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Grayson + Ashley

Loving, Selfless and Courageous. These are just a few words that we believe describe your character and heart as you make a plan for your child through the path of adoption. We are humbled by the bravery and expression of deep love you are showing for your unborn child as you choose adoption. We are honored that you would take the time to get to know a little bit more about our family as you make the most important decision in your life and the life of your child.

About Us

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We met during college and while we ran in similar circles it wasn't until after graduation, when Grayson was working as an auditor and Ashley was pursuing her master's degree in counseling that our paths crossed and our relationship began. We dated for 9 months before getting engaged and we were married four short months later! Our season of dating was filled with all the same activities that we love doing today! We enjoy things like watching football games (live or on tv), exercising together, viewing live entertainment, going to the lake and spending time together at home! We love to travel and have made it a huge priority in our 10 years of marriage. We believe we have built a firm foundation on which to grow a family.

Our adoption story began after four unsuccessful years of trying to create a family on our own. We knew all along that we wanted children and so it became evident that adoption was the path God intended for us. In the fall of 2014, we welcomed our daughter Esther through the gift of adoption and we find ourselves now desiring more children for our family.

About Ashley

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"Ashley is understanding, compassionate, and goal oriented." I have complete confidence in Ashley because I know she loves Jesus more than me, and she has shown me that she is willing to do anything to protect our marriage and our children. She demonstrates the same fighting heart in her role as "Mom" and it allows her to effectively serve and mold our children. I admire the way she tackles things head on. When Ashley sets her mind to do a thing, she does it well and aims to achieve the high standards she sets for herself. She is also a great listener. She is patient with people (me) when they (I) don't deserve it. She is funny, driven, and smart. She is a beautiful person, inside and out and all of her friends look up to her.

5 quirky things about Ashley!

1. I love using checklists.

2. Kate Middleton is my style icon.

3. I choose water vacations over mountain ones.

4. I love anything that has to do with education & learning.

5. I value quality time with people.

About Grayson

"Grayson is the nicest guy I know!" That is the phrase I hear most often from our friends and acquaintances and there couldn't be a more true statement! Grayson is kind, laid-back and he is smart (although you might not know it because he is extremely humble, too). Grayson keeps things lighthearted and always has an eternal perspective. He works at a bank and is a hard worker; he pushes himself to succeed and sets high standards for himself. He is committed to providing for our family, both financially and spiritually. I trust him with my whole life and look to him for guidance and direction. He is a strong, confident leader who is also an amazing father.

Grayson loves to spend time at home, which means that a lot of his hobbies and extra time are spent with us, his family. Grayson loves to work out, study God's word and invite friends over to hangout. Part of what makes Grayson an amazing father is how he loves unconditionally and is always quick to forgive. He is firm, yet gentle, thoughtful and very logical. He has so much love to give and because of that he is a blessing to me and any children God gives us.

5 Things to Know About Grayson:

1. Jesus is my Lord.

2. I love kids.

3. I enjoy my work.

4. My close friends know that I am a geek.

5. Chipotle is my favorite restaurant.

About Esther

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Esther was born in the fall of 2014 and we were blessed to be present at her birth. We have a healthy relationship with her birth parents and we are laying a foundation that will allow for future growth in the years to come. We have seen what a semi-open adoption format looks like for our family.

Over the course of Esther's two and a half years, we have learned how to function on less sleep, we figured out baby food and bottles; sleep schedules and managing the dynamics of our growing family. We have settled into a routine which includes a Mother's Day out program, a weekly Bible study and a Daddy Date every Friday for lunch. We have learned that a predictable schedule works best for our family because it sets everyone up for success. We feel prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to expand our family again and offer Esther an opportunity to be a big sister.

Our Community

We live in a small, rural town that often reminds us of Mayberry. Our town is safe, quaint and extremely family oriented. Even though it's a small town, there is always something fun to do! We love going to parades, the farmer's market, annual festivals, friendly BBQ's and other small town thrills. We enjoy participating in these events and making memories as a family. We are blessed to live only 30 minutes away from Grayson's family and we make a point to visit Ashley's family in Texas as often as possible throughout the year. Faith, family and friendships are the cornerstones on which we have built our family.

What We Want To Offer Your Child

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We believe that families are intended to enjoy an abundant life and that is what we want to offer your child! An abundant life full of unconditional love, emotional and physical security, quality education, travels and life experiences that will help mold and shape them into the person they were created to become. The priorities and values that will guide us in achieving this lifestyle are ...

  • We love the Lord and implement our faith in all aspects of our family.
  • We are committed to maintaining a healthy and loving marriage.
  • We are dedicated to fostering an abundant life for our children.

By giving us the opportunity to provide a loving, safe, stable and nurturing home, we hope to allow our children to flourish and become victorious! Thank you for considering us to offer this life through the gift of parenting!

With Love,

Ashley, Grayson and Esther

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