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Brad + Sessily

We are filled with excitement and emotion at the thought of you seeing our profile. Adoption has touched our lives in many ways. We have walked each part of the journey with friends and family, and have seen love abound throughout the process. Thank you for doing a hard thing. Thank you for looking beyond yourself for your precious baby. We pray your journey is peaceful and guided by the hand of God.

About Us

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We love being outside with our three children (Kain born in 2011 and twins, Asher and Addie, born in 2014). We enjoy picking fruit right off the trees and looking up at the stars at night. As a family, we go on great vacations, but we also enjoy day-to-day fun like having dance parties in the kitchen and weekly movie and pizza nights on Fridays. We enjoy riding bikes, RV-ing, baseball, and swimming. Our family philosophy is to be good stewards of our time, treasure, and talents and use them all to the glory of God. We are very involved in our community and church, we love seeing new places, and we look forward to sharing our lives with another little miracle.

About Sessily

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Sessily is a high energy, passionate person who enjoys quiet and exercise, cooking, and growing her own fruits and veggies. Sessily owns a medical company and prioritizes spending time with her family. She is a loving mother who is filled with joy.

About Brad

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Brad is an easy going, servant hearted, and friendly guy who enjoys mountain biking and playing guitar. He works as an architect and enjoys coaching his sons' teams hoping to instill a love for the game of baseball in their hearts. He is a humble leader who is an amazing example of what a father should be for his children.

Our Family And Friends

Kain, Asher, and Addie each have their own unique personalities and interests. Kain loves reading and he is a great story and joke teller who enjoys teaching his siblings something. Asher has no fear, is rough and tough, and is also a snuggle bug. Addie loves princess dresses and dancing and while she can hold her own with the boys, she does love getting her nails painted and braiding her hair too. Our families are wonderful and we are very close with them. We see our families several times a month and are blessed to be able to host large gatherings at our home several times a year. The love and support of a close-knit family is a blessing to both the older and younger generations. Both sides of the family are so thrilled at the idea of adding to the family! Our village is made up of cherished friendships. We lead a small group of young families from our church and these lifelong friends are such a big part of our lives. We do holidays together, vacations together, and serve alongside each other. Being missional and making an impact has changed our outlook on the world and our place in it.

Our Promise

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We believe we have been adopted into the family of God and are forever grateful for the unmerited favor. We promise: to love your child the same way we love our biological children, to support their individuality and celebrate who they are, to overcome challenges with compassion and patience, and to pray for you and love you.

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