If you choose to make an adoption plan, you can live at home or in Gladney's dorm (also know as maternity homes). We'll support you in either place.

Living At Gladney In The Dorm

If you choose to live in the dorm, you'll live with other expectant moms throughout your pregnancy. Together, you'll enjoy:

  • Healthy meals
  • A secure environment
  • Comfortable bedrooms
  • Fitness opportunities
  • Recreational outings
  • Support and encouragement from others
  • Educational opportunities
  • Medical and dental care

Living At Home

If you choose to live at home, your options counselor will help:

  • Determine your eligibility for financial assistance
  • Schedule and arrange doctor and hospital visits
  • Coordinate free legal services for the adoption
  • Connect you with others who've chosen adoption for their children (so you can hear about their stories and experiences)
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