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Richard + Jenny

We treasure the fact that you love your little one and are tenderly considering an adoption plan for your baby. Please know that we are praying for you as you make such an important decision for the future of your baby and your own future. We hope through our pictures and writings that you get a small glimpse of who we are. Our names are Richard and Jenny. We have been married for almost 5 years and are blessed to be each other's best friend. We are a couple that loves to have fun, be goofy, work hard, and love with our whole hearts. We have so much love to give and are hoping to share that love with a child that can become a part of our family and a part of our hearts!

Us As A Couple

'Us as a Couple' Image

We are a Christian couple who loves the Lord! We try to live our lives to bring honor and glory to God through our actions, words, family, outings and jobs. We are not perfect, but we try! Our relationship started with a simple email and we quickly found out that God had brought our lives together. Yes, God brought two Goofballs together! We depend on each other, uplift and encourage each other, and strive to love the other without limit. We long for the day when a child will join our family and we can teach our child about God's love. We look forward to taking our child to church, praying together, and reading bedtime Bible stories as a family.

In our spare time, we enjoy being outdoors together. We love hunting, fishing, hiking through the woods, riding ATVs, going to the movies, and going on road trips together. Life is fun, fulfilling, joyous, and we are excited to share this life with a little one.

In our five years of marriage we have prayed and asked God to fulfill our desire to love, encourage and nurture a baby. We long to rock a baby in our arms as we sing sweet lullabies, read our favorite books, and dream and imagine an amazing future that lies ahead for our little one. We have prayed, and continue to pray, that God will allow us to watch our baby grow into a successful, kind-hearted, respectful adult that loves God and others.

Throughout our praying, we have come face to face with 4 years of infertility and know that God is leading us to adoption. God has given us so much love and we long to give that same love to others. We know that adoption is a way to show God's love to a mother and her baby while also fulfilling our dreams and hopes as a family.

Our hearts are wide open and bursting with excitement!

All About Richard - Written By Jenny

Richard is a loving, fun-filled, and caring Texas Yankee! He is the man that continually brings joyous laughter and a smile to my face through his silliness, crazy made up songs, and fun practical jokes. He is one of the most caring and giving men that I have been blessed to know! He works hard and is continually helping those around him. Some of Richard's favorite things are Butter Pecan Ice Cream, NASA, cars, and the Phillies! Richard has one son, Jeremiah, that we love to have visit. We treasure the time we spend with him and he can't wait to be a big brother.

All About Jenny - Written By Richard

'All About Jenny - Written by Richard' Image

Jenny is a fun, loving woman who gives her heart and soul to everything she does. She is a very bright-spirited, playful, and encouraging wife. As a teacher, Jenny is dedicated to teaching every child that enters her classroom at our local elementary school. She loves her students dearly and wants to see them succeed to their greatest potential. Jenny also loves music, reading and singing. She plays the trumpet and sings in the choir at church. I couldn't have asked for a more loving, supporting and encouraging wife!

Our Family

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Most of our immediate family lives in the same community. We are a fun-filled, loving family that just enjoys spending time together. When our whole family gets together there is always joyous LOUD laughter, story telling, and silliness! We also always look forward to our annual summer Family Vacations. We get together and spend time traveling all over regions of the US for about 2 weeks. We always find ourselves in the midst of fun adventures. We depend on each other and are always there to help each other. Our whole family is excited and ready to welcome a little one into the family!

Our Pets

We have one dog named Lil' Ann! She is a big, sweet teddy bear that loves to cuddle, run, and play with us. Our niece and nephew love to play with her as well. They dress Lil' Ann up in shoes, necklaces, and have even given her a Doggie Pedicure! Lil' Ann is gentle, kind, and a huge part of our family.

We also raise chickens and have fresh eggs every day! We enjoy spending time together, outside, caring for our animals!

Our Home And Community

'Our Home and Community' Image

Our home is located in the country on about 50 acres of land. We have a large yard for running and playing, woods for hiking and hunting behind our home, and pasture land for animals. We also have an extra bedroom that is waiting to be filled with laughter, silliness, love, and loads of memories! The two of us and our sweet momma live together. Our sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece live next door. Any child who walks in our home will be loved by many!

Our community is one that offers small town values, a safe family atmosphere and great schools. Our local elementary school is just minutes from our home and my sister and I both have the great privilege of teaching at our community's elementary school. People in our town look out for each other and truly care about their neighbors. Our small, country town is also about 20 minutes from city museums, theaters, and other kid friendly places. Our community gives us the best of both worlds!


We have shown you little pieces of our hearts, desires, family, and our lives. We want to thank you again for considering us as a part of your child's life as you are considering an adoption plan.

Our motto is: Family.....Perfectly Pieced Together by God! Our whole family is on a journey to find the little baby that will perfectly complete our family puzzle. Our hearts are so excited to bring our little missing piece home. We can't wait to be complete!

We would love to meet you and get to know you more. We are so ready and excited to love and welcome you and your little one with open arms!

Richard and Jenny

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