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Jason + Carrie

Hello, Thank you so much for considering us as possible parents for your child. We are very excited to become parents. We are very open and loving people and only wish to share our lives with a child. We know that this is the right path for us and hopefully you and your child can join us for the next part of our journey. Regardless of who you choose, know this, your courage and selflessness is truly amazing.

About Us

We are so excited to meet you...but until then here is a little bit of information about us. We met after Jason graduated from high school through a mutual friend. We knew almost instantly after we started dating that we wanted to get married. We dated for about four years. After college, we were married and have happily been together ever since.

Our journey towards parenthood started almost 10 years ago. There have been bumps and heartbreaks along the way, but we believe that this has only made our resolve to become parents that much stronger.

In our free time we love spending time with our families and of course our beloved dogs. We enjoy watching movies be it at the theater or in our living room. We often go on weekend camping trips as well. As for individual interests, Carrie has her musicals and theatre that she attends with her sister and Jason has his local sports teams, classic cars and house remodeling.

Meet Jason - By Carrie

'Meet Jason - by Carrie' Image

Jason is the most caring and loving man I know. He is very devoted to God and his family. He can always make me smile. He is always putting others needs before his own. If anyone calls and needs anything, he is always there in a flash. I call him my "Renaissance" man because he can literally do almost anything (i.e. fixing up cars, putting in flooring, and plumbing, just to name a few). He is extremely gifted in so many ways. Jason also has a goofy side. He is always making jokes. I know in my heart that he will be a terrific father.

Fun Facts:

  1. He talks with his mother at least twice a day.
  2. He loves his local sports teams. His favorite sport, of course, is football.
  3. He owned a horse when he was a teenager.

Meet Carrie - By Jason

'Meet Carrie - by Jason' Image

Carrie has the biggest heart I know. Her heart is filled with the love of God, love of her family, and the love of all God's furry creatures. There is not another woman in the world more fit to be a mother than Carrie. Through the years she has always made time to give back. She volunteered for many years at a local hospital with our dogs as therapy dogs to provide comfort to those in need, both young and old. She is also the Co-President of a local womens organization. Last, but not least, Carrie is crazy for anything Disney.

Fun Facts:

  1. She can play the Star Wars theme song on the violin.
  2. She believes if she taps the top of a soda can it will not explode.
  3. She is determined to see all of the movies listed in the book "1000 Movies You Must See Before You Die."

Our Pets

'Our Pets' Image

We currently share our home with two fur babies. Their names are Seagate and Linux (if you can't tell, Jason is a bit of a computer nerd). They were both rescued from the streets. They also love children; in fact, Seagate is a (now retired) therapy dog for a local children hospital. They can't wait to meet their new two-legged brother or sister!

Our Home

We moved to our home about a year after we married. Jason has completely remodeled the inside. We live very close to an elementary school and a park. The neighborhood is fairly quiet and is very diverse. Our middle bedroom is going to be the baby's room. We plan on making it Disney themed.


We are extremely family oriented, and share every holiday, birthday, and special occasion with our families. All of our core family values have come from our families. We cannot wait to share these values with our child. Carrie has a younger sister who has blessed us with a niece. Jason has a brother who is deaf so we plan on teaching the baby to sign so he/she can communicate with him. We both have cousins with young children so our new baby will be able to play and grow with them. The majority of our family live relatively close to us, especially our parents. Both of our moms are so excited to meet their new grandchild. They will be watching the child when we go back to work. They can't wait to hold, kiss, and rock their new grandchild. This baby will be so loved by so many people.

Our Travels

'Our Travels' Image

We love to go on vacations. We enjoy cruising and seeing so many different places. Many of our favorite vacations have been in our RV camping, including camping at Disney World. Is there anything better than Disney!! We look forward to taking our new child on our future journeys.

Our Philosophy On Faith And Parenting

We are firm believers in God and Christianity. We believe that because of our faith we can raise a child with good Christian values. We go to church on Sundays. We plan on our child attending Sunday school when he or she becomes old enough. We are hopeful that he or she will want to go to vacation bible school, church camp, and mission trips. We were involved with these when we were younger and found them to be a lot of fun. As for our discipline style, we believe in being firm but fair. We are not big believers in spanking. We believe in time-outs and trying to explain the consequences of actions. We are also hard workers. We will hopefully transfer some of our work ethic to our child, so that he or she will become a valued part of society. We want our child to know that they can achieve anything through hard work. We have been blessed in many ways. We want to pass those blessings and values to our child.

In Closing

We know that this is a very difficult decision for you. We want you to be assured that we will be very open with our child about their adoption story. We will tell them about your bravery and selflessness. Your courage is truly amazing. Hopefully our words have given you a little more insight into our life. Thank you for your consideration, Jason & Carrie

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