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Jay + Amber

We are Jay and Amber. We love Jesus, family, being outdoors (especially on the water), our two dogs, and enjoying a life full of love, laughter and adventure.

We cannot begin to fathom the difficulty of the decision that you are making. We pray for you and your child daily. We are praying for peace as you make such an extremely tough, but loving and courageous decision for your child. Please know that we want the same things for your child as you do: a safe home full of adventure, laughter and love. Throughout your child's life we want to honor your decision. We want your child to know that you and your family made this decision out of the deepest intensity of love. It is important to us to respect and honor the heritage of your child. We believe that adoption is for the good of the adoptive parents, the child, and the birth family. Many blessings can come through these relationships. Regardless of your choice, please know that you have our love and prayers.

Our Story

We met online in September of 2012. We didn't think that a relationship was possible because we lived 600 miles away from each other, but even the distance couldn't keep us apart. After 9 months of dating, Amber moved across the state of Texas to be closer to Jay. In November of 2013, we got engaged on the dock near our family lake house. We shared our dream wedding on the banks of the lake at the Christian camp where Amber worked during college during the summer of 2014.

We continue to grow in love and in our relationship with Christ as our story unfolds. We cannot wait to be parents, and while we have tried to have biological children we have been unsuccessful, even with the help of fertility treatment. We know that this is just the beginning and we are so excited that adoption is a part of our story.

Why Adoption

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We have felt a call to adopt long before we ever knew each other. Amber can recall writing journal prompts as an elementary age girl about the children she would adopt because her best friend was an adopted Gladney baby. She knows that God was preparing her heart for adoption long ago. Jay can remember pondering on his future family as a single man in his twenties and adoption was always a part of his dream. Talking about having a family together after marriage always included conversations of adoption and how beautiful it would be.

Mostly, we both love the message of the gospel presented through adoption. It is a gorgeous picture of God accepting every child wholly and completely into his Kingdom. This is exactly how we would accept your precious child into our family. We want to thank you for considering us to adopt your precious child.

Jay: Through Amber's Eyes

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Jay is gentle, kind, and compassionate. I think of Jay as an old soul. He grew up in the country with both his parents and his older brother. He also has an older half-sister. Jay's brother is 12 years older than him, and he moved out of the house by the time Jay turned 6. He was basically raised as an only child. Jay's dad is a former team roper in the rodeo. He spent his weekends traveling with his parents to Old Timer's rodeos. Spending time on the road with a bunch of older cowboys led Jay to form his old fashioned southern values. He is still extremely close to his parents. We talk to them on a weekly basis and get to visit them at least once a month.

Jay enjoys being outdoors. His favorite outdoor activities are fishing, kayaking, and golfing. Jay also likes to watch sports and attend sporting events. He loves the Baylor Bears and the Texas Rangers. He is also a huge WWE fan and loves professional wrestling.

Jay is a sports turf manager. This means that he beautifully manicures all of the sports fields for a local private school. He works very hard and is loved by the community at the school.

On weekends, Jay loves to cook Saturday breakfast for Amber and bring it to her in bed where they enjoy Saturday morning cartoons. Jay's favorite is Batman. He even had a Batman cake at our wedding.

Amber: Through Jay's Eyes

'Amber: Through Jay's Eyes' Image

Amber is passionate, loving, and nurturing. God has given her a passion for caring for people, especially children. She grew up as the middle child with two brothers in a strong Christian home with parents that attended church regularly. During college, she spent her summers on an East Texas camp located on a cattle ranch that would impact her life forever. Her experiences there exponentially grew her love for God and sharing his love with children. She is now able to combine her passion for sharing Christ with students and helping them learn in her career as an elementary teacher at a private Christian school.

All of these experiences have shown me what an excellent mother she will be. Her passion for children is one of the main reasons I love her. I know her kids see this love because I see former students rush to hug her in the halls. Amber is also a very loving and caring wife who puts great thought into gift giving and she is very sentimental. Aside from her relationship with Jesus, family is the center-point of Amber's life. I know she will always put our family first and love us unconditionally.

Amber's Favorites:

- Enjoying family and friends.

-Traveling in order to spend time with the people she loves most or just to have fun with Jay.

-Engaging in lengthy phone conversations when she can't be there in person. (She talks to her mom every day on the way home from work.)

-Being outdoors: fishing, kayaking, and golfing; she even played golf in college.

-Playing board games and laughing with family.

-Cuddling and playing with our two fur babies, Oscar P and Pazely.

Our Dogs

Pazely is our 6-year-old Labrador and Golden Retriever mix. Amber got Pazely during her days as a camp director on a working cattle ranch. Pazely is very lazy, quiet, and friendly. She loves people and other animals. While on the camp, Pazely loved to be with the children. She even slept as a guard dog outside the camper's cabins some nights. She loves playing with our nieces and lets them climb all over her. She is the most well mannered and loyal dog we have ever been around.

Oscar P is a our 2-year-old Dachshund. He was given to us by one of Amber's previous students because Amber worked closely with her to improve her education. Amber chose him from the litter because of his beautiful color. Oscar is very energetic. He loves to play with Pazely, chase the ball, and run circles around the living room. He is also the BEST cuddle buddy! He loves to lay in Jay's lap on the couch or cuddle up with Amber in bed. Our nieces and Amber's best friends' kids love Oscar. He plays very well with them. Our 3-year-old niece with often call us on the phone just to "talk" with Oscar P.

Our Home

'Our Home' Image

We love our home. We purchased it in February of 2016. It sits in a quiet neighborhood full of diverse young families, sweet older couples, neighborhood parks, and a community pool. It is located outside of the city; close enough to everything we need, but away from the hustle and bustle.

We are so ready and excited to welcome a baby into our home. We look forward to snuggling, reading books, and playing in the nursery. All of our family has taken part in setting up the perfect room for a child. Jay's mom purchased the crib, Amber's siblings are sending a rocker, and Amber's mom made the gorgeous yellow quilt.

Both our home and our hearts are ready to welcome a precious baby.

Thank You

We are so appreciative that you took the time to consider us to care for your precious child. Hopefully you have a better idea of who we are as individuals and as couple. We are far from perfect, but we love the Lord, each other, and our families well. We will provide a stable, nurturing, fun, and Christ-centered home for your child. The decision you are making is far from easy. We are prayerful for your journey that the Lord would give you wisdom, direction, and peace about your choice.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

Philippians 4:6-7

Love in Christ,

Amber and Jay

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