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Because so many couples want to adopt, Gladney is extremely selective. For every couple chosen, licensed social workers do extensive background checks, conduct interviews, perform home studies, and examine personal recommendations.

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Miles + Jen

It is hard to show you our lives through this profile but we hope that you see our love and commitment for each other, family, friends and future children. We can't wait to be parents and be able to share the love we have with our growing family.

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Jason + Summer

Dear Birth Parents: We admire your courage and selflessness in making an adoption plan for your child and we are humbled that you might entrust us. We will strive to be the best parents we can be to your child and promise to commit ourselves to having a home full of love and possibilities.

With hope and promise, Jason and Summer

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Tim + Cristal

Hello! We are Tim and Cristal (and Dozer)! We are very humbled that you would consider us as adoptive parents. We know you have a huge decision in front of you, and we hope to share a glimpse into our life. We have tremendous admiration and respect for you in making an adoption plan for your child - what a brave and selfless decision. We are so excited to become parents and making our family complete. Thank you so much for taking time to look at our profile!

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David + Bonnie

Thank you for considering our family as you search for the qualities you are looking for in a loving home for your child! We appreciate the strength and courage it requires for you to choose adoption for your baby. Adoption has always held a special place in our hearts, and in November 2016, we were blessed with the adoption of Zachary! He is the absolute joy of our lives!! We are close in age to our siblings and would love for our children to have the same opportunity to share their experiences as they grow up together.

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Marcus + Tara

We hope that our story will give you a peek into our life, love, family, friends, and how we live our daily lives.

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Bill + Perri

We could not be more excited to adopt! We cannot wait to open our hearts, home, and lives to you and your child as we go through this adventure called life together!

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Patrick + Heather

In this picture we look like a perfectly complete family of four. But in our hearts, we are not complete without another little love (or two). Patrick is from Ireland and we are both from big, loving families. Our goal is to create a home like those we grew up in -- full of laughter, love and unbreakable sibling bonds.

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Christoph + Maria

We met 13 years ago and have been married for 10 years. Christoph is from Germany and Maria is from Ecuador. We have brought our two cultures to the home and to the life we share. We can't wait to give all our love to a little one and to welcome him/her to our family. We love: cooking, walks in the park, camping, traveling, going out for dinner, ending the week with pizza and a movie at home.

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