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Justin + Lydia

We would like to take this opportunity to first thank you for considering our profile, and to introduce ourselves by painting a picture of what a loving home we have to share. We hope that as you read this, you are as interested in knowing more about us as we are in knowing more about you! We admire you for your obvious strength and courage and wish you all the best as you explore adoption.


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Being parents means the world to us and having a child would complete our family. Although we are very happy with one another, we have a strong desire to share our love with a child. As Lydia is adopted herself, we are very excited about building our family through adoption.

We are a happily married couple who can give your child a warm, loving, and caring home. Our families have already been touched by adoption on both sides of the family and we have a great appreciation of the love that grows from adoption. Since Lydia was adopted we recognize your sacrifice and thank you for your courageous and loving decision. We will provide a loving, supportive, and nurturing home filled with values, love, travel, our small dog Xander, and laughter as well as encouragement to be the best person he or she can be. We teach by example the importance of being kind, loving towards others, and how actions define a person.

We are hopeful that you will find a great match for your image of the perfect adoptive family in us. We pray that God will grant us all the strength and peace we need on this adoption journey. May he be with you as you make what we understand is a very loving decision.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


Justin & Lydia

About Us

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We enjoy spending time together, whether that's traveling, exploring new places, playing outside, taking Xander dog for walks, hiking, or appreciating good food.

We knew before we were even married that we wanted a family together. This will be our first child and it's amazing to think that we will finally be able to start this next chapter in our life. We first met in 2009, and were married in 2011. Justin is a Chief Petty Office in the U.S. Navy and Lydia volunteers at Justin's command and can't wait to be CEO of our household. When we are not working, we love having adventures, and enjoy trips to beaches, movies, camping, and cooking. Though we love those experiences, we also love HOME. It's the place we can rest, unwind, and enjoy each other's company. It's also where we get to practice hospitality, and we often open our home for craft/game nights, birthdays, and dinner parties.

We have a great group of friends who have supported us throughout this process as we try to expand our loving family. We are blessed to have them in our lives.

Meet Lydia By Justin

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Family is the most important thing in her life. She cherishes her friends and treats them as family. She will go out of her way to help anyone. She is always looking for a way to have fun and laugh. Seeing her interact with children at the command and with friends always makes me smile. Lydia is responsible, but has a carefree way of relating to people. I think it's the perfect balance for being a happy and great mother.

Lydia is the most dependable person I know. I can always count on her to be there with me when I'm unsure of myself, when times are difficult, or even when I forget to do something (which I do all the time).

5 things I love about Lydia:

1. Her desire to make things better (her heart)

2. Her loyalty to her family and friends

3. Her hard work and dedication

4. Her compassion for those in need

5. Her cooking

Meet Justin By Lydia

'Meet Justin by Lydia' Image

If there ever was a perfect man, it would be Justin. He is a very kind person. What I love the most about him is his ability to always be there for me. He is kind, lovable, thoughtful, hardworking, helpful, patient, kindhearted, down to Earth, and fun to be around. Justin is going to be an amazing dad! He is adventurous and always willing to try something new.

Justin is my best friend, my soul mate. He is a great listener and we do so many things together. Whether it's outdoors or relaxing, it doesn't matter, it's perfect. He is a man of his word and you can always count on him.

5 things I love about Justin:

1. He always makes me laugh

2. His concern for other's feelings

3. He makes me feel like I can do anything

4. He plans amazing trips

5. He is a big kid at heart

Our Life And Values

Our Adventures

We quickly discovered our shared love of travel and adventure and have enjoyed cruises and trips to Key West, Mexico, New York, Florida, and many more places. We are looking forward to growing our family and sharing our love of travel and adventure along with the joy of family activities. We look forward to giving a child our unconditional love and a bright future full of opportunity, education, and travel.

Our Family

We love our family. They are supportive, open-minded, fun, and really easy to be around. We all get along really well and we love being with them. This baby will be loved and absolutely adored by every member of our family.


Education is very important to both of us. Justin has his Bachelor's Degree and is working on his Masters, and Lydia is working on her Bachelor's Degree. We want our child to have the option of college available to them and we will establish a college savings account right away to pay for their tuition so he or she will have the benefit of a college education as well.

In Closing

We promise that our child will know how he or she came into our life and the amazing gift you have given. We will raise our child with the unconditional love and respect we both grew up with and honor the precious miracle you have given. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share our story with you.

With love,

Justin and Lydia

The Adoption Process

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