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Brandon + Adriana

How does one write a letter they've never written before to someone they've never met before? A letter that must communicate to them that we are the perfect adoptive parents to care for, love, accept, comfort, educate, and guide their baby they love so much? We have no clue. The only thing we are sure of is that if God makes our letter appeal to you it's because WE (you, us, & baby) are meant to be together. We are a couple that laugh, cry, pray, forgive and try to do better each day.


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Our dream is to grow as a loving, laughing, accepting, forgiving and nurturing family. We are a family that includes sisters, dogs, grandparents, nieces & nephews, joy and most importantly - happiness. We believe that the universe is ultimately good and full of blessings. We believe YOU are a blessing. And the beautiful baby you are bringing into this universe is OUR blessing we share together. As parents, we will teach our child to love God, family, friends and all living creatures. We want to teach them everything we've learned and learn about all the things that they are interested in. We hope to see him or her develop their own talents, skills and interests and help them thrive. Encouraging them every step of the way, through the success' and failures.



Devoted, reliable, and funny! Brandon is a very hard worker devoted family man. He loves to see the family be happy and enjoy life. As a young man he was a basketball player and still holds the record for hurdles in track and field in southern CA. He has an MBA and is always looking for ways to constantly improve, learn and excel in his profession. When Adriana wanted Brandon to meet her father back in 2002, her father was in the hospital and was not ready. So, Brandon patiently waited 28 days outside his hospital room keeping Adriana company until her father was ready to meet. Brandon loves spicy food, sports, binge watch Netflix with Adry and 90's hip hop.



Compassionate, unconditional, and goofy! Adriana loves to be silly, loves dogs, and spontaneously dances around the house. Adriana is very kind and selfless. She enjoys volunteering for Meals on Wheels and always puts her family first. She cares for her friends and always has a smile on her face. She speaks both English and Spanish, loves making cake pops, and she loves rock n roll, fall, and football.


Every year, we go to Argentina to visit family. We hope to visit India, Greece, Spain, and Africa. We can't wait to be able to travel with children and let them explore this wonderful world.


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We are a family made up of people from Argentina to California. We have a fun mix of Italian, Spanish, English, German, and Korean ethnicities in the family, but most of all, our family is filled with LOVE. We also have two little pups! Carmela and Junior are a mother and son duo and they rule our hearts as well as everything else in our lives. We are lucky enough to live in their home and we even get to share a king size bed!

Friends Say...

"They have huge hearts and they are a fun and loving couple and will make amazing parents! This family is so caring, supportive, and they have hearts of gold."

Learn About The Adoption Process

Find out how the adoption process can work for you.

Learn About The Adoption Process

Find out how the adoption process can work for you.

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