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Oscar + Rachel

We are a fun, loving, Christian couple from large families. We would be so blessed to grow our family through Adoption, which is such an amazing act of love. We will love, laugh with, support, teach, and discipline our children. Together we can give your child a wonderful life.

Dear Friend,

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We admire you for the sacrifice you will make and the courage it takes to make an adoption plan for your baby. If you choose us to raise your child, we promise to love them with all our hearts and will protect and raise them in a stable, fun, and happy home. They will know the amazing love their birth parents have for them and how that love led to making an adoption plan. We will embrace their history and heritage and help them grow in a way that would make any birth parent proud.

Even though we can conceive our own children, we have chosen to build our family through adoption and hope to adopt more than one child. We have always felt a strong pull towards adoption. Rachel's 3 oldest siblings were adopted by her father when he married her mother and one of her brothers adopted a baby girl from foster care. Adoption is such a blessing and an amazing act of love. We feel that God has opened our hearts to this and we know it is the right path for us.

We have been blessed in so many ways and hope that one day soon we will be able to share those blessings with a child of our own. We pray that you find the perfect family for your baby and hope you have success in all your future endeavors.

About Us!

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We are very active and enjoy being outside, hiking or adventuring. We love taking trips, going to the beach, or sightseeing around a city. Anything with animals attracts our attention, such as zoos or aquariums. Most weekends we see family but on our weeknights we make a nice dinner and then settle in for a good TV show.

Oscar thinks Rachel is always willing to help others and is incredibly generous. She loves animals, big and small, and is also very creative and full of ideas. Rachel loves art and is constantly inspired by the world around her to create amazing things. Coming from a large family, she is always engaged in their projects and she enjoys spending time with all of them. Oscar can't wait to see Rachel as a mother because he knows that she will be the best that she can be. She will be a best friend, a teacher, a source of inspiration, and a spiritual guide.

Rachel thinks Oscar is the most loving, fun, and intelligent man she has ever met. He makes her laugh daily, and no matter what they do, he always has a positive and supportive attitude. After more than 7 years together she still wants to spend all her time with him. He always makes her feel comfortable, secure, and happy. It is for all these reasons and countless more that he will make a great father. He has an amazing imagination and endless patience. He loves being outside and enjoys fishing, hiking, target shooting, and kayaking.

Our Faith And Parenting

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We are Christian Catholics who love the Lord and try to stay within His will. We attend church regularly and enjoy seeing our family after the service. We intend to raise our children Catholic but will make sure they are educated on other religions so they can find the faith that is best for them. We want them to have an understanding of other beliefs and ways of life. We feel it is important to love and respect everyone, even if they are different from you.

We want our children to be of strong character and work hard to achieve their goals. We believe that parents should be friends with their children but also remember to do what it takes to protect and guide them as they grow up. Every child is different and we will strive to adapt to the individual needs of the child and support them in anything they want to do. We will love, laugh with, support, teach, and discipline our children.

We look forward to spending time with our children and taking them on adventures with us. We can't wait to teach them and watch them grow and play. We plan to be involved in the sports and activities they enjoy whether that is reading, scouts, music, art, or anything else they want to try.

Our Familes

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Ruthie and Cece are our Feline Family. They are sisters and are inseparable. They each have little quirks. Cece is a scaredy-cat that runs at the slightest noise while Ruthie is explorative and daring. Cece is super soft and always eats all her wet food and half of Ruthie's. They love to cuddle with us during TV time or chase each other around the house.

Rachel comes from a large family where she is the youngest of 5 children (2 girls and 3 boys). All of her siblings are married and have kids so there are lots of people to hang out with and provide a loving support system. She has 15 nieces and nephews! The family loves to get together and play games, go to the beach or the lake, watch movies, or just talk and hang out.

Oscar comes from a smaller family than Rachel but they are still lots of fun and full of love. His father was born in El Salvador and migrated to the United States when he was very young to avoid the civil war. His mother is of German heritage and grew up on a dairy farm way out in the country. His older sister, Keri, was a lovely woman that was always smiling and happy, she passed away when she was only 30 years old. Oscar's younger brother, Anthony, is married with three children.

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