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Ryan + Cassi

We are Ryan and Cassi. We have so much fun and want to give our future children a fun life full of exciting opportunities. We promise to give our child love unconditionally and never go a day without a good laugh shared together.

Dear Friend,

You are a treasure! You are a blessing! You are brave, loving, thoughtful, strong and we already value you. We want you to know that through this difficult process and decision, we will always think highly of you. You will be helping us become the parents we have always wanted to be.

We want to thank you for choosing the option of adoption. Ever since we met each other we knew we were meant to be parents. We have so much fun and want to give our future children a fun life full of exciting opportunities!

Our Story

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Ryan was wearing a women's afro wig when Cassi met him several years ago at a dance club. After laughing like crazy, she fell in love with his sense of humor and teddy bear-like presence.

Cassi was dressed as a tennis pro one Halloween when Ryan first fell in love with her. After waiting for about a year, they started dating and he fell in love with her beauty both inside and out.

They had a choreographed dance at their wedding- started with Meet in the Middle by Diamond Rio then shocked everyone when the song suddenly changed to The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson. Their wedding was one dance party never forgotten!


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Cassi is described as having a gentle, caring, friendly and loving personality. Ryan says that babies and kids gravitate towards her. Cassi loves God and Jesus and is also a southerner who loves sweet tea and mashed potatoes and anything chocolate.

She lives to be in the sunshine and loves frequent trips to the beach. She enjoys breaking a sweat cleaning, working in the yard, going out to eat and trying new recipes and crafts she finds on Pinterest.

Cassi looks forward to being a stay at home mama. Right now, she enjoys helping others at her job as a family counselor, but motherhood has always been her passion and ultimate goal.

Fun Facts: Cassi likes to sing and dance to rap and hip hop music and at times creates dance-a-thons in the car.

She does not get scared watching horror movies, but she passes out at the sight of her own blood.

Every Madea movie is her favorite.

She is playful and jokes about the gross things in life, but questions anything that smells weird.

Flip flops in the summer and converse in the winter.

She is 6ft tall, and takes one step to every three steps everyone else takes.


'Ryan' Image

Ryan is a competitor. For a living, he is an engineer in professional motorsports designing race cars to go as fast as they can go. For fun, he competes playing golf and disc golf.

Cassi is thankful that Ryan is handy with fixing things that break. He loves football and sports of all kind and is almost always found wearing a University of Kentucky hat- his favorite college sports team.

Ryan loves oatmeal creme pies and everything Cassi cooks. His favorite is when she makes breakfast. He is also a grill master!

He looks forward to being a daddy and introducing future children to sports and taking them on adventures!

Fun Facts: Ryan is 6ft 4 in tall.

He has a ton of hair on his body but not on his head.

He can blow bubbles with his tongue.

When he was little, he was a daredevil on his bike.

Ryan obsesses over sports.

Ryan has been a groomsman in 12 weddings.

Once had a 2013 Chevy Camero with a dragon sticker, but sold it for a 1968 Chevy C10.

Got his dream job at age 30.

Our Families

When Ryan's family gets together, it is special because everyone lives in different states. Christmas is fun because everyone gets to catch up, eat low country boil, and exchange presents. The men in the family have an annual deep sea fishing trip during the spring. Children are a focus in the family and they celebrate their accomplishments.

Cassi's family lives close by and all see each other often and at least twice monthly. Everyone in Cassi's family adores children, and family activities revolve around fun activities and outings for the kids. Birthday parties, baptisms, holidays, and important events are all special and shared with the family. They are a close-knit family who has been through some losses which have added to their strengths.


'Wyatt' Image

Our boy dog Wyatt is gentle, loving and described as the sweetest doggie ever! We adopted Wyatt when he was 3 months old- we still have the red bandana he was wearing when we picked him up from his foster family. He has to have a spoonful of peanut butter every night before bed! He loves long walks, is obsessed with his glow in the dark ball and lying on Cassi's lap when he is allowed. He loves everyone, especially children and smothers them with kisses when he greets them.

Thank You!

We will be praying for you through this process and pray God will hold your hand through this most important time, ease your worries and calm your fears.

"But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength." 2 Timothy 4:17

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little.

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