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James + Jessica

Hi! We are James and Jessica. We have so much respect and admiration for you that you are even considering such a selfess, loving act for your child. We are a fun, active couple that loves to travel and have adventures. We are both very close to our families and spend a lot of time with them. There are lots of cousins to play with! We are so excited to add a baby to the mix! We hope that our profile shows you how much love we have to give. Whatever you decide, we wish you all the best! Thank you for taking a look at us.

Our Story

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We are both attorneys living in a big city in Texas. We met working at the district attorney's office and fell in love over long lunches discussing our cases and trials. It was pretty clear from the beginning that we were more than just colleagues. We both had the same silly, quirky sense of humor. We both loved sports and our families. We both wanted children right away. We quickly fell head over heels in love and have been inseparable ever since. We dated for about a year before we got engaged. We got married five years ago and started our own law firm. We tried to have a baby right away but learned that we cannot have a biological child. So, we opened our hearts to adoption. We cannot wait to start our family!

We are a very close couple. We do most everything together. We love: traveling, sports, cooking and trying new recipes, going to museums, watching movies, riding bikes, going out to dinner, spending time with our families, going to theme parties with our friends, playing with our niece and nephews, making each other laugh, doting on our pets and doing yoga. We look forward to providing an exciting and enriching life full of love and opportunities for a child.

About Jessica, From James

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Jessica is the most caring and selfless person I have ever known. She has so much love in her heart. Whether it is planning a great vacation for friends and family, preparing amazing meals or always making time to check in on friends and family to see how they are doing and be there in a time of need, Jessica's focus is outward. Her personality is infectious, and people are naturally drawn to her. She is fiercely loyal; there is nothing she would not do for the people she cares about. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she will be an outstanding mother, all she needs is the opportunity. The real joys in her life are our niece and nephews. When she is not physically around them she speaks to her sister everyday to get updates and pictures of their progress and daily activity. She is very devoted to their wellbeing.

About James, From Jessica

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James is my favorite person in the world! He is the strongest person I know, both physically and emotionally. As a husband he is attentive, loving, affectionate, understanding and loyal. As a partner he is dependable, reliable, honest and hard working. As a person he is open minded, compassionate, intelligent, witty and always willing to lend a helping hand. I wish that you could see him with our niece and nephews! He is so patient and involved. He quite literally plays with them for hours on end. Whether it is tickling, playing baseball, throwing water balloons, having a tea party, playing video games, decorating cookies or playing hide-and-seek, James is always game to participate and gives it 100%. He is adored by those children. Honest to goodness, James is a person of the highest moral fiber. He is kind and constantly looking for ways to make the world a better place. He is simply the best person I know.

Our Promise

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We knew very earlier from meeting each other that we wanted to start a family together. When it became apparent that having a child naturally was not an option for us we immediately thought adoption was the path for us. Going through the adoption process exposes you and educates you on all of the various aspects of adoption, and causes you to have many conversations as a couple that you might not in a natural birth. What this process has shown us is that our number one and only concern is that the child that winds up in our care is happy, healthy and loved. A major part of ensuring that the child grows up happy, healthy and loved is that you, the birthmother, will hold a place of honor and respect with all of us, and that you will be involved in the child's life as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Our theory is that the more people in the child's life that love them the better. Our promise to you if that you will always hold a place of the utmost honor, respect and love, and no one will love and care for your child more than we will. We don't even know you yet, but please know that we already love you.

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