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Ben + Christi

As you begin your journey of learning about us, we want to tell you first and foremost thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. This is but a small snap shot of our lives, family, and friends, and there is so much more we wish we could share. It is our hope that through this brief look into our lives you will come to know that your child would be entering a loving waiting home, family, and community.

Our Adoption Journey

Our adoption journey stared long before we even realized. We were married in the summer of 2014, and both knew we were ready to start a family from day one. A year passed and reality began to set in: Growing our family was going to take some time. Another year passed, and as we faced infertility head on, there was something else that began to tug on our hearts. Could we be called to grow our family through foster care and adoption? We always knew we wanted to consider both later in life, but it wasn't something we thought of to be our here and now. We spent some time looking into foster care and realized the timing just was not right for our family. Time passed, we waited, and we prayed. Just over a year and a half ago, God started to move in our lives. The idea of adoption started to pop up in random places for both of us. It didn't take long for mutual friends to introduce us to our now close friends and neighbors who are also a Gladney family. Through our friends we learned more and more about Gladney. In the spring of 2018 we decided to step out in faith and head to Fort Worth for a Gladney Orientation. There has been no turning back! We realized God had been leading both of our hearts to adoption and we didn't even realize it. Our families have welcomed the idea of adoption and get more excited each day. As we are now on this journey, we know there are sacrifices and there will be lots of waiting. We are lucky enough to share this with our Gladney friends as they also wait for their second Gladney baby. God has led us here, and we are thankful that this is our story- this is our journey. We would not want to change our story for anything!

Ben According To Christi

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In short: Ben is my best pal! I fell in love with him after witnessing his love for God and genuineness toward others. I appreciated his purposeful kindness and honesty. His great dancing didn't hurt either. He is a gentle soul who loves the outdoors, animals, cooking, and a good cup of coffee or glass of wine. He loves spending time with our families and playing with our little nephew. Of the two of us, he is the most laid back and he teaches me every day how to slow down and be more patient. Ben is very creative and has a gift for looking at almost anything and seeing it's inherent usefulness. His hobbies include camping, hunting, and wood working. You can often find Ben tinkering around his workshop or sitting outside on the back porch sipping coffee or wine with one or all of our dogs. Ben is a Special Education teacher and he recently graduated with his Master's Degree in Administration. I love that he genuinely cares for the kids in his care and he wants to see them succeed. Although he is passionate about his career, he has always been able to keep it in perspective as secondary to his role as husband. Ben has always taken care of me- even before we were engaged- and I know he will be the best father! I know that he will be a great example of hard work and kindness to our child. I can't wait to see him transition from being a husband to also being a father. There is no one I would rather take this journey with!

Christi According To Ben

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HA! Where do I start? There are so many things I want you to know about my beautiful Christi. Christi is a 4 foot 10 inch little lady with an unending supply of energy and a silliness about her that goes unrivaled. She is one of the most loving and selfless people I have ever met. She has a masters degree in Social Work and lives to help others. Her devotion to God and prayer is an inspiration as well as a strong, and a steadfast part of who she is. Her faith has been the center of her strength though hardships and trials in life. She loves life, she loves to travel and to spend quality time with the people closest to her. She would rather be on a walk, riding her bike, working in the garden, or just sitting in nature rather than sitting on the sofa. There is no containing the energy she has! This girl hardly ever sits still or stops for anything, sometimes its hard to keep up! Though, occasionally I can get her to watch Netflix and hang out on the sofa. I wouldn't trade her for anything! She always keeps me on my toes and at my best. One of her greatest gifts is her love for children. One of her biggest dreams in life is to become a mother, and I know she will be a great one. Life with Christi is never boring, and any child will likely find her to be the fun-loving cool mom. I am excited to see the way motherhood makes her shine.

Our Hobbies

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When we have free time you can often find us spending time together as a couple enjoying camping, fishing, playing with our dogs, kayaking, and gardening / working in our yard.

Venturing out on our own, Christi enjoys reading, wood burning, biking, and trying new ideas in the kitchen or homemade crafts.

You can find Ben happy to be in the woods hunting, working on projects, wood working in his shop, or catching a baseball game.

We love to be outside, and we love to be with our friends and our family.

Life At Our Home

We live in a rural town in South Louisiana with a good mix of younger and older families. It has that small town feel that we absolutely love. Our house is on 1.5 beautiful acres right next to a horse farm. Most mornings, the horses come up to our fence for a snack or just to be pet. We are excited that our child will grow up in such a beauiful place with plenty of room to run, play, and get a little dirty.

We have 3 dogs that fill our home with lots of laughter and joy. Jolie is an 11 year old Golden Retriever, Sophie is a 2 year old yorkiepoo, and Marlie is a 1 year old Goldendoodle.

Much of our family life revolves around our faith in God. We are very involved in our church life, from attending Mass each Sunday, to volunteering, and attending different faith events with other couples and families.

Our Families

Christi has a rather large, energetic family. She is one of 9 with ages ranging from 30 to 5. Two siblings already have children. There will certainly be no shortage of cousins! Her parents live about an hour away but we still make time to keep in touch!

Ben is the oldest of two. His sister and her family live in Mississippi. They have one child and stay in touch through phone calls, visits, and Facetime. His parents are both retired and live on 10 acres just 15 minutes from our house! We often come over to fish, let the dogs run, and have dinner together to catch up on what has happened during the week.

Final Words

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Please know that your decision will forever be honored in our hearts. Your act of love is an answer to our prayers, prayers that you have been a part of for many months now. Our child will know from the start the brave and selfless love of their birth mother, and the important role that you have had and will always have in our family.

Thank you for taking a look into our lives and for honoring us by considering us as a potential family for your child.

Praying for you on your journey, Ben and Christi

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