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Reggie + Mackenzie

We are so excited that you are looking through our profile and learning about our family! We hope that as you read through the paragraphs and see our pictures, you will feel the love that our family has for each other and the ones around us. We are a family of 4 and are so excited that God has chosen our family to adopt! Last year we felt called to adoption. When we told our two sons, they jumped up and down and celebrated! Our youngest son actually cried with joy! They are both so excited and have been praying for the new baby and for you! As a family, we pray that you have peace in this decision. We honor you for your bravery and thank God for you!

Our Love Story

'Our Love Story' Image

Our love story began in 2004 when we met at church. We started dating and were engaged in 2005 and got married in 2006. Even though we have been married for almost 11 years, we are more in love now than ever before. Our life has been an amazing adventure and we are so excited about the next chapter.

About Mackenzie

'About Mackenzie' Image

From Reggie~

Mackenzie is an amazing wife and mother. She loves me and the boys and is not bashful about it. She ensures that our family spends lots of time together to create awesome memories. Mackenzie also loves animals, going to beaches, reading books, and traveling. She taught elementary students for 13 years and is now an Instructional Coach, helping teachers be better in their roles. She also spends a lot of time serving the homeless. She truly cares for people and has a real gift at making people feel special.

About Reggie

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From Mackenzie~

Reggie is an amazing husband and father. He takes incredible care of our family and we all adore him. He is patient and understanding and brings such peace and stability to our family. Reggie also likes to have fun! He loves to play with the boys, whether it's football, baseball, laser tag, or video games, he has a blast with them!

Reggie is also the worship pastor at our church and is very passionate about leading God's people into worship. Our home is always filled with music and we love it!

Camon And Talon, Our Two Sons

'Camon and Talon, our two sons' Image

These are our sweet boys, Camon and Talon.

Camon is very athletic and loves to be outside! He also loves making new friends and is very social. His favorite type of music is Christian hip hop. The smile you see in this picture is how he looks most of the time. He is always happy and loves life!

Talon is gentle, sweet, and caring. He is a thinker and loves to take his time in making decisions. He is an amazing artist and engineer. He really enjoys building and creating. His favorite music is jazz!

Talon is mostly looking forward to reading lots of books to the baby. Camon is excited to make bottles and help feed the baby. They are going to be amazing big brothers! They pray daily for you and for their new brother or sister.

We Are Thankful For You!

We are so thankful to be called to adopt and we hope you are more at peace after looking through our life story. We want you to know that we will love this child with everything that we have, and we will raise him or her to know your love, too. Your decision does not go unnoticed. We pray for you and thank the Lord for you and for this child.

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