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Kevin + Deanna

We are humbled that you are taking the time to read about our life and we thank you for considering us to be your child's adoptive parents. We value family, health and a laid back lifestyle which the three of us hope you find evident in this profile as the words and pictures offer a brief look into our lives.

Dear Expectant Mother

'Dear Expectant Mother' Image

Our journey to adoption has been a collision of chaos and comfort. From the time we began our life together, Kevin has openly discussed the bravery of his birth mom as he was adopted at a young age. We both feel comfort in knowing that even 18 years ago we knew we would one day walk the path of adoption. Although it has been chaotic with the timing of the journey, it does not compare to the decisions you are facing. We hope you feel comfort in knowing that we are confident that we will provide a loving home to a child who will always know about bravery of his/her own birth mom.

About Us

We met in our first week of college. Kevin walked up with a cowboy hat as big as Texas and sat himself in the chair right next to mine. As conversation went on, we realized we were on the same degree path and shared many of the same interests! We remained friends for the next 18 months and of course, as fate would have it, began our dating relationship over sports. We married in Texas in 1998 and grew our family to three in 2005 when our daughter Karis was born. We have spent many years, days, and hours sharing life together, playing, traveling and building a family that strives to love people and love life.

About Kevin

'About Kevin' Image

Kevin is a balanced, hardworking, smart, loyal, and committed coach and dad. He is the ultimate optimist. While we were in college, Kevin earned the nickname Baloo from 'The Jungle Book' because of his laid back, gracious, and positive attitude.

Kevin is a dedicated (and good!) coach, always striving to help make his players better, both on the field and off. He is a fair, and safe teacher to many students who love to sit in his class to learn. He is a loyal supporter to many local sports teams, as well as a committed volunteer with the area mountain biking group.

Kevin is super smart. He is able to retain so much information. I am often amazed at his wealth of knowledge from everything to who won the 1994 Baseball World Series to who the 39th president was to the many different religions around the world and what their belief systems are.

Most of all, Kevin is full of love. I always know regardless of the situation, Kevin will aim to make love his top tier of influence for whatever it is he is putting his energy in. This will be true also in adoption. Kevin has always celebrated his gotcha day with his adoptive parents. Even to this day, especially on his gotcha day, it is a special day for him to share his thoughts on the bravery and sacrifice of his birth mom. I am confident that Kevin will be able to share in all the wonderfulness of adoption. He is number one in my book and I am lucky to share life with him!

Occupation: Teacher/coach

Favorite Book: Darma Bums

Favorite Place: DuPont State Park, NC

Can't Live Without: My bikes

About Deanna

If you were one of Deanna's students, attended one of her exercise sessions, or had the opportunity to meet her over a cup of coffee you would recognize what so many people see in her: a humble accepting attitude that puts the needs of others before her own. I, like many others am a better person due to having her in my life. When we met in college I was instantly drawn to her drive and ability to bring out the best in those around us. Whether it was a softball game or a difficult class, she met every challenge with a smile and a look that allowed people to believe that everything was going to be alright. As a wife, she is patient and kind, growing more beautiful every day. If it's a hike to a stunning waterfall, a difficult bike ride in the mountains, or after a fall on snow skis, I see that smile start to emerge and, as always, I know that everything is going to be alright. As a mother, she is a great role model for our daughter, showing her the power of a strong woman but the tenderness to connect with those in need. I have a lifetime of memories with her and am looking forward to a lifetime of more. I would love for you to meet her and see what our daughter and I get to see every day.

Occupation: Teacher

Favorite Book: Wonder

Favorite Place: The beach with the whole family

Can't Live Without: Chapstick

About Karis

'About Karis' Image

Karis is a very caring, compassionate, independent girl who loves to cook, read, craft, play volleyball, dance and race bikes. In school, she is a self-motivator who loves to help to her teachers. She serves on student council and participates in Fit Girls. During the summer, she loves to visit her cousins, swim at the local pool, and make lemonade for her lemonade stand. She has a beautiful smile, a great attitude, and has lots of love to share.

Occupation: Student

Favorite Book: Half A Chance

Favorite Place: Mansfield

Can't Live Without: A book

Karis' Thoughts

I absolutely adore babies. I am super excited about this whole process. I have different thoughts every day. Some days I am nervous, but most days I am excited.

Our Home

We keep our home clean, bright and simple. We really love the outdoors most of all but like a calm space when we're all together indoors.

Our Families

Our extended family is a source of happiness, inspiration, and love for us. Deanna has four brothers and sisters with kids of their own. Kevin has one sister with a daughter. We are fortunate that most of our family live close enough for us to see them on a regular basis. Holidays are spent with family. Christmas Eve is a special time when we gather with over 20 member of Deanna's family for a mix of traditional holiday food of Tex-Mex and Norwegian food, as well as a reading of the Christmas Story. Whether it is watching sports, enjoying outdoor activities, or just sharing a meal together, our lives are centered on family.

Our Community

We love our community. Our community challenges us to choose love first before all else, to strive for justice for all people, and to live life focused on the present and full of hope for the future. With busy schedules and growing families, each of us put forth our best effort to gather when we can, whether it be for breakfast, dinner, or a little impromptu party! We are grateful for our community and the very different lives that make it up!


'Parenting' Image

As parents, we strive to make the most of the present and to be present while doing. For us, this means creating memories with time well spent rather than spending on material things that will fade away. Whether we are at the local pool, on a faraway vacation, or just hanging out in the backyard, we hope that the time spent will help us to teach our children a simple way of life. We try to take every day experiences and turn them into teachable moments so that we can all grow up to be well rounded, respected, and compassionate citizens who work hard to be a part of a great community.

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