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Ben + Carla

Thank you for considering adoption and giving us the opportunity to grow our family! We appreciate how difficult this decision must be and are humbled by your courage, strength, and selflessness. We also appreciate how difficult it may be to find the right adoptive parents, and sincerely hope that you are able to find a couple that is right for you.

About Us

We met each other at work 15 years ago, have been married for over 11 years, and will be together forever! We are incredibly blessed to have adopted our first two children through Gladney and are praying that we will be blessed again with a new addition to our family.

Carla & Ben

'Carla & Ben' Image


I fell in love with Carla because she is selfless, caring and supportive, while also a strong and determined woman with an adventurous spirit. She loves her family, meeting new people. running, reading, and jellybeans. Before children Carla had a career in finance, but chose to stay home full time to be with our children and active in their lives.


I fell in love with Ben because he is kind, patent, modest and moral - but incredibly intelligent and intensely motivated. I found the contrast to be rare and attractive. Ben enjoys relaxing with family and friends, working on home improvement projects, running, and boating. Ben has a career in finance and a flexible schedule enabling him to attend all of the important family events during the week and lead family adventures on the weekend.

Jacob & Emerson

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We adopted Jacob 5 years ago and Emerson 2 years ago through Gladney. Jacob is imaginative, caring, curious, and full of energy. He loves anything that has to do with sea creatures. Emerson is spunky, loving, observant, and confident. She loves her cowgirl boots and anything pink. As expected, our lives completely changed with each child- and we are happier than we ever imagined! We are so grateful that we have a story of love to share with each them regarding their adoption process.

Although Jacob and Emerson are both young, their bond and love for one another is both beautiful and unquestionable. We felt an indescribable amount of emotion and pure love when we adopted Jacob. Adopting Emerson was even more special because, not only did we fall in love with her, but we watched Jacob immediately bond with his sister and fall in love with her too. Watching the relationship between them develop has been more beautiful than we could have imagined possible!

Praying For A New Family Member


We both grew up in families where our siblings were our closest and best friends. As adults we have maintained a very close and special relationship with our siblings. We agree that the best gift our parents gave us was our siblings and are grateful that they nurtured a strong and lasting bond between us. We want to provide our children with a home where they receive unconditional love and support from their parents as well as their siblings - just as we did. We pray that we can bring one more child into our family and develop a strong and lasting bond between all of our children.

Our Home

We have two homes - one near a large city and one in the mountains. We love all of the resources and diversity that a city has to offer, but frequently escape to the mountains to enjoy nature and life at a slower pace.

Our New York home in a great coastal town that has an active and young community, highly rated schools, and several local parks. We live in a home that has a large yard and more than enough room for a family to grow.

Our Colorado home is close to ski resorts, national forests, rivers and lakes. It's a large home where we have plenty of room for our family and to entertain. We love spending family time together in the mountains, hiking, biking, camping, skiing, sledding, and relaxing making s'mores around a campfire.

Thank You


Thank you for considering adoption and viewing our profile as part of our process in making a decision. We hope our profile was helpful for you to get to know a little about our family. We would be glad to share more about ourselves and answer any questions you may have. Please know that we sincerely wish you peace and strength both now while you consider adoption and in the future.

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