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Frank + Stacy

We want to show who we are, what we've done, where we've been, when we realized we wanted to be parents, why we chose the path of adoption and what being a member of our family means.

The Story Of How We Met

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We met in 2002 while in college and started dating in 2004.

In May 2006 we went on a cruise to Bermuda where Frank proposed and had it all caught on camera! It was an amazing night and we were both thrilled to celebrate.

Then in November 2007 we got married and began our life together as Mr. and Mrs.

It's hard to believe that almost 9 years have gone by already.

A Day In The Life

There are four seasons that we experience in our area, which brings the opportunity to enjoy the leaves changing colors in the fall, the peace of winter & holidays, the parks in spring and local carnivals in the summer. Life in our neighborhood is filled with variety and opportunity to try new things.

Fun Random Facts About Stacy

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My favorite foods are meatloaf and pizza.

My favorite movies are any that make me laugh...Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids are ones I could watch over and over again!

My favorite season is Fall. I enjoy the weather when it's the perfect balance of warm and cool, and the colors of the leaves are changing.

I love having big breakfasts on the weekends in my pajamas.

My least favorite household chore is folding laundry.

My favorite drink is iced tea with lemon.

My favorite color is pink.

Fun Random Facts About Frank

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I am a "meat & potato" kind of guy but always enjoy pizza & wing night. Truth be told; I am not a picky eater.

I enjoy watching almost any movie, especially action, adventure or movies based on history. What is a movie without popcorn!

I agree with Stacy, my favorite is the Fall season. I also, like the summer because I spend a lot of time outside working on the yard, our garden and playing golf!

My least favorite chore is cleaning dishes.

I am a curious person who is always trying to learn new things, either through reading, movies, news or simply meeting new people and learning about them.

My favorite color is blue and I enjoy relaxing at home with Stacy & Tucker!

Our Dog, Tucker

In June 2015 we rescued our dog, Tucker! He is sweet, well-mannered and a lovable dog. Now that he's part of the family we can't imagine life without him. He is also wonderful with children!

A Note To You

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We truly hope this profile has helped you to learn a little bit more about us and the type of parents we would be for your baby. To give you some background, we tried for some time to have a baby, but were unable to on our own. We realized that our options were limited, but knew almost immediately that adoption was right for us. Both Stacy's Mom and her Aunt (Godmother) were adopted and over the years we have seen what a positive experience adoption has been for everyone in her family.

We have had the first 8 years of our marriage to travel, settle into our new home, build our careers and enjoy being a married couple. We are now ready to expand our family and give a child a wonderful life. Stacy currently works full-time, but once we become parents, she will be moving into a part-time position so that she can be home as much as possible with our child. It is important to us that our child receive all of the love and attention he or she deserves.

We have great admiration for your decision and strength. We wish you and your baby all the best in health & happiness.

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