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Mel + Lauren

Welcome! We are Mel and Lauren and we are excited to share with you a little bit about us. First more than anything we want to thank you for your courage and love. We can only imagine the journey to toward making this decision has not been easy for you. We honor and cherish your life and the life you are growing that you wish to share with the world. We have longed to start a family for many years. Through your selfless act you are helping to fulfill the dreams of another family. We feel honored at the prospect of becoming adoptive parents. We have so much love to give and can't wait to be blessed with a little one to complete our family!

About Us

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Our journey began in 2006. We had never even met and were on opposite sides of the country, but we were both making plans to move to Arizona in search of new adventures and furthering our careers. Talk about things happening for a reason. Little did we know that a short two years later in March of 2008 we would be introduced by Lauren's cousin. First we were friends then friendship turned to like and like turned into love. After dating for 10 months, getting engaged, moving to Texas, we were married in March of 2010. Since we've been together we've grown both as a couple and as individuals. We've built a strong, loving marriage. We are best friends and enjoy each other's company. We laugh together a lot, have tons of fun, work things out together, and share our hopes and dreams for the future.

Together we enjoy...

...Baking and cooking...Mel makes some amazing BBQ and Lauren is known for some delicious pies with homemade crust.

. ...Staying active...running, hiking, biking, etc. Last summer we hiked our first 14,000 ft peak in Colorado. We both consistently go to a Crossfit gym.

...Traveling...we love exploring and experiencing new places/cultures. We can't wait to share this passion with our child(ren).

...Sports...including football, baseball, and horse racing. We either watch on TV or go to a game to cheer on our teams.

...Date nights...spending quality time with each other is a priority for us.

...Seeing family and friends...as much as we can. Holidays with family are a big deal for us.

Lauren Through Mel's Eyes

'Lauren through Mel's Eyes' Image

I feel so honored to get a chance to introduce you to my wife Lauren. Lauren is a very special person, unlike almost anyone else you will ever meet. I am the luckiest man, as somehow I talked this wonderful woman into marrying me. Lauren's personality is the very definition of a loving mom. She has patience which will go on for miles. I should know I have tested it more than I should. She has an enduring level of kindness and love that is always present. This has led us to having a wonderful marriage filled with joy. I always look forward to coming home as she has a big smile and hug for me every time I walk through the door. She radiates positive bright strength, energy, and love. She loves to laugh and have fun. She is a joyful person any child could love. I have 15 nieces and nephews who absolutely adore her. Lauren has dedicated her life to helping children. She has been a teacher her entire career, and has spent it working with children who have special needs. Through this work, she has built a knowledge base of how to guide and love children in a way most parents wouldn't have experienced. She is the best at what she does, and our child will experience all of the benefits of her dedication to children. Lauren gives me the confidence to know we can be great parents together. She knows how to coach, guide, and be a partner to me. We love enjoying our time together no matter where it takes us. Your child will be in the most capable and loving of hands with Lauren.

Lauren's favorites include...

...chocolate treats...especially chocolate and peanut butter together

...riding horses...a passion since her childhood

...teaching...working with children is her passion

...listening to music...loves country and listening to 80's rock

...reading...likes mystery books and romance books

Mel Through Lauren's Eyes

'Mel through Lauren's Eyes' Image

I'm proud to introduce you to Mel, my amazing husband and best friend! I barely remember my life before him and couldn't imagine life without him. I'm so blessed to be with him. He is my strength when I'm weak, my laughter when I'm sad, my guide when I've lost my way, my smile when I frown, and my support when I falter. He works hard, is selfless, and is thoughtful of others. He is dedicated to doing the best for our family and works hard to provide a comfortable life. Together we have built a solid, loving marriage based on trust, honesty, support, and communication. I simply love him and am very much looking forward to being a parent with him. He is a family man. He is kind, compassionate, and loves beyond measure. He views being a dad as the most important job he will ever do in his life. He comes from a big family and has had lots of practice with his fifteen nieces and nephews. My heart is filled with happiness when I watch him with them and our friends' children. They adore him and respect him. He can be silly, play and have fun with them all the while acting as a positive role model in his thoughts, words, and actions. He loves new adventures, trying new things, and indulging in his hobbies (barbequing, cars, football, running, and hiking to name a few). He has such an enthusiasm for life and shares it with others. Your child will grow up in a home filled with love and laughter, fun experiences, guidance, and as many opportunities as life has to offer. He will make sure of it! He is dedicated and ready to love, protect, guide, and cherish his family.

Mel's favorites include...

...BBQ...he makes some mouthwatering brisket and pork.

...Hiking/Running...he has conquered running quite a few half-marathons.

...Pumpkin pie...loves when Lauren makes it with her homemade crust.

...Football...he can be found watching his favorite team on football Sundays.


Our Home

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Our home is nestled in a very eclectic, family friendly neighborhood. It feeds into one of the best school districts in Texas...which happens to be where Lauren teaches. We love being at home especially on our back deck when the weather is nice. It has a great view overlooking a wooded canyon. When the weather is nice we use it a lot. We enjoy sharing meals and spending time with friends and family. We also have a great shaded side yard that when finished will be a great place for kids to have a play set, run around, explore nature, play sports, etc. The neighborhood lake park is usually bustling with kids playing on the play scape, in the lake or pool, or running around the open grassy lawn. We love hanging with our friends here, having picnics, and look forward to doing so with our children.

Our Family

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Between both of us we have quite a large family. Mel grew up in northern California. He is the youngest of seven kids, most of whom are married with wonderful families. Lauren grew up in small town Ohio. She has one younger brother, who is newly married with four sweet dogs. She also has a large, close knit extended family whose values are heavily influenced by her grandparents, one set of whom is still living. With both sides we enjoy meals and conversation, hiking and outdoor adventures, playing games, watching and going to sporting events, going on trips, and going to activities the kids are involved in. We also love to share holidays and other celebrations together. These are very important to us. We cherish our family and look forward to our children growing up with strong, loving relationships with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and hopefully pets.

Our Promise

As we dream of our future we see family. We are so excited to share our life with a child. The opportunity to grow our family through adoption makes this dream real. We strongly believe this is God's plan for us. As parents we will love our children and create a happy, healthy environment filled with love and guidance as well as lead by example. We will be the parents who read bedtime stories and tuck them in, help with homework, get involved in their interests, and advocate for them. We will give them opportunities to discover their gifts and talents and use them to become the best individual they can be. Please be assured that your child will grow up knowing his or her story and the truth of you love that brought us all together.

The Adoption Process

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