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Jay + Stacey

Hi! We're Jay and Stacey. Thank you for taking time to take a look into our lives. We understand that this decision is one that takes courage and selflessness. We hope that you find the best fit for your child, and most of all we want you to be happy.


We are a family of three, Jason, Stacey, and Dylan. Dylan is our 5 year old son. We've always dreamed of having multiple children and a full house so to speak. Secondary infertility has stopped us from growing our family and we simply have too much love to give to just accept that. We found the Gladney Center through a friend who adopted several years ago and immediately began planning our future family. Should you choose us, we will give our full hearts, minds, and understanding to raising your child as our own, to make them a part of our family in every way possible. This journey is for life, and we hope to be a positive part of yours.We thank you for taking the time to explore our lives and consider us for this truly difficult decision.

What Jay Has To Say About Stacey!

'What Jay has to say about Stacey!' Image

My life, my love, my wife. To put into words what Stacey is to me is near impossible, but here it goes..... Stacey changed my life the moment we met, from that moment on I knew I was in good hands. She is a loving wife who puts her heart into our relationship without restriction. She is a mother who wants to grow her family and give her gift of love to another child. She loves time with her family, and really loves filling our days with family time. Whether its vacation or just a summer Saturday, Stacey loves the beach and relaxing by the pool. Her gift for art fills our home with color. She designs toy packaging for a living so our son is showered with toys and he's even on several packages!! She's also a true animal lover, be it dogs or cats, we've had them both, and multiple at a time, another symptom of her too much love to give syndrome. She truly is all heart, and I'm lucky to have her as my wife.

Fun Facts by Stacey:

Occupation: Associate Art Director in a toy company! I get tons of free toys!!

Best Day: The day my son was born

Favorite Movie: Pee wee's big adventure (lol) and Blood Diamond

Favorite Food: Anything with hot sauce! (I'm obsessed!)

Perfect Day: Going to the beach with my family, going on the boardwalk, rides and of course ice cream!

Likes and Dislikes: I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning!

What Stacey Has To Say About Jay!

'What Stacey has to say about Jay!' Image

Jay is the most wonderful guy in the world! He's such a great father to our son, whether its just playing with him or making him laugh he is truly the #1 dad! Jay's always been a very determined person and when he sets his goals to something he always sticks to it! He's a natural born athletic guy whether its competing in spartan races, skiing or just playing sports with his friends. He's also an amazing cook, he's better at cooking than I am! He's also an amazing husband, he's my rock, my best friend. He knows how to always make us laugh and will always make us smile.

Fun Facts by Jay:

Occupation: Operations Manager

Best Day: The day my son was born

Favorite Movie: Blood Diamond, Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Favorite Food: Roast pork and fresh mozzarella wrap

Perfect Day: Pool party with family and friends after competing in a race.

Likes and Dislikes: I like live music, skiing, and obstacle racing. I dislike sitting in traffic, cleaning, and spiders!

Our Son Dylan

'Our Son Dylan' Image

Hello! I'm Dylan, I love to have fun and act silly. Swimming is my favorite activity in the summer and in the winter my daddy builds me sleigh riding hills in the front yard, it's really fun!!! My best friends are Tristan and Nico.Tristan lives across the street and Nico goes to my school. My daddy runs Spartan Races so I decided to be a Spartan too, I've finished two races already and have the medals to prove it, want to see them? I'm a bit of a daredevil, I'll jump off the couch or off a diving board, ride a roller coaster, or even hulk smash a wall. You name it, I'll try it. When you meet me I may seem shy but thats just a facade, I'll be hamming it up for you in no time. I really want a little brother or sister to entertain, and since my teachers say I'm the best little helper, I cant wait to help mommy and daddy take care of them.

Our Home And Family

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Our house is truly a home, cozy and filled with love. We live in a cape cod on an end street nestled in the mountains of New Jersey. The best part of our neighborhood is our neighbors! We all get together outside frequently and love watching all the kids play with each other. Our neighborhood is always filled with the sounds of children playing. Our property is a perfect place for a child to explore the outside world, with a clubhouse style playground, a pool in the summer and lush green grass to crawl on. We live minutes from a big park that has a huge playground, soccer fields, walking trails and even a snack stand!

There is nothing in life more important than family, and boy do we have a big one.They say cousins are your first best friends, and from experience I'd say thats true. Jason's cousins each have 3 kids, so Dylan has 6 cousins who all spend a good amount of time together, but TJ is his pea in a pod. Helena is his sidekick and they were born 3 weeks apart, and they are amazing together. Helena's brother Marcus leads the pack. Then there's Mima, Pop pop, Pappoo, Grandma Carol, Grandma, and Papa to spoil the little ones. Aunt Nicole, Uncle Vinny, Aunt Cathy and Uncle John all get in their quality time as well, whether it's a movie or a day at the pool, we always find time for each other.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. I hope that you feel that we are a great family to allow to raise your child. We thank you for making the difficult decision that allows us to grow our family and lets us become a part of yours. The love we have to give will be bestowed upon your child to ensure they are raised in a loving, safe, family oriented environment.

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