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Jose + Christina

We are Jose, Christina, and Penelope. We have been married for twelve years and our precious Penelope is three years old. We are excited to tell you more about our family, but first we want to say nice to meet you even if it is through this profile. We admire your choice of adoption and respect you as you are creating a plan for your child.

About Us

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We met when we were in college at a Bible study and quickly started dating thereafter. We dated for a year and a half before we got married over spring break. We have now been married for 12 years. We have a strong marriage due to trust, respect, and our belief in Jesus. Our faith in the gospel is pivotal to how we do life. We have a three year old, Penelope, and we desire to grow our family through adoption. Some of the things we enjoy doing include traveling, hiking, and fishing and of course going out to dinner to try new places.

Meet Jose

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Jose is a marketing director and stays busy creating art and managing several employees. Jose loves being outdoors. Any chance he gets to go fishing or hunting, he will go. Jose is very loyal and trustworthy and always good on his promises. One of the most admirable qualities is how he loves his family. Family is very important to him and it is evident in how much time he spends with us.

Meet Christina

Christina stays at home to care for Penelope and all the animals. Christina is thoughtful as she goes out of her way to ensure our family has what we need. She likes the outdoors and spends a large part of her day outside with Penelope. Christina likes to help others and stays busy babysitting for friends and visiting elderly neighbors in the nursing home. Christina has a very positive energy and loves to dance around the house to Taylor Swift (don't judge her for this).

Family Time + Values

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One of our core values as a family is hanging out together. Jose recently started working from home so we could spend more time together. A normal day for our family includes breakfast together and dinner. Penelope usually peeps in the office several times a day to say hi to her daddy. We also love to go on vacation and we typically head to the beach. Penelope loves the sand and the water.

Jose is always being silly. He used to think it was a fun idea to climb into Penelope's crib and play before bedtime... until it broke! Penelope likes to help daddy mow our yard. We live on a few acres and have chickens and a bunny. Penelope is all about the animals and spends most of her time outside playing. We also like to hike through the creek and find fossils of shells when there is not water in it. We also enjoy watching the deer in the backyard.

Since Christina has two siblings it means lots of cousins. Luckily for Penelope she has four cousins and two are her same age. It is always fun getting the kiddos together. Jose's family lives in town and we are lucky to see them often. His mom stops by at least once a week to play with Penelope and his father and step-mom love to get together on the weekends for large dinners. Christina's parents live a few hours away so we're able to visit them on weekend trips.

Our Home

We spend lots of time together in our home. We love how large the yard is and of course the pool. We spend lots of hours swimming in the pool, and this last summer Penelope learned to swim. We also have a large chicken coup.

Thank You

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. As you make preparations for your child's life we hope you see how much we have to offer in love. We feel certain that we would embrace your child with open arms. We are blessed to have many loving peers in our life and a community that has a big heart for adoption. We would love to get to know you more. Above all, we hope you find peace in your adoption journey.

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