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Michael + Kathryn

Hello, we are Michael and Kathryn! We hope you take a moment to look through our profile and read a little bit more about our family. We are excited to be first time parents and look forward to growing our family through adoption. Please know that we wish you the very best on your journey, and have faith that your path will be one of strength, courage, and love.

Our Letter To You

Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking this time to look through our profile. Words cannot truly express how moved we are by your act of love. You are AMAZING! We will forever be inspired by your courage and humbled by your strength. It takes a remarkable person to help create a family, and we have faith that you will find the right family for both you and your child.

If you choose us as your adoptive parents, we promise that your child will grow up in a loving household, and they will know that LOVE began with you! Your act of love, your story of courage and strength, will be shared often and with great pride. It is important that your child know how amazing you are and how your decisions helped create a uniquely wonderful family. A family made up of many different people, all brought together by your act of love...a family of which to be proud!

Our Story

'Our Story' Image

Soon after we met, we found that we have lived close to one another our entire lives. We grew up in the same area, attended the same elementary school for a year, frequented the same local coffee shop in high school, lived down the street from each other in college, and even shared several good friends. It would take years for the fates to introduce us but when they did, it was at exactly the right time! Sure, we often wonder what it would have been like to run into each other at that coffee shop or be introduced at a study group, but if we've learned anything about this beautiful, unexpected, messy life we've been given, it's that "everything happens for a reason"! We can't always control our path but we have to have faith that we are exactly where we need to be in life, at exactly the right time.

Everything happens for a reason and we wouldn't change a thing about our path. The good and bad, the ups and downs, they have all taught us valuable lessons in patience, courage, and strength. These life lessons will help us grow in our love for each other and others. We can't wait for life to introduce us to our new family, for our path to lead us to someone special...BUT we have to have faith it will happen at exactly the right time.

Michael (according To Kathryn)

Michael is amazing. He has a warm smile, a huge heart, and an almost unlimited amount of patience. He loves our little family and does his best to keep everyone happy. Michael is thoughtful, loyal, sensitive, and immensely kind. He is the guy who carries my grandma's purse through the mall without batting an eye, and he is the guy who will readily give his seat to a stranger. He is the first person our friends look to for advice or to help move a super heavy couch. He is dependable, dedicated, and truly a man of his word.

Michael is also the biggest nerd! He can talk for hours about computers, woodworking, and soccer. He loves nature and science, and he wants to know how everything works! He is a bookworm who has out read me by the hundreds and can easily explain the different marvel universes to a comic book novice (me!). He enjoys cooking and I often get heart shaped pancakes on the weekend.

Michael is my rock, my best friend, and the love of my life. I know he will be a wonderful father! He looks forward to coaching sports teams, teaching kayak safety, and helping with homework. I can't wait to watch him share his passion for life and learning with our child!

Kathryn (according To Michael)

I asked Kathryn to marry me within an hour of meeting her... she laughed and said no, but it was a good start. Simply put, Kathryn is my best friend. She is funny, witty, beautiful, caring, and very stubborn. She can commonly be found working in her garden with a dog or two nearby, and would gladly trade her car for a horse to ride to work.

Kathryn is my inspiration to be a better person. She challenges me to be conscience of why we do things, where our food comes from, and the impact it has on the world. Every so often I come home to a rabbit or a bird that she has rescued, and get sent on emergency trips to the store for supplies.

Whether she's weaving, drawing, painting, or designing her own craft projects, she never seems to have a problem motivating others with her passion. She has consistently found ways to bring her love of the arts to those around her.

I'm so excited to see what an amazing mother Kathryn is going to be. She looks forward to being a stay at home mom to share her huge collection of children's books at each bedtime, to finger painting, and covering the fridge with art.

Riley, Roxy, Rue, And Pickle Too!

'Riley, Roxy, Rue, and Pickle too!' Image

Our house wouldn't be a home without our pets! We rescued 3 dogs (Riley, Roxy and Rue) in addition to 1 silly parrot named Pickle. Our pets fill our home with so much love and laughter; we just couldn't imagine our lives without them!


We have been blessed with a wonderful family, full of supportive and passionate people. We are both lucky to have parents who taught us honesty, compassion and acceptance through their actions. They taught us that hard work pays off and giving back to your community is fundamental. They fostered our passion for science and the arts, listening endlessly to Michael's computer explanations or displaying all of Kathryn's artwork proudly on the fridge. They are our biggest cheerleaders and our toughest teachers. Our families attended every soccer game and gymnastics meet, and helped with homework at the end of a long work day. Their guidance and encouragement drive us to be better people and will help us be great parents.

Although we are miles apart, we make family time a priority. Michael video chats with his family on the weekends and Kathryn talks to her mom and grandma just about every day. We look forward to trips home and can't wait for board game nights, play dates, and big family dinners. Everyone is excited to welcome a new member to our ever growing extended family. They are eager to become grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!


'Grandma' Image

This is Kathryn's Grandma, but in truth she belongs to everyone. She is "grandma" to Michael, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and countless friends. She is "grandma" to the nurses at the doctor's office and to the waitresses at her favorite restaurants. She is sensitive and kind. She is generous with her love and attention, and she is even more stubborn than Kathryn (that is where Michael says she gets it from). And above all she LOVES her ever growing family!

We have been blessed to spend a great deal of time together. Grandma lived with Kathryn during her childhood and again after college. Now she flies to Texas at least once a year to spend the winter with us. Our winters are filled with cooking lessons, game nights, and plenty of tea and dessert...Grandma has lived over 95 years and has many stories to share. We always take Grandma home on St. Patrick's Day so she can celebrate her birthday. Dressed in green from head to toe, we spend the day celebrating as a family and this makes her extremely happy. She can't wait to have another great-grandchild to help her blow out her birthday candles.

We Promise

'We Promise' Image

If you choose us as your adoptive parents, we promise that family will be our first priority. Your child will grow up knowing that your act of love brought us ALL together, and that love made us a family.

We promise to provide a safe and caring home for your child, and we will strive to give them every opportunity for success.

We promise to lead by example; to teach honesty and acceptance through our actions. We will continue to volunteer in our community, and instill the importance of humility and compassion.

We promise to share in the activities we've always enjoyed. We will play sports, paint pictures, and ride horses. We promise to read bedtime stories every night, and work in the garden every day. To teach respect and responsibility for all living things and encourage an interest in nature.

If you choose us as your adoptive parents, we promise to love this child with our whole hearts for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for taking this time to look at our profile! We look forward to hearing from you.

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