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Blake + Sara

We wish to offer you a glimpse into our life and hearts as we wait expectantly to expand our family with a child or siblings. Truthfully, we never imagined being at this crossroads in our life. Perhaps that is a sentiment we share with you. But together, we each have the opportunity to choose life and love for this precious gift that God created. We wholeheartedly respect the difficulty of your decision and pray for you to have a confident heart when choosing the parents for your child.

Better Together

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We've been married nine years and met competing in a recreational sports league. We enjoy playing soccer and tennis as well as hiking and riding bikes, and spending our leisure time outdoors is one of our favorite pastimes. Working in international relations often allows us to live and visit abroad. We love to travel because it lets us meet people from all over the United States and other countries and learn about different cultures. By speaking English, French, and Spanish, we've had many rewarding interactions with multicultural groups. These experiences help shape our world-view and we look forward to sharing them with a child.

Meet Blake! (from Sara)

'Meet Blake! (from Sara)' Image

Blake has many lovable qualities and it's easy to see his good character within a few minutes of meeting him. Blake is a natural leader with a servant's heart. He is observant and always ready to lend a helping hand. He sings in choral groups and in the church band. He is a real handyman and skilled at packing the car for family vacations. Blake is also incredibly witty. His sense of humor leaves people crying from laughter. I can't wait to expand our family and share in the joy of watching Blake guide a child through life's milestones. He will be a great teacher and involved with school and all our child's interests. I cannot imagine a better example of a father-to-be.

Meet Sara! (from Blake)

'Meet Sara! (from Blake)' Image

Sara has a huge heart, a creative mind, and a desire to serve others. She is compassionate and inclusive toward colleagues, church families, and our neighborhood. Sara enjoys hosting small parties and preparing holiday treats for kids' activities at church. Her thoughtfulness also includes sending cards or gifts of encouragement to friends and family to let them know she's thinking about them. Sara adapts wells to change, is resilient, and uses her experiences to connect with people. She is not only loving, but athletic, adventurous, and great with kids. She will be such a loving mom, and I am thankful for all the ways she shows that love to our family.

Faith, Family & Friends

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Our faith in God is the single most important relationship in our lives. As future parents, we believe our greatest responsibility is to teach our child about the love of Jesus Christ. Just as our parents and grandparents have modeled love and kindness to both of us, we will extend that example to raising our child. We love our families and our families enjoy spending time together. They have walked with us every step of our adoption journey and are excited to welcome the newest member of our family to theirs!

Our home is always open to family and friends who visit. Our most special times are spent staying in touch with loved ones--celebrating holidays in Texas or in Mississippi; hosting our family and friends; Skyping with our favorite people; or making new friends who become like family. We have an amazing support network, providing unique and undeniable encouragement that offers hope to endure life's challenges and joy to share in its achievements.

From Our Hearts To Yours

We truly appreciate your time to learn a little about us. We recognize and respect the significance of your decision and hope this profile shows from us the same love and care that you likewise are investing in making an adoption plan. We reflect upon your courage to entrust the life and future of your child into our hands. We take that responsibility to heart and are committed to give all the love, security, and support we have to provide for the well-being of this little one. We are grateful to be surrounded by a family-friendly community that will embrace us on this journey of parenthood. Above all, we pray for peace and confidence in your heart and in knowing that we will cherish this precious child with all our mind, heart, and soul. We are forever grateful to you for considering us to be parents.

From our hearts to yours,

Blake & Sara

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