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Jerry + Tracey

You chose Adoption because you love your child. We chose Adoption because we love your child.

Family Is Everything For Us.

'Family is everything for us. ' Image

Our Family is happy, loving and fun. But it is not complete. There is still a piece of our hearts that is missing and we will continue searching until we find it. We want to grow our family because we believe that we have an abundance of love, opportunities, hugs & special moments to share. We love and take care of our children but they are not completely ours... they also belong to God. Together, we can form a bright and happy future for all of our children.

We Are Simply Not Complete.

'We are simply not complete.' Image

We are a very happy family... we are simply not complete.

Not yet.

Our goal is to grow this family and to fill our home with love and the sounds of children laughing and playing... Of siblings growing up together and learning from each other.

That's how we grew up; always surrounded by aunts and uncles and cousins running around at family events and cookouts.

Those are the happiest memories of our lives, and those are the very same experiences that we will give to all of our children. A home filled with love, support and happiness.


My name is Tracey and I am from Puerto Rico. I grew up in a small town called San Sebastian. It's a farming community and me and my two younger brothers grew up there riding tractors, horses and motorcycles.

I come from a huge family so every time that we go over there, it becomes a big event filled with a lot of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. My grandmother used to always say that the bigger your family is, the bigger your heart has to be in order to love everybody in it. My heart and my family are both ready for our new member of the family.


'Jerry' Image

Jerry is very proud to be from Texas. He was born in a town called Laredo, which is right on the border between Texas and Mexico.

Both of his parents were teachers so education is very important in this household.

Jerry comes from a big family as well so there are cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents spread out all over the great state of Texas as well.

Big Brother

'Big Brother' Image

We have a 7 year old son named Esteban that we adopted 6 years ago from Colombia. He is smart and funny and generous and sweet. He loves to cook in the kitchen with mommy and play on the floor with daddy.

He has been preparing for his role as a big brother for a long time and is now ready to put all of his plans into action. There are hundreds of home-made cookies to bake and eat and thousands of Lego creations to build and destroy. And Esteban is ready to start as as soon as possible.

Our Promise To You

Our promise to you..

Our child will know that you chose the adoption route out of love. Our child will understand that you put his or her needs in front of your own.

Our child will know all about his or her beginnings - where he or she is from and how they came to us.

We will teach our child to respect and honor the people and the sacrifices that were made for him or her.

..and we promise to give unconditional love and support to this child for the rest of our lives.

About The Adoption Process

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