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JR + Nina

We hope to present you with a glimpse into who we are and what we love. Of course we are going to tell you about all of the qualities that we believe make us good parents, but we also want you to know the real us too; we have weird quirks, we make mistakes, we snort when we laugh and we try our best to live each day in a way that shows God's love to everyone we meet.

Hello Expectant Mom!

So without further ado, let us introduce ourselves...

We have been married for 9 years and have one biological son, Ash, who is 5 years old. We have lots of room in our hearts and home to share with another child and Ash is so excited to finally be a big brother.

We have lived a lot of life over the past decade and we truly are best friends. We know that a healthy marriage is one of the best gifts you can give to your children.

Meet Jr

'Meet JR' Image

JR was born and raised in Oklahoma. He has been a golf professional in South Carolina, Maryland and Texas and also did fundraising for The First Tee. For the last year he has been in fundraising for a local hospital system, but still makes plenty of time to keep up golf as a hobby. Last year he completed graduate school with an Executive Masters in Business Administration and hopes to someday work for a foundation that funds other non-profits and charities.

The quality I love most about JR is that he is a servant leader. His first instinct is to put others' interests and happiness first and that makes him an incredible husband and father. He is patient and encouraging, which is why he is such a good teacher; whether he's teaching people golf or our son how to fish. He has a positive outlook and is level headed and calm, which is the perfect balance to my tendency to be high strung and anxious. He loves to learn and he makes wise decisions, which help take care of our family. He is tender hearted, compassionate and full of affection. His favorite thing to do is to just be together as a family. JR loves to spend father-son time with Ash and watching JR be a father makes me love him even more.

JR loves: God, family, fishing, golf, old Nintendo games, board games, almost any movie (especially the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars), bulldogs, reading, Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas music, professional and college football, chocolate mousse, Disneyland, Transformers, Legos, sweaters, popcorn, red licorice, beer bread, fried chicken, old school rap, Bob Seger, and playing pool.

Meet Nina

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Nina grew up and went to school in Texas and she still thinks it's the best state in the USA. She graduated early from college with a business degree and then went to work for a lawyer and managed his family law office for over 7 years before she became a stay-at-home mom. Now she keeps busy raising Ash and volunteering.

From the first moment I saw her, I've loved the way Nina's hair curls around her face. She's spunky, fun, and always curious. I love how Nina challenges me every day. She asks lots of questions. She thinks through everything and sees the sides that I miss. I love the way Nina parents our son, Ash. She's very creative and gets him thinking creatively. I don't consider myself creative, so she's a great balance for our family. I love that Nina grew up playing old school Nintendo games. I can watch her play Super Mario World for hours. I love how Nina loves God. She reads, studies, and applies His Word daily.

Nina loves: God, JR, Ash, family and friends, holistic health, animals, sleeping, bubble baths, fondue, chocolate, weddings, baking, 80's music, chic flicks, Facebook, organizing, reading, snow cones, fabulous food, tulips, gardening, decorating, country music, playing games, the rodeo, rain, April, root beer, sloths and giraffes, puzzles, hammocks, monogrammed things, and the beach.

Meet Ash

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Ash was born in September of 2011. He is full of personality and has always been very high energy and strong willed. Ash is a typical extrovert, while mom and dad are introverts, which is both exhausting and entertaining. He loves to talk to adults and introduce himself to new people. He loves using big words and always surprises us with remembering minute details. He is a terrible sleeper and a picky eater and we just love him more than we can say. We spend a lot of time outdoors and at parks when the weather allows. We try to do special activities each week like going to the zoo, childrens' museum, the trampoline park, or riding a mini train. Ash has participated in a variety of classes like music, gymnastics and sports, but we try not to over-schedule. Ash would want you to know that he LOVES garbage trucks.

Our Life Together

We love our city, like being outdoors, enjoy being involved in our church, serving our community, supporting local sports teams, taking Ash to do fun things and just being together. We work hard to keep a healthy and active lifestyle and Nina is very interested in holistic health, but we are big believers in moderation and we both REALLY love sweets, so you can find us indulging in ice cream on many nights (our favorites are DQ, Bluebell and Graeter's). Ash inherited our love for sweets and his favorite treats are Sunday morning donuts. We also love animals and adore our 4 pets, Toby, Phoebe, Theo, and Lady.

More About Us

Our Faith

We are Christians and attend a large Bible church. Though far from perfect, we try to live our own lives in a way that is reflective of this faith by keeping God at the center of our hearts and relationships. We hope to keep our children involved in our church, which offers an array of children's programs and parenting resources; it's a community that shares our values and can help us raise our children. Ash attends a private, Christian school that offers amazing learning opportunities as well.


We have 3 grandparents that live in our city so they get to be very involved in our lives and all of our cousins are within a few hours drive, so we love spending holidays and extra time with our family. We think family traditions are pretty special so we have a whole list of things we do annually like visiting the pumpkin patch, cutting down a live Christmas tree, making secret family recipe fudge and ice cream, JR doing the chicken dance on his birthday at a local fried chicken spot, beach vacations, and more.


Our goal in parenting is to give our children a firm foundation for them to build their lives upon so that when they leave the house they will be healthy and productive members of society. We believe that we are recipients of great grace from God and so it's our hope that our home is likewise filled with grace. We pray the children will share our spiritual convictions and we want to be able to guide them toward Jesus, but we know that their faith is ultimately their own.

Thank You

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Thank you again for your time and for opening your heart to learn a little bit more about our family. We want you to know that if you choose us to parent your baby, we will love this child to the moon and back, that this child will grow up in a home that is safe and secure, and that he or she will be encouraged to be exactly who God destined them to be. Their adoption story will be part of their narrative from day one, and they will always know that their birth mom made a brave and selfless choice for them. We wish you the best for the rest of your pregnancy and the journey of choosing an adoptive family for your precious child. You are truly brave and inspiring and you are covered in our prayers.

Much love,

JR and Nina

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