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Brian + Allyson

Hello! We are Brian, Ally, and Audrey. First of all, we want you to know that you are a good parent. Being a good parent comes with hard choices. If you feel that making an adoption plan is the right thing for you and your child, we know you are choosing that with love and selflessness. We hope you know that too! Adoption has been in our hearts even before our daughter was born. Through family and friends we have seen so many examples of adoption being a blessing for everyone. We know we can not show you everything in our hearts and our lives, but hopefully this profile helps give you an idea!


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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We know this is an important time and choice you are facing. We admire your strength and courage. We hope you feel surrounded with moral support and know what a blessing you are giving to our family. If you decide to make an adoption plan, we promise to support a positive relationship with you and your child if that is what you desire. Our promise to you is that your child will be in a home full of love, understanding, and compassion. Our goal is to give our children every opportunity possible and to provide stability so they can achieve their dreams.

We want you to be at peace with any decision you make. We will be praying for you and your sweet baby!

About Us

We met while we were in school in Arizona. We had mutual friends that had been wanting to set us up on a date, and they called us to meet them for dinner. After that night we started dating and became inseparable. Three years later we were married surrounded by friends and family.

We have now been married for twelve years. Adoption has always been a plan for us. We started the process three years ago and then we found out we were pregnant. We felt very blessed to have Audrey and knew that her brother or sister would be through adoption. Here we are now thankful and excited for the future of our family.


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Occupation: Nursing Administration

Religion: Christian

Interests: Playing Soccer, Fly Fishing, and Traveling to fun places

Brian is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. He can always make anyone laugh and is quick to make people comfortable around him. He is incredibly smart. Since I have known him he has been in school, working his way from being an ICU nurse to running a hospital. He has compassion for patients and wants to raise hospital standards so they receive better care.

As a husband he has amazed me by showing me love and being my best friend. There isn't anything I would not tell him. He is my rock.

As a father he is patient and understanding. The way he holds Audrey and is always there to guide her as she grows up is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I know that when we adopt he will be a father that our child can rely on and learn from.


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Occupation: Hairstylist

Religion: Christian

Interests: Being with friends and family, watching cheesy movies, attempting to garden, and shopping

I know that you have read this from every profile that you have read, but Allyson is one of the best people that I have ever had the opportunity to be around. She is my best friend and shows me every day that she is a fantastic mother. She knows every detail about what Audrey has been doing in day care and knows how to ensure continuity at home, allowing Audrey to thrive. Ally researches what the next developmental step is for Audrey using the information to stay ahead of the curve to introduce new foods, activities, and people to stimulate Audrey's young mind. But being a mother is only part of who Allyson is. She is a dedicated wife who has loved and supported me through a bachelors degree and two masters degrees, even when I was very distracted by the demands of family, work, and school. Ally goes out of her way to make me feel special, like when she helps me with my wardrobe when I have a big presentation or proof reading an assignment for me. At work she listens to her clients and provides them with the best service possible so they can feel good about themselves. Even with all of these demands on her time, Ally finds time for herself to take Bo on long walks, exercise, or hang out with her friends. I honestly have no idea how she does it all! I have learned so much about Allyson in the 15 years that we have been together, but I am not surprised that she is an amazing wife and mother; simply because she is an amazing person.


Interests: Playing baby dolls, pretending to be a dinosaur, and coloring

Favorite TV Show: Sesame Street

Audrey has so much spirit! She loves to sing, dress up, and play with her baby doll Stella. We have her in a Montessori school to help her learn and to be around other children. She is very active and outgoing, having her in a learning environment is important to keep her mind growing. She is looking forward to having a little baby brother or sister to play with and to snuggle.

About Bo

Bo became a part of our family two years ago. He was a relative's dog that took a job traveling and he needed a home. When we were called asking if we would want to take Bo in we were so excited. He is the sweetest dog and loves Audrey. He loves kids and other dogs, we have met new friends taking him on walks. He does not know a stranger.

Our Home

We bought our home because of the schools and location. We have a huge park with trails and playgrounds that are easy to walk to. We love the view and being on top of a hill. It is a home we knew we would have children in one day. We have a three bedroom house and a dedicated playroom. We have an open living room to the kitchen that we spend most of our time in.

Thank You

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More than anything we want you to know we will unconditionally love your child. We will raise our child knowing about the sacrifice you have made out of the love you have for him or her. Our hope is to raise a close family and that our children will know that you are an important part to our family.

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