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Max + Amber

We hope that you look at this profile and get a sense of who we are and what our lives are like. We have been blessed to have a wonderful family that we enjoy spending time with. We hope you enjoy reading and learning about us!

Our Love Story

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We love spending time together. We have grown together as a couple and as parents. We both believe in making sure our children are loved, supported, and know that they are truly loved by many individuals that make up their life story.

We got married on November 10, 2007. We were high school sweethearts and we are best friends. We have the same values & understand what is truly important - family.

All About Max

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I am Max and I have lots of interests. They include snowboarding, playing the guitar, spending time with my family, and going to church. I enjoy being outside and this is something I want my children to experience too. I enjoy spending time with our son Cooper. We like to travel and have adventures.

By Amber:

I love seeing the relationship that Max and Cooper have! Max likes teaching Cooper new things like throwing a football or riding a bicycle. He has patience, love, and takes his role as a father seriously. Cooper loves playing with Daddy and spending time learning new things. I see the absolute love and joy Max has in raising Cooper to be a wonderful person. Max always makes sure Cooper and I are his top priorities and that we spend time together. I cannot imagine having a better partner to have by my side!

All About Amber

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My name is Amber and I am a teacher. I love spending time with my family and my dogs. I enjoy reading and I like to read to Cooper so he can imagine different worlds and places. Animals are also something that I hold dear and I cannot imagine our home without our furry family members! I enjoy music and a really good movie.

By Max:

Amber is the anchor of our family! She is an amazing mother and wife and I am blessed to have her in my life. She showers Cooper and I with love every day. I enjoy seeing her doing arts and crafts, singing, and reading books with Cooper. She is the type of person that always puts family first. She has such a sweet personality and is such a caring person.


Cooper is such a blessing! God sent us this amazing little person and he really makes the world a better place. Cooper cannot wait to be a big brother. Cooper was born on November 24, 2012. We met his birth mother shortly before he was born and she truly is an amazing person! We are so blessed to have Cooper and his birth mother as members of our family.

Cooper is a curious, outgoing, and loving child. He loves dinosaurs, singing, dancing, and drawing. Cooper also likes playing with the dogs, riding his bike, & playing with his friends.

Our Furry Family Members

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In our family, we have three very important members: Bella, Sofia, & Lola. Bella is the boss even though she is the smallest one. She loves walking around the neighborhood.

Lola and Sofia are our hound dogs. They are sisters and have always been together. They enjoy being lazy, eating food, and playing with us in the yard.

A Day In Our Life

We both have jobs that allow us to be flexible with our schedules so that we can spend as much time as we can together. We get home and enjoy time outside. As a family, we sit down at our table and eat dinner together. We discuss our day and what happened. Cooper likes helping clean the table and then we like to play games, take an evening walk, play trains or dinosaurs, or color. Before bed, we like to relax by reading a story or watching a bit of a Disney movie. On the weekends, we like to explore our town, visit a museum, or go to the zoo.

Thank You

We hope you enjoyed your glimpse of our lives. We have been truly blessed by God and we thank Him every day. God has led us down this path and we are enjoying this life with our son. We would love to add another child to our family so that our son can have the joy of having a sibling to share adventures with, holiday memories, and a loving bond. God bless you and know that whatever decision you make, God will be with you and that we are praying for you.

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