace and feel loved and supported throughout your journey. As you explore our profile and learn more about us, we hope you feel encouraged. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and we look forward to developing a friendship with you!

Our Story

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We were both born and raised in Texas. We have known each other for 14 years, and been together for 9! We met in high school through church and quickly became good friends. After graduating, we lost touch for a few months, but quickly reconnected through a mutual friend. In 2009, we started dating right before Bryson joined the Air Force and Sara was in nursing school. We married in 2012 right after Sara graduated, and moved to North Carolina where Bryson was stationed. Although we loved North Carolina, after 6 years of service, we decided it was best for our family to separate from the military so we could move back home, start a family, and Bryson could finish his degree.

From the very start of our marriage, it was the desire of our hearts to start a family one day, we just weren't sure how exactly that would be. We have always known Sara may or may not be able to carry a child on her own. After months of research, talking to numerous doctors, and praying about the situation, we decided that was not the best option. Adoption is not foreign to our family as Bryson has several adopted family members. As Christians, we found comfort knowing God has adopted us as His own children, and as such we whole-heartedly embraced this adoption journey.

Bryson recently earned his degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Sara is a registered nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where she takes care of some of the smallest patients in the hospital. Depending on when we are matched, Sara is hopeful to go part time and be able to stay at home most days with our child. After 6 years of marriage, we are both more than ready (and super excited) to become parents!

About Bryson (according To Sara)

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  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Favorite place: Anywhere with Sara
  • Hobbies: Playing with our dogs, listening to music and playing video games

How did I get so blessed to be married to such an amazing man? Bryson is hands down not only the best husband, but the best person I know. When I look at the way he relates with people around him, I'm amazed at how much he truly understands people and it makes me want to be a better person. He goes out of his way to make others feel included, important, and is always an encouragement to those around him.

Bryson is such a hard worker and I am SO proud of him! He's dedicated and he puts his heart and soul into whatever he does. He's light-hearted, reminding me to never take life too seriously and that laughter can cure most bad days. I secretly think he's going to live to be 101 because he's never stressed out or worried- at least the way I worry; I think it's His faith and trust in the Lord that allows him to do that! When life throws a curve-ball, he's there with encouraging, uplifting support. I just can't imagine where I'd be without him, he's my person!

Bryson can't wait to be a dad! He talks about it all the time and I know he's going to be super involved in our child's life. He's excited to teach them how to ride a bike, introduce them to video games, and cheer them on at team sporting events! He wants them to experience some of the most memorable things from his childhood like camping, family vacations, and being close to their grandparents. There's no doubt our child will always be loved and valued by Bryson!

About Sara (accodring To Bryson)

'About Sara (accodring to Bryson)' Image
  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: Registered Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Favorite place: Our front porch
  • Favorite memory: Growing up spending summers at my grandparents house riding the tractor, cooking in the kitchen, and going to garage sales.

Sara is a wonderful and encouraging partner and also my best friend. She is kindhearted and compassionate towards those around her and it never ceases to amaze me how far she will go to help someone else in need. Her ability to set and achieve goals has always encouraged me to be more driven and reminds me to keep pursuing what I want to do. She is always smiling and when you need someone to talk to, she's a good listener. Sara is such a strong person and is deeply rooted in her faith which allows her to handle the difficult times.

Sara is grounded and her family has always been a priority. Sara will be an amazing mother one day and will care for our child more than anything else. She looks forward to playing with them outside, involving them in the kitchen, and reading to them at bedtime. I'm excited to see her become a mom one day, she has so much love to give!


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When we're not working, you can probably find us drinking coffee on our front porch, hanging out with our friends, or riding our bikes. We enjoy taking weekend trips and traveling! We love exploring new places to eat, playing Super Nintendo, and taking our dogs to the dogpark!

Our immediate family is within driving distance, so we get to visit them or they come to see us quite often. Since both of our families went to the same church and we grew up together, we ALL get together to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. We enjoy making memories whether it's cooking in the kitchen, going on family vacations, learning a new hobby, or decorating the Christmas tree!

Thank You

We hope our profile allowed you to explore our lives and get to know us a little better. We want you to know we are committed to providing your child with a loving, stable, nurturing, and family-centered home. May you never doubt the compassion we have for you as a birth mother; our child will be raised knowing where he or she came from and the sacrifice you have made. You will always be an integral part of our lives and we plan to raise our child with understanding and appreciation for you. This child will be loved by us, our family and friends, and will know the love you have for him or her. Thank you for getting to know us! We are praying for you!

With love,

Bryson & Sara

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