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Bill + Perri

We could not be more excited to adopt! We cannot wait to open our hearts, home, and lives to you and your child as we go through this adventure called life together!


We are Bill and Perri! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us as you make the most important decision in your child's life. We don't even know you, but we already love you, and trust that you want the very best for your child.

We could not be more excited to adopt! We cannot wait to open our hearts, home, and lives to you and your child as we go through this adventure called life together!

About Us

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We met in 2011 when a group of friends finally introduced us after years of almost crossing paths. We were married about two years later, and didn't want to waste any time before starting to having children. That part of our story was harder than we expected, and after 4 years of marriage we had not been blessed with a successful pregnancy.

Through this time in our lives, the idea of adoption was always there. We have people in our lives who have been blessed by adoption both as birth parents and adoptive parents, and we were encouraged by these people to explore this option. The more we talked and prayed about how we would make our family, the more we felt at peace with the idea of adopting a child.

Meet Bill (as Told By Perri)

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Bill, would probably be described as a pretty quiet guy, I like to say he's a man of few words. But, once he opens up and you get to know him, there are so many words to use that show what kind of man he is. He is funny and kind, loves super hero movies and cheering for his favorite sports teams. He loves to run (and just completed his first marathon!) and he is beyond helpful around the house. He's the most reliable person I know, if you ask him to do something or be somewhere, he'll be there. He kills all the bugs for me, and can grill a steak to rival any chef! There are so many things about Bill that I love, but more than anything I love knowing what a great dad he will be. I can't wait to see him taking our child to baseball games and playing in the park!

Meet Perri (as Told By Bill)

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Perri is a smart, caring, fun, and most importantly loving person. She has a great sense of humor and can joke around with anyone. She loves to read and knit and cook. She loves Harry Potter and can beat anyone who tries to challenge her in trivia. The thing that I love most about Perri is that she is very easy to talk to. She will open up to you about anything and will listen to whatever you need to talk about Perri has the biggest heart when it comes to children. She is always the first one to volunteer to babysit even if it wasn't asked. Every time I see her holding a baby I see her start to glow. I cannot wait to see her as a mother.

Our Families

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We both come from big, close families who are all so supportive and excited to welcome home a child for us! Bill is the oldest of four children, two brothers and a sister. Perri is the oldest of just two, with a little sister. We both have large extended families though. Perri has 25 cousins and Bill has 12! While our families are spread out, we make a point to see each side of the family at least once a year. We can't wait to see another cousin join the mix!

Our Life Together

We bought our first home in 2015 in a really awesome neighborhood! There is a community pool and tennis courts, where all the neighborhood kids take lessons and are on swim team in the summers. Every year there is a big Fourth of July parade that everyone participates in. At Christmas the lights on the houses are truly magical! We are so excited to add another child to the community!

We have two dogs and a cat (who are also excited to meet a baby!) The dogs, Scarlett and Gatsby, are both border collie mixes and too smart for their own good. Scarlett, is our old lady, and she prefers sunbathing while Gatsby, likes nothing more than a good game of fetch with Bill. Our kitty, Lyra, is pretty shy, but she is very sweet! She has the softest fur, Perri's mom says it's like petting a bunny.

We love to travel and experience new places, even if it's somewhere close to home. Every year we take a trip to the beach, to the same place Perri went when she was kid! No matter where we go, we always try to find a good hike (and sometimes the dogs get to tag along as well). Some of the best food is where the locals tell you to go, and that can be quite the adventure! Road trips are common, and Bill is always the driver.

Thank You

Thank You so much for taking the time to look at this little glimpse into our family. We hope this profile helped you learn more about us. We look forward to meeting you and getting to hear your story. We trust that whatever decision you make for your baby will be the best one, whether that story includes us or not.

Love, Perri and Bill

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