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John + Amy

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family and considering us to be your child's adoptive parents. From the day we met, we have looked forward to the day we could share our lives with a very special someone to complete our family. We hope something about us touches you in your decision making process and you will bring a miracle into our lives.

How We Became Us

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Many years ago before there was an Amy and John, each of us were leading very exciting lives. Both of us leaving successful careers to follow our dreams of becoming business owners; each traveling the world to bring our visions to reality. What we did not know was that in our travels, we would find one another on a late snowy evening in an airport luggage pick up line.

From day one together, we have traveled the world, driven across the country many times, seen tons of cities, gotten married, continued our businesses and shared so many great life experiences - a romantic adventure to be sure.

Although, from the beginning we knew our adventure could not be complete without sharing all of "us" with a special child. We look forward each day to completing this adventure and starting a new one - on the day when our family becomes three!

Meet John By Amy

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I feel blessed to share my life with John. He is truly my best friend and the love of my life. He is someone I can count on when times are tough and celebrate with when good news comes our way. What I love most about John is his sense of humor, however corny it may be. He was born to be a dad! Kids of all ages just adore him. He knows how to make people feel special and give them the individual time they deserve. He brings love, passion and creativity to our lives every day. He enjoys playing golf, working in the yard, watching football, grilling with friends and playing tag with our dog Nugget.

John's Career

John is the owner and lead designer of a golf course design and land planning company. He traveled the world and worked with one of the top golf course design firms until 2007 when he decided to go on his own. In 2012 his first solo golf resort design opened near Moscow, Russia and to this day works on developing many new golf development projects. He also enjoys working from the office in our home continually designing and consulting on many land planning projects in our local area. He enjoys directing clients on how to use their land and using his artistic skills to provide a vision. It truly is his dream job! John's job flexibility will allow him to be home every day with our baby and he looks forward to getting them started on their art skills early.

Meet Amy By John

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Amy is the rock of our family and there are so many traits I love about her, affectionate, charitable, selfless, compassionate, considerate, and friendly. Not to mention that she is brilliant, genuine, and outgoing!

But if you had to pin me down on one word it would be "family-centric". Everything is about family. You only need to see her once in action to really understand. She has a knack at making everyone feel loved once she enters a room. It only takes a brief moment for her to share a funny story, lend an ear when it is time to listen, or show compassion to anyone who needs it.

Whether it is family or running her very successful business there is always enough time for everyone. This is what makes her so special to me, our dog nugget, and all our family and friends!

Amy's Career

Amy is the co-founder of a successful social media marketing company. Her business concept helped develop a business of 3 employees in 2009 to over 160 employees in 2016. Her business has over 8 offices in 6 different cities across the United States, Canada and England. She absolutely loves what she does and continues developing her innovative marketing strategy growing her company every day. She prides herself on how she developed the culture of her company. The offices are very family oriented and pet friendly all the time! She has an open door policy, cares deeply for her employees well being, and spends much of her working hours helping them become better.

Meet Nugget

Nugget entered our family a few months after we were married. At first, it was a tough sell to get John to agree to a new puppy. Once he saw Nugget's puppy photo, with her no taller than a diet coke can, he knew she was the one for us. We quickly became attached to her loving, playful personality and small stature. Our agreement was that John got to name her and he did accordingly, "Nugget." Nugget is many things to us, but the most important is that she is a true member of our family. She is great with kids and can't wait to have a little brother or sister to play with.

Our Lifestyle

We enjoy doing most everything together as a family. From cooking at home, to dinner out, from movie night to a day on the lake. We enjoy packing up the car and taking road trips to see different cities or spending time on the family farm. There is an abundance of things to do in our area as well! Outdoor activities, walking trails, art museums, sports teams, charity events or just getting together with everyone for food, fun and relaxation. We are very active and looking forward to our child joining us on road trips, learning to play golf with John, learning to cook with Amy and arts and crafts with the family.

Our Parenting Promise

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We will provide a life where a child feels secure in the love and support of their family. We will raise our children with Christian values and we will promote respect for all people. Our child will be encouraged to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be and we will do everything in our power to help them to achieve them. We want to introduce our child to all sorts of adventures ~ music class, swim lessons, soccer, golf etc. We also enjoy simple things like going to the park, walking around the neighborhood, visiting friends and family, going to local attractions and sometimes just sitting home and hanging out. We would love the opportunity to share these experiences, and more importantly all of the unconditional love that we have, with a new baby.

Thank You

Although we don't know you, we hope this helps you to get to know us a little. We have truly been blessed in so many ways and we hope we will soon be blessed with a child to love as our own. We are both far from perfect, but if you choose us for your child, we promise to always strive to provide a loving, stable home with lots of family and friends to surround and love him or her. We hope you are comforted in this difficult decision and you will have peace. Thank you again for considering us as parents for your baby.

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