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Brian + Krissy

Since the beginning of our relationship, nearly 14 years ago, we have always known adoption was a deep desire of ours. We can't begin to understand the circumstances that led you to this point, but we can say with certainty that we are honored that you are considering making us a part of your future plans. Your sacrifice in considering an adoption plan is inspirational. Regardless if you choose us, another family, or to parent, please know that you are in our prayers. It is our hope that you find peace, support and love during this journey.

Our Story

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Brian and Krissy met at a grocery store in a small town in Texas in July of 2005. Krissy was a cashier and Brian was a bank teller at the bank inside the store. One day Brian finally worked up the courage to ask for Krissy's phone number, but not knowing how to get her attention he came through the line buying only a single apple. Of course she already thought Brian was handsome and gave him her number immediately. They were both starting back to school in the fall and were only supposed to date throughout the summer... but here they are almost 14 years later.

About the time Krissy thought an engagement was eminent, Brian announced he wanted to go to law school! They dated while he attended school and finally Brian proposed during the last semester of law school. They were married in April 2012 after almost 7 years of dating! Their wedding was held at her grandparents' lake house. They were surrounded by family and friends at one of their most favorite spots on the planet.

Our marriage is filled with complete honesty and shared dreams of our future. We can't wait to add a child to our lives to make it even more exciting.

Why We Want To Adopt

We have been married for over 6 years and feel that now is the time to expand our family. We have so much love to share with a child and feel like this was God's plan from the very beginning. Adoption has touched both of our lives through Krissy's 3 cousins who are adopted.


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Krissy is patient with my sense of humor. For example, what I wrote for this page has (most likely) been heavily edited by her; however, she (most likely) laughed at what I originally wrote about her. Krissy has continually put family needs above her own wants. She is the ideal "big sister" to her many younger siblings. At every family gathering - trust me, there are lots of those, she is the person that everyone is happy to see. I love how she understands the importance of "Family".

Her faith is unwavering and she puts her full trust in God's plan for our future. She also has a way of finding adventures to keep our lives fun. We drove to Amarillo, TX on New Year's Eve because I had a song about the city stuck in my head. We stopped in a random town in Colorado to walk through the Chili Fest because we had never been to a Chili Fest. I love how I can completely trust following her on these adventures because I know she will find a way to make memories that will last forever. Truthfully, I can't put into words what I love about my wife. What I can say is that she is the most amazing person I have ever met.


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Writing about Brian might just be the easiest thing to write. He is honestly the best man I have ever met, I feel so blessed to call him my husband and best friend. His smile and personality draw people in and makes him an instant friend. He never misses an opportunity to insert a joke or a funny comment which my family adores. Sometimes I show up to a family event while Brian is working and they want to know when Brian will be showing up...they might like him more than me! As a husband he will do absolutely anything for me and I know he will do the same for our child, if not more. Brian's career as an attorney is a big part of who he is. Most people hear the word lawyer and you think up tight but that is the furthest from the truth with him. He makes his clients feel at ease with his easy going personality.

He also is involved with a lot of cps cases and he has so much heart for it, you would almost think he's not actually working. Despite his busy career, Brian still manages to have a lot of fun! He has so many hobbies that it's sometimes hard to keep up with him. One day it's golfing, the next day flying, then another day it's a new hiking/fishing adventure. I know Brian can't wait to get a baby backpack so he can share all the beautiful hiking adventures with a baby. He is so good with our niece and nephew. He even coaches our 3 year old nephew's soccer team. I can not wait to see him turn into a daddy. He will be patient, fair, fun and ensure they live to their fullest potential. Plus he already has the dad jokes perfected!

Home Sweet Home

We moved into a newly built townhome about a year ago. It has 3 bedrooms and a bonus room that we are purposely leaving empty to make as a playroom. We have a space that is dedicated to become the nursery when that time comes. Since Brian is the president of our HOA, we have gotten to know many of our neighbors well. The demographic in our neighborhood ranges from retired adults to young executives. There are many families with very young children as well. One of our favorite things about the community are the many parks and trails the city has kept intact even with the growth of our town.

Our Beloved Pets

Our animals are such a huge part of our lives!! First is Wimberly. She is a Morkie (Maltese & Yorkie mix) and the princess of the house. She loves children and tries to share her toys with them. Next is Dublin. He is also a Morkie but with a different demeanor than Wimberly. He is always up for an adventure with Brian with hiking or a camping trip. Lastly are our two, newly rescued kittens, Austyn and Keller. Keller is a mama's boy and is always ready for a cuddle. Austyn graces us with her presence when she is ready to be loved on. All four animals love children, especially our niece and nephew , who come over frequently.

Our Hearts

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Before you go, we want you to know...

We hope we will get to sit knee to knee with you soon and have a cup of coffee or a meal so we can get to know you more! We desire to learn about your hopes, dreams, your goals and what you look forward to in life. We also want to learn about your traditions so that we can pass those on to your child if you choose us!

Our promise first and foremost is that your child will be loved unconditionally. We will encourage them to follow their dreams and passions as they grow up, but above all else, we ensure we will do everything we can to make sure they are having fun! We will make sure that he/she will be given every opportunity possible for a bright and successful future. We have a deep desire for you to be a part of your child's life so he or she can have an understanding of where they came from and how much they were loved from the very beginning. There won't be a day that goes by that we won't remind them of the love you have for them. We promise to speak kindly through daily conversations as we share about their amazing mom.

We want you to know that we are praying for you and your sweet baby as you navigate these hard decisions. If you decide that adoption is the right path for you, we hope to get the opportunity to meet you soon!

With great admiration,

Krissy & Brian

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