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Taylor + Angie

We are Taylor and Angie, fun-loving, southern raised, nature lovers hoping to complete our little family. We are thrilled you have taken the time to learn a little bit about us and are considering us as potential parents - thank you!

Welcome To A Peek Inside Our Life!

While we cannot pretend to know how you are feeling, we admire you for your courage in considering this path. Even though we are only parents to our 4-legged girl, Reagan, we have so much love and care to offer a child coming into our family and we would be forever grateful to you.

Hopefully these next few pages will show you a glimpse of who we are and how excited we are to begin our miracle journey to parenthood!

Our Story

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We met in Texas in 2005 at a concert. Four fun and exciting years later, we got married on the beautiful, white sandy beaches of Florida where we spend every chance we can with Taylor's family, or in Mississippi with Angie's.

Living in Texas, we enjoy taking advantage of the many wonderful opportunities and activities right at our finger tips. We love spending time outdoors, cooking, trying new recipes, listening to music and just being home.

Taylor spends the weekdays in sales with a warehouse distribution company and Angie at an advertising agency. While we both thrive on being successful at work, it's only one part of our life. After work, you will usually find us at the gym or taking Reagan for a walk before cooking dinner and finally relaxing with one of our favorite shows. On the weekends, we will most likely be enjoying fresh air and sunshine - whether on a bike, hike, out on the lake, or spending time with friends grilling out.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to share our life with a little one and be able to provide a lifestyle we find so rewarding.

Meet Taylor…through Angie’s Eyes.

'Meet Taylor…through Angie’s eyes.' Image

Taylor is such a kind, thoughtful and caring guy. He has a heart of gold and is always willing to help with even the most mundane tasks. Raised in Georgia, Taylor is a true southern gentleman; polite and well-mannered with great style! Taylor is a nature-lover - active in all aspects from road and mountain biking to hiking, golfing and boating. In the kitchen, he is an amazing cook and to my benefit, he cooks just about every night. What a treat! His love for outdoors and passion for cooking and experiencing new things has taken us on many great adventures from the beach to the mountains and cities and countryside in between.

While Taylor can be more reserved at times, he keeps me grounded and is so much fun, enjoying life to the fullest. Taylor has the most contagious laugh that gets me every time. He is one of those people that you trust right away, very down to earth and playful and real. It's quite the sight to see him play with our golden retriever and with our niece and nephew, Lilly and Luke, when we go home to Mississippi. They adore him!

Taylor is a machine on a bicycle and loves picking up new hobbies. When he gets his heart set on something, he will train, or learn and research, until he has mastered whatever new hobby piques his interest.

Meet Angie…through Taylor’s Eyes.

'Meet Angie…through Taylor’s eyes.' Image

Angie is a caring, loyal, kind-hearted, loving, hilarious and family focused girl. She doesn't mind being the center of attention but never craves it. She's hardworking but doesn't let that drive get in the way of having a good time. One of the first things that attracted me to Angie was her adorable southern accent that she hasn't lost since moving to Texas almost 10 years ago. She loves and adores our niece and nephew who know her as Gigi and never arrives without a "happy." It's really incredible to see her contagious smile and excitement when we go home to Mississippi. It's a very special sight to see.

Angie finds it hard sometimes to sit still. She loves to have a project going on and there is always a well thought out plan come the weekend. While a day will not go by unproductive, she enjoys relaxing at home out on the deck once things are done. She loves to be outdoors, whether it's taking a quick boat ride on a Sunday afternoon to catch the sunset, hiking a trail for a picnic at an overlook or simply strolling around the neighborhood with Reagan.

Our house is constantly changing with the seasons. During the spring you'll find Angie elbow deep in potting soil planting flowers. Summer she brings a splash of color inside and she's especially fond of the fall and winter because the Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations and lights come out.

Our Family

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Family and tradition hold a special place in our hearts. We were both raised in loving, Christian homes and we want the same for our own growing family. Though our families are dotted throughout the country, we consider that a blessing to have many places to visit. While in a perfect world, we would all be close in proximity; no matter the miles between our homes, we are still very close at heart and only a car ride away. When we head home, Reagan also loves a road trip, for holidays or birthdays or just to visit, the time is spent playing games, cooking and just enjoying everyone's company.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Angie is the youngest of two. Angie and her older brother, Daniel, are still very close and they would do anything for each other still to this day. Daniel, and his wife, Ana, and the kids recently relocated to Colorado. We are very much looking forward to another great place to visit. When we are all home, if we aren't chatting in the kitchen prepping a meal with Momma and Dad, we usually are playing with our niece and nephew, Lilly and Luke - they also have a love for being outside and are turning into quite the little chefs inside. It's so fun to watch them grow and relive the world through a child's eyes. It is always a fun family reunion when we go home.

Taylor's family is just a bit farther in Northwest Florida, but that does not keep us away. The second of four children, Taylor has two brothers, Rafe and Jonathan - both married, and sister, Emily. From New York to South Florida, Taylor's family is also spread out but when we all get together, it's certainly a big time. In Florida, we spend time with Taylor's mom and dad and brothers and sister relaxing at the beach, strolling through the streets to grab a bite or go shopping, or pedaling around on a bike to feel the beach breeze in our hair.

Outside of our immediate family, we are both close to our aunts and uncles and cousins. While it is more of a challenge to see extended family more often, we always pick up right where we left off when we do catch up. The holidays are one of the times during the year, we make sure to find time to see as much family as we can.

In both of our families, adoption is a commonality. Taylor's older brother, Rafe, is adopted and Angie has two cousins who were adopted. Our families welcome the opportunity adoption provides and are beyond excited to embrace another family member. We cannot say it enough, how excited we are to welcome a baby into our immediate family and extended family! It's safe to say they will be welcomed with loving, open arms. We are from the south and we are no stranger to hugs and kisses and a warm welcome!

Our Home

We recently bought a house in a quiet neighborhood in Texas. What we love so much about the area is that it's not far from work, our favorite restaurants and friends. Because we enjoy spending so much time outside, the backyard and outdoor space are what drew us to this house. A great park with hiking and biking trails is right around the corner that we cannot wait to explore!

We're looking forward to walking Reagan and riding our bikes around the neighborhood, and eventually, with a little one. Lots of young families are always out and about in the area, playing in their yards or strolling through the neighborhood; it's a very family friendly area.

Inside, large windows let in beams of light that give a warm and inviting feeling to the home. Adding our family pieces and personal touch will make the home truly ours, a warm, welcoming place for any child. One of the bedrooms is just perfect for a nursery and we look forward to decorating it as we excitedly anticipate rounding out our family and home!

On Parenting

While we do not have children of our own right now, we do know that we want to raise our children similar to our own upbringing - in a loving environment filled with opportunity and a foundation that allows individual personalities to grow into their own person.

We feel it is important to provide stability and structure while not overpowering in any way. There should be a mutual respect and understanding that the guidance we will provide is built with love. We plan to provide a spiritual lifestyle that will allow our child to grow in a healthy, well-rounded and fun atmosphere.

We are so excited to share our life and experiences with a little one. There is something very magical about watching a child learn and grow, simply being a child - we cannot express how much we look forward to being a parent in a warm and loving environment in every stage of their life. We understand life will toss us challenges, and through our own loving parents and siblings and friends, we know we are ready to start our journey as a family with a child of our own.

In Closing

We hope you have enjoyed getting a peek into our life and understand how grateful we would be to have the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. Bringing a child into our home is something we dream and pray about.

From day one, we want our child to know just what a miracle he or she is to us and how forever thankful we are to be parents. We will teach this child their heritage and make sure they know what a precious gift their mother provided. Not only will this child receive unconditional love and support from us, but our families are just as excited about this opportunity to build our family.

While we will never understand exactly what you must be going through, we can certainly say this child will be loved and taken care of and we will do our very best to raise a gentle heart and compassionate soul that loves life and the meaning of it as much as we do.

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