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Sam + Charis

Hello! We're Sam and Charis! Thanks so much for allowing us this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you more about our lives. We appreciate the love that you are showing by considering an adoption plan for your child. We are well aware of the gravity of that decision and we are grateful that you have included us to be a part of that process. We promise to give your child the very best of us and that your child will be loved and cared for as he or she becomes a part of our family.

A Little About Us

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Sam grew up in California and Charis grew up in Texas. We met in graduate school in 2004 and after a friendship of a couple years we began dating and got married in 2007. Our backgrounds are unique and yet share similar core values. We are so thankful for how God brought our paths together.

In our nine years of marriage we have had much joy and adventure as well as struggle and loss. We are grateful for all of these experiences and each one has allowed us to discover new things about each other and ourselves. We know that God has purpose for all of it.

5 Things I Love About Charis (by Sam)

1. Charis is welcoming, approachable, and easy to talk to. She has a way of making people feel included and valued when she talks with them and others are naturally drawn to her.

2. Charis serves others well. She serves our family by taking care of us and our home, she serves our community through many different areas at church, and she serves students through her job in the college counseling department at a local high school.

3. Charis is a calming presence. Even during times when my son or I deserve less, she is still patient with us, calming us down to resolve whatever issue is at hand.

4. Charis has a great singing voice and loves music. Although our music tastes differed growing up (she was more Celine Dion and New Kids on the Block and I was more Boyz II Men and Tupac) we both learned how to play the piano and appreciate music. I love that we have this shared interest that we can pass on to our children.

5. Charis is a great mom. She loves our son and showers him with affection, but also gives him guidelines for appropriate behavior to shape him into a man of character.

5 Things I Love About Sam (by Charis)

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1. Sam has a great sense of humor. He makes me laugh often and isn't afraid to be silly. It doesn't matter who is around. The moment of his silliness can come when you least expect it.

2. Sam is a really wonderful dad. He loves being Isaiah's dad. He disciplines him with love and does his very best to make sure Isaiah knows he is loved and cherished always as his son.

3. I love that Sam values authenticity. He is authentic and consistent in all of his relationships. He also desires to know other people in a real and authentic way.

4. He is good with money. He makes wise choices with money but is also not afraid to splurge every once in a while.

5. Sam loves God and loves people. His faith in God is central in his life. An outflow of his faith in God is the way he loves people. It's truly spectacular.

Meet Isaiah

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Isaiah was born in China in 2010 and we had the privilege of meeting and adopting him the summer of 2012. It has been a joy to be his parents and watch him grow in many ways. Isaiah is a kind and loving child, always willing to share whatever he's eating. Isaiah also loves to laugh and make others smile. His charming and winsome personality often draws people of all ages to him. He enjoys expressing his imagination as he creates Lego masterpieces, role-plays with superheroes, and anything associated with Star Wars.

Isaiah is so excited to be a big brother! He often talks about how he's looking forward to helping with his new baby brother or baby sister, although when we ask him about changing diapers he says that it's a job for adults (boo). We are confident that he'll be a great big brother to your child.

Fun Facts And Favorites

We really enjoy watching sports! You can often find us cheering on our favorite teams in basketball, baseball, and even football. No fair weathered fans around here.

Music is a big part of our life. We both grew up participating in music in some form or fashion (piano, choir, guitar, etc). Our music library is a very eclectic mix as we like many different types of music. Spontaneous dance parties have been known to happen in our house as well.

We like to travel and experience other cultures. It has been a privilege to be able to travel to several countries and get to learn more about cultures not our own and see new places.

While neither of us would consider ourselves "foodies" our travels have allowed us to appreciate many different types of cuisine. We love food!

When we get the chance, we enjoy watching TV shows and movies together.

Thank You

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Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little about us. It is our prayer that you would have strength, courage and peace as you make this very important decision. We know you will find the right adoptive family for your baby and we would be so honored if we turn out to be that family. We know it is important for a child's sense of identity to know where they came from. We will make sure your baby knows the incredible sacrifice you made on their behalf and how this sacrifice has transformed their lives as well as ours.

The Adoption Process

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