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Because so many couples want to adopt, Gladney is extremely selective. For every couple chosen, licensed social workers do extensive background checks, conduct interviews, perform home studies, and examine personal recommendations.

Mark + Jenn

We are Jenn and Mark. While we truly cannot imagine the emotions you are feeling right now, we want you to know that what you are doing is incredibly brave and selfless. We know this is a time of anxiousness and uncertainty, but the choice you are making for the future of your child is beautiful, and we thank you. This decision is not easy for you, and we will likely never understand how you feel. We want to go on this journey with you. We would love to meet you and get to know each other. In the meantime, we hope our profile tells you the story of our lives, our home, and our love.

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Joe + Casey

First and foremost, we want to thank you for taking the time to consider us in one of the most important decisions you will make for you and your precious child. We are excited to share parts of our lives with you, so you can see who we are as a family and what everyday life looks like for us. Like you, we have so many questions, concerns, thoughts and ideas. We hope throughout this process you feel comfort and peace in whatever decision you ultimately decide. If you do choose to pursue adoption with us, our prayer is that our profile will calm your fears in knowing that your child will always be loved and cared for. While we don't know the emotions that adoption brings for you, we do know the pain and heartache that goes with loving a child who isn't in your arms everyday. This is our second journey through adoption, so we are familiar with the things you might be going through. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to you as you begin to explore the best options for you and your baby. We know you are facing an impossible decision, and we pray that God provides you with the comfort and guidance you need throughout this process.

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Luis + Laura

If you choose adoption, our desire is for you to feel loved and valued as a part of our family. We hope you know that we have been praying for you for many years, and we will continue to pray for you daily for the rest of our lives. We hope you get a sense of who we are as a couple and as individuals. We pray you see our devotion to this life long connection with you and your baby if you choose to do life with us.

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Brett + Shayla

If you choose our family, we want to share a few promises we vow to keep. We promise to love your baby unconditionally. We promise to raise them knowing that they are loved by you and never forgotten. We promise to raise them understanding their identity is in Jesus. We promise to read them bedtime stories and make sure they know how wonderful you are. We promise Santa and the tooth fairy will visit them often. We promise to kiss their boo-boos when they fall down and to always encourage them to stand back up and try again.

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Jeff + Kimberlyn

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We are humbled by your strength in taking this difficult step to choose adoption for your baby. Wherever your journey leads you, rest assured we will cherish every day with your baby and never take this blessing for granted. We do not have any children but have many nieces and nephews we adore who are looking forward to adding you and your baby to our family. We are not perfect but if you choose us we will always provide a loving, safe, and stable environment surrounded by loving family members.

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Ashley + Todd

Growing our family begins with you! We are high school sweethearts plus a sweet daughter and a fun-loving dog who enjoy spending time together. We have more love to give. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us to love your child.

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Brad + Courtney

Hi! We are Brad & Courtney (and Finn, the tiny ginger!). Our life is full of city living, lounging with our sweet dog and cat, and traveling the world as a family. We love being parents and have and so many more hugs to give. We promise to show an abundance of love and fun to any child that comes into our family, and to bring them up to be strong, compassionate, and kind.

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Kevin + Katie

Even though we don't know you yet, we have been praying for the health and well being of you and your baby. No matter what you decide, we sincerely hope the best for you and your child. We cannot truly understand what you are going through, but we know you are having to make a very difficult choice. It is obvious to us that your decisions are being made from a place of love and compassion. You already are a caring parent.

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