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John + Lauren

We are so excited to now grow our family through adoption, and we know that God's plan for us is bigger than the plan we could have made for ourselves.

About Us

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We met in 2007 while serving in a college ministry at the same university. Our friendship was immediate, and affection grew as we enjoyed music, food, random adventures, and community together.

We were engaged in October 2009, and married in August 2010. The wedding was on a sunny August afternoon with many friends and family. It was a day of celebration of the Lord's goodness in our past, present, and the days to come.

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary in August, and we purchased our first home in November 2015. We are so excited to now grow our family through adoption, and we know that God's plan for us is bigger than the plan we could have made for ourselves.

About John (as Written By Lauren)

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"John is going to be a great dad! When we first met, I was instantly drawn to his kindness, sincerity, and ability to make anyone he talked to feel engaged and appreciated. I know that he will treat this child in the same manner and enjoy every minute! John embodies his father not only in similarity of looks, but also in the way he loves to make others laugh! There is never a day that goes by that he isn't making up funny words, telling new jokes, or singing silly songs!

John is a hard worker, and he strives daily to provide well for our family. His love for Jesus shines, and he uses the gifts that God has given him well. Whether it be playing guitar, perfecting his breakfast frittata recipe, or taking pictures, John is successful at whatever he puts his mind toward. He is a humble servant of the Lord, and I cannot wait to see him become a father!"


About Lauren (as Written By John)

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"Lauren is compassionate, caring, smart, and a hard worker. She is considerate and is always thinking of ways to show her appreciation to others. She enjoys planning and hosting parties for her family and friends. Lauren loves to travel to see new places. Lauren is an amazing woman. She is the sweetest and most caring person I know. She laughs at my jokes and knows what I am going to say often before I say it.

One of the things that stood out to me when we first met was how comfortable I was around her. Wherever I am with her, she makes me feel like I'm at home. She makes me laugh, she cares for others and myself, and she's very intelligent. She will be a great mother because of the way she loves and the knowledge she has to teach and care for a child with her nursing background (she used to be a NICU nurse). I am looking forward to raising a child and building our family together."

Fun Facts

We LOVE traveling. Some of our favorite adventures together since being married have been traveling to St. Lucia, London, NYC, Austria, San Francisco, and Mexico! We love to try the local cuisine and research restaurants before we go on a trip so we can eat like the locals!


Favorite Food: Chicken Pho

Favorite Band: Nickel Creek

Hobbies: Photography, Golfing, Playing Guitar

Favorite Movie: Les Miserables


Favorite Food: Mexican Cuisine

Favorite Musician: James Taylor

Hobbies: Shopping, Reading, Exercise

Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music

In Closing

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We knew adoption was in our future before we were married. Lauren has two cousins who are adopted. We have had the opportunity to see them grow up to be strong and loving. The Lord also placed adoption in our hearts through his gospel, that Jesus freely gives us his righteousness and has absorbed our sin that we may have life. We began to realize that if the Lord has adopted us, then why wouldn't we pursue adoption? We knew that the Lord intended for us to adopt, and we cannot wait to meet the child He has chosen for us!

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