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Brantley + Shanda

We are Brantley and Shanda. We just celebrated 11 happy years of marriage, and 16 years together! We are the proud parents of Connor, 8, and are beyond excited to welcome another child into our family (big brother Connor is super excited too)! We have so much love to give!

Dearest Expectant Parent,

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We are so thankful you have chosen to get to know us through our online profile. We can only imagine how difficult it must be to create an adoption plan, but please take comfort in knowing that your child will be unconditionally loved and cherished by us, should you choose to include our family as part of your plan. We hope our pictures and words adequately portray our love for each other and the kind of life your child will have in our home. I assure you we will make it one of life's greatest missions to make him or her feel happy, secure and loved every day. We send you our sincerest wishes that you will find the family you dream about for you child, and if that happens to be us, we would be honored and grateful to be part of your plan.

All About Shanda By Brantley

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Shanda is such a caring and loving person. She absolutely loves being a mother and I couldn't imagine our son's life without her. She goes above and beyond for our family and makes our lives so much easier, whether it's by planning meals for the week, organizing schedules or researching vacations. I'm so happy to be married to a woman with such a strong mind and big heart. I have no doubt she will show another child just as much love she shows us every day.

All About Brantley By Shanda

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Brantley was adopted as a baby through The Gladney Center and knows first-hand how wonderful adoption can be for a child. He feels grateful to have loving and supportive parents and appreciates his birth parents for making a plan to provide him with a different life than what would have been possible with them. His sister is also adopted through Gladney. Brantley is a wonderful husband and father and equally shares in the responsibilities of parenting and home maintenance. He is truly adored by our son and dogs. Outside of home, Brantley gives his all to a job as a first responder, and has even been named firefighter of the year. I am a proud wife and feel lucky to do life with him!

All About Connor

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Connor will be the best big brother! He tells us often all of the things he plans to do to help with a baby and has already put aside toys for his brother or sister. He is sweet, stubborn and silly all rolled into one. He loves animals, superheroes, music, swimming, playing ninja and reading.

Our Pets

Riley, a golden retriever, and Violet, a golden doodle, are a big part of our lives. Riley was our first "baby" and is the sweetest and most gentle dog ever. Violet is our newest addition and is full of puppy energy and loves to snuggle. They enjoy playing in the backyard, going on walks and swimming with us in the summer.

Our Loved Ones

Both of our parents live about five minutes from our house, meaning Connor sees his grandparents every week. We are very close to our extended family and feel blessed to be able to spend so much time with them. We celebrate holidays as one big family and even travel together. The grandparents are so excited to have another grandbaby to love and dote on. Shanda's brother also lives close and sees us often.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We are sending our heartfelt wishes for peace and comfort as you go through this process.

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