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Kim + Brad

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We come from families with strong ties and have always known we wanted children. We love our 12 nieces and nephews as if they were our own and cannot wait to share that love with our own child.


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Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and consider us as adoptive parents for your child. We understand that this must be a difficult decision and we appreciate your selflessness. Allowing another to raise and love your child takes an incredible amount of trust and bravery. Wherever life takes you, please know that your child would be one of the greatest blessings of our lives and he or she will always know the incredible, loving sacrifice that you made for him or her. We know that you want to make the best decision for your child and we hope that this book helps you to feel assured about the amazing life we can provide!

About Us:

Kim was born and raised in NW Pennsylvania, then moved to Nashville for college and sunny weather. Finding out her sister was pregnant with twins, Kim quickly moved to Texas. Brad was born and raised in the great state of Texas. After high school he moved to Colorado but soon came back to Texas for that same sunny weather.

Kim and Brad started dating soon after meeting online and can proudly say they are one of the rare couples that found true love! After a year of dating they knew they were a perfect match! Brad proposed to Kim at the same location as their first date, surrounded by family and friends. They both come from families with strong ties and have always known they wanted children. Kim and Brad love their nieces and nephews as if they were their own and they cannot wait to share that love with their own child.

What Brad Says About Kim:


Kim is going to make an incredible mother! She is family oriented and loves spending time with her nieces and nephews. They come over quite often and I love to watch the way she interacts with them. The teacher in her shines through because she is very nurturing, supportive and loves unconditionally. She can be silly, fun and spontaneous yet structured and refined. I often catch her singing and dancing around the house which always puts a smile on my face. My favorite thing about Kim is the way she loves me and we can truly be ourselves around each other. I look forward to growing old along side of her and our future family.

What Kim Says About Brad:


Brad is going to be an amazing dad! He has already won the hearts of my nieces and nephews. Brad has a huge heart and cares deeply for all of his family and friends. He is thoughtful, patient, and dependable. When I met Brad I immediately fell in love with his charm and outgoing personality. He has such a great sense of humor and makes me laugh daily.

I am so lucky to have a husband who was a chef. Brad loves cooking and can be found in the kitchen making a big breakfast every weekend. I know we both can't wait to have another seat at the kitchen table.

Holidays And Family Traditions:

Our families live very close and we get together for holidays and other celebrations. Our new tradition is getting both families together for Thanksgiving at our house. This past year we had 16 adults, 7 kids, and 1 baby! Camping is also something we grew up doing. We have enjoyed continuing this with our nieces and nephews. Another tradition our family has is going to a pumpkin farm in the fall. Kim and her sister have called this "Spectacular, Spectacular" since they were kids. We can't wait to continue this tradition with our own child someday.

Our Promise:


Our promise to you is to love your child unconditionally with all our hearts. We will provide them with a safe and caring home that will be supported by us and our friends and family. He or she will grow up with everything needed to succeed in life and will get to experience different cultures and activities. Your child will grow up in a loving home, and will always know that he or she was adopted out of love.

Best Wishes,

Brad & Kim

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