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Steven + Michelle


We are Steven and Michelle, a fun-loving outdoorsy couple from Pennsylvania in our thirties. We've been married for 12 years and have a fun and happy life together. Having a family has been a huge part of our dreams for many years. After a long struggle with infertility, we had the great blessing of being able to adopt our daughter, Addison, and we're equally as excited to expand our family through adoption again.

About Us

Our first date was to a New Year's Eve party with a group of Steven's friends who all gathered together while home from college on Christmas break. We found ourselves having such a great time that Michelle agreed to a second date, and before we knew it, we were inseparable.

Since we started our lives together, something fun is happening all the time - whether it is something close to home with our families, traveling to one of the many National Parks we have visited, or a completely new adventure like white water rafting, backpacking into the mountains on horseback, or whale watching in the Atlantic Ocean - just to name a few!

The change of seasons in Pennsylvania gives us the special opportunity to do so many different things year round. In the spring and summer we enjoy gardening, walking and riding bikes at the nearby parks, and trail riding on our ATV with friends and family! We fit in as many BBQs as possible, and on warm summer nights, we get out our air mattress to sleep on our deck under the stars. In the fall, Michelle packs up the car and persuades Steven to go to as many craft fairs and festivals as possible, and in the winter, we brave the cold to play in the snow - from skiing to snowmobiling.

About Steven

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Steven is outgoing, adventurous and has a great sense of humor; he enjoys a variety of activities outdoors from target shooting to snow skiing. Steven is very close with his family and looks forward to spending time with his dad and brother each year as they hunt deer and turkey and go trout fishing. Steven's mind is always thinking about what he can make or build next. He is a great listener and researcher. Steven loves to tinker in our garage and usually does all of our vehicle maintenance, home repairs and remodeling himself.

Steven is all hands on deck when it comes to being a father. Steven's goofy personality shines when it comes to Addison. He spends a great amount of time playing on the floor with her, from peek-a-boo, to ball, to being a human climbing tower! He doesn't care about old-fashioned stereotypes; Steven helps in the kitchen, helps change poopy diapers and just about always takes care of bath time. Steven is silly and playful, and even though she's far too little to understand, Steven tells Addison all about the science of everyday things around her. He is an engineer, and those skills really come through in his everyday life. When the time comes, he will be great at building a swing set, sandbox and jungle gym.

About Michelle

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Michelle is caring, honest, a go-getter and one of the most hard-working people that I know! She is always helping others and has been very involved in our community from volunteering at a local literacy organization to working on a community backpack project that helps feed hungry kids.

Michelle has a wide range of hobbies and interests including shopping, photography, flower gardening, decorating, traveling, skiing, cooking and reading novels. Our friends always look forward to receiving a homemade card or birthday cake from her. Michelle's favorite hobby is searching for sea glass. Each summer we make a few early morning trips to the shore in hopes of finding a great treasure! Michelle loves a variety of country, pop and rock music and especially loves to "jam" to the car radio!

Of all of the different roles Michelle has had, being a mother is by far the most rewarding for her. She loves to play, sing, dance and teach Addison. Michelle is always looking for fun activities and toys that we can enjoy as a family. Michelle is focused on keeping Addison on a great schedule and teaching her healthy eating habits. Each night Michelle reads several of Addison's favorite books to her at bedtime.

About Addison

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Happy, playful and energetic, Addison brings lots of laughter and happiness into our lives. Addison loves her dog Lily and loves playing outside. Addison's favorite food and word is banana. She really loves swimming lessons, Elmo, reading books and playing ball. Addison easily makes friends with other children, and she will be a great big sister!

About Lily

We have an energetic and playful 4 year old black lab named Lily. She joined our family when she was just a puppy, and everyone fell in love with her instantly! Lily typically greets us at the door with a mouthful of toys (or laundry). She knows a lot of tricks and is always eager for your attention. She's been a great friend for Addison, and we know she will provide as many smiles for our next child as our first!

Our Home & Family

Our home is nestled in the woods on about 7 acres in Pennsylvania. We've cleared enough trees to have a comfortable yard for playing games, having parties and pets. Our house needed a lot of TLC when we bought it 11 years ago, but together we turned it into a welcoming home to relax in and enjoy.

We live within a few miles of each of our parents, and Steve's brother (and his family) live only a few hours away. We are grateful of being able to live near and stay close with our family.

Thank You!

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Thank you again for taking time to get to know a little about us. We have so much love between us, and we can't wait to share that love with another child.

Having been through adoption before, we understand and especially want you to know that we are dedicated to making sure your child knows about the loving sacrifice you made for him or her. We're committed to providing your child with opportunities such as adventure, education and travel, but most importantly, we promise to always love, cherish and nurture your child unconditionally.

We can only image the difficult and emotional time you are facing, but we know you are brave and selfless in your decision to make an adoption plan for your child. We welcome the opportunity to talk and get to know each other better! If we are lucky enough to have you choose us as parents, whether it be a baby boy or girl, the gift you will give would never be taken for granted, and we would never forget how your decision made us a family and blessed our lives forever!

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