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Nat + Abigail

We are a family, and consider you to be a special part of our family. That is forever. We embrace and support you and your child with all that we are every step of this journey. We have the utmost respect for you, your strength, and your courage. We know the love you have for your child is like no other. We will forever honor that love. We look forward to getting to know you and joining you in the adoption journey. We hope this text and images give you a sense of us as individuals, a family and as parents.

Our Family

'Our Family' Image

"We" are comprised of Nat, Abigail, and Thaxter (3.5yrs). We are a team. We are a team that wants to grow. Both Nat and I come from large families and the time has come for ours to expand. The three of us operate well together, but there is a void or a missing piece of our family that yearns to be filled by another kiddo. We can think of no better way to grow our family than through adoption. With one adopted son, two adopted nephews and one adopted cousin, we, and our families, are knowledgeable of all that adoption encompasses. We, and our families, are over-the-moon to be growing our family again.

On this website, we hope you see our lives unfold to give you a sense of "us", our values, our family, our hobbies, and how we would welcome another child with our whole hearts. We all three have wonderful, pure spirits and have so much to give a child. We know that words and pictures can only communicate so much, but we hope they convey that we were put on God's earth to be husband and wife with one another and to share our lives with children. We hope that the words and photos we have written and selected give you a sense of who we are and the type of life your child would have as a part of our loving family.

How It Began

Our life together began during graduate school for architecture. We happened upon one another at a gathering of mutual friends. After Nat was drawn to my stunning green eyes, we found we shared many common passions and fell for one another VERY quickly. We were married the next spring surrounded by love and support of family and friends in the coastal beach community Abigail has frequented her entire life.

Since then, we have been teammates in life. We explore the world and our surroundings with vigor as husband and wife, parents, best friends and professionals. We thrive on adventures of all shapes and sizes. One of the biggest to date has been becoming parents through adoption. We embraced all facets with our whole being and our son is a solid indication of how well prepared we are to raise a child to be confident, funny, loving, curious and fully aware of how he is loved by his adoptive and birth parents. Aside from a number of common character traits, we also share numerous hobbies such as hiking, camping, fishing, mountain-biking, cross-country skiing, surfing, and traveling. Life is an adventure and take advantage of every minute. The beauty is we now share these as a family which takes hobbies to an entirely new level!

Abigail On Nat

'Abigail on Nat' Image

Nat is an outstanding person. His thoughtfulness and sincere spirit are contagious. Watching him work with co-workers, siblings, friends and children warms my heart as I am constantly inspired by his dedication and patience. He is an extremely caring and gentle soul who is also whimsical and adventurous. He thrives on exploring new cities as much as he does exploring remote wilderness areas. While maintaining these passions, Nat still manages to place his wife and family first as his utmost priority followed closely by friends. Pursuing his career as an architect and enjoying high-energy hobbies such as cycling, rowing, and hiking he manages to strike a unique work-life balance.

Children adore him, our nieces and nephews follow-him around just waiting for what fun activities he seems to always have up his sleeve. Nat has always connected easily with children, patiently teaching them new skills and opening their eyes to new experiences. Following in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents, he is sincere, understanding, spontaneous, and most of all, fun! Nat is an amazing father and I feel very lucky to be able to be along for the adventure.

My heart is full when I watch him play with our son. I cannot wait for our family to grow and to watch in amazement as Nat parents two.

Nat On Abigail

'Nat on Abigail' Image

Sharing my life with Abigail has been the most treasured and enriching time of my life. Her compassion for her friends and family and her passion for living life are inspiring to me. She makes me want to be a better person. She is a mother who loves her child with all of her heart and soul, to that I can attest. I can't get enough of watching Thaxter's face or our nieces' faces light up when they are invited to a game on the beach with Abigail or to be read a bed-time story by her. Being with kids feeds her soul and they enjoy every minute.

As an architect, Abigail has an intense passion for design that translates into her hobbies such as designing and creating all types of children's clothing, craft activities for Thaxter, and accessories on her sewing machine. Abigail also has a tremendous love of the outdoors,which she continues to pursue on foot, pedal and paddle. Abigail is very driven and becomes focused on what she puts her mind to, so it is not surprising that she is successful at what she does.

On Thaxter

'On Thaxter' Image

Thaxter is as free a spirit as they come. We share an open adoption plan with his birth mother who loves seeing his personality unfold at each of his life milestones. She has a wonderful, calm demeanor, which we are quite sure Thaxter exudes. He also retains a great curiosity for life, adventures, and any animal!

Thaxter spent a month in transitional care through Gladney. It proved to be an amazing time for him and consequently the three of us. We corresponded daily and he slept tons and ate a ton. In 4 weeks, he gained 4 lbs! He got a wonderful start and his growth has only continued to leave us in awe.

He will be amazing brother, as he adores kiddos younger than him. He likes to share the world from his view as much as we do with him. He is very excited at the prospect of another child joining our family. He has lots of love to give...his friends, teachers and stuffies can tell you that too.

On Faith

We are practicing Episcopalians and believe in God. We have found the Episcopal Church and its philosophy, sermons, practices, and community are most in-keeping with our own shared religious beliefs as a family.

We are involved in our local Episcopal Church and its family community. There are numerous events for families, which strengthen our bonds as a community and provide a rich culture for our children. Church remains a place for spiritual reflection and practice but also an element of our social life as a family. We uphold that Church is a special time for our family to hit the "pause" button and come together.

We attend church as a family with regularity, but it is never forced. It is our intention that through the practice of attending church and getting confirmed will lay a substantial framework for spiritual growth. We can provide the groundwork, as our parents did for us. Eventually, we believe a child's faith will evolve into what makes sense to and for them. This has been true for both of us. We believe one's relationship with God after a certain point is established on its own timeline and in its own way. We feel strongly that some aspect of religion will play a part in a child's life in their later years, but to what degree and which religion will be of their choosing. We will provide a starting point.

Our Home

Since moving to the area, we have quickly gotten involved in various organizations to establish a strong network of friends and acquaintances. We feel very fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful community that has embraced our family with open arms.

Our city is a spectacular place to call home and to raise kiddos. We live in a culturally diverse city with a rich sense of culture, history and many amazing amenities for families. We have a zoo, museums, numerous playgrounds, a community pool, festivals, and countless parks at our fingertips. We chose the area where we live for its diversity, amenities, family feel and great schools. We are a five minute walk from the local elementary school and the local square. It is a wonderful neighborhood filled with lots of families with children of all ages.

As for our actual home, we love it and just bought it! We are making some modifications to the interior to make it better equipped to handle a family of 4. The minute we walked into it for the very first time we knew it was the perfect home for us. It has a lot of architectural detail and a healthy amount of character and an awesome yard. In the summers, you will find us on the screened-in porch playing or eating meals while dodging the insipid mosquitos. Verall though our favorite place is running about in the backyard playing or gardening in the fenced-in back yard where Thaxter loves to run and play. We love the yard during lazy days for reading and gardening or for entertaining family and friends in the evenings on the patio. We often welcome our friends and their families to our home and the house lends itself well to hosting people of all ages and during all seasons.

Thank You

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you. We know the journey will be filled with a range of emotions. We assure you we will be sensitive, loving, and thoughtful.

Your love for your child has no limits. You will always be in our hearts, minds and life.

We will always value and honor the trust you have put in us by placing your child with our family and we will be forever grateful to a degree that has no limits.

Thank you for you.

Much Love.

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