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Erin + Jackson

Thank you for creating an adoption plan that shows your love, compassion and care for your child. We look forward to sharing the story of how strong and brave our child's birth mother is with them, just as Jackson's parents did with him.

Dear Expectant Mother,

'Dear Expectant Mother,' Image

First and foremost we want to say thank you. Thank you for creating an adoption plan that shows your love, compassion and care for your child. We are humbled that you may believe we are the right adoptive parents for your child. Our dream has always been to have children in our family. We are thankful for generous birth mothers, like you, who allow us the opportunity to fulfill that dream. Your choice to create an adoption plan is extra special to us as Jackson is also adopted. Like you, his birth mother made the loving and courageous decision to make an adoption plan which provided Jackson with an amazing adoptive family.

We will forever cherish adoption because it allowed Jackson to have a wonderful childhood and life that we know his birth mother wanted for him. Adoption made it possible for us to meet and start our story. It is now going to allow us the opportunity to unconditionally love a child and raise them in the most caring and supportive environment. Although we have had to go through difficult times leading us to where we are now, we have grown stronger as a family and look forward to the exciting adventure of parenthood.

Our Story

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We met through mutual friends our senior year of college and spent our first date together watching Hitch and the NBA playoffs. Jackson had already accepted a job out of state prior to our first date, but that did not stop us from continuing our relationship. We spent the next few of months in a long distance relationship that didn't feel long distance at all. Jackson would surprise Erin with purple roses at work and Erin would always send Jackson dozens of homemade cookies she knew he loved. After about three months, Erin accepted her dream job at a children's hospital in the same city where Jackson had been living. About a year later Jackson planned an engagement weekend full of surprises and Erin said yes! Shortly after we were married in May of 2008, Jackson started graduate school at nights after his work, while Erin was promoted to being a manager of dietitians. In December of 2010, Jackson graduated with his MBA and thus began our journey to grow our family. After five and a half years of two doctors, two surgeries, and several procedures, we realized God had a different plan for us.

Our Home And Sam

'Our Home and Sam' Image

We have a dog named Sam who is a nine year old black lab mix and has been a part of our family since our engagement. He loves running around his big yard and taking long walks around our neighborhood. We moved into our new home about three years ago envisioning that this would be the place our future children would grow up and play with their friends in our cul-de-sac. Our home is about a mile away from Erin's parents, so on the weekends we enjoy family time, swimming in the pool and cook outs.

Meet Jackson: By Erin

Jackson is a supervisor in the corporate finance field and is a hardworking, family man. Every day he tries to learn and grow as a person and motivates me to do the same. He is a kid at heart who enjoys Disney movies, watching and playing sports (especially basketball, golf and football), reading, cooking, grilling and playing with Sam. As an only child, Jackson was blessed to grow up with several cousins as well as high school and college friends who are like his siblings. He loves to spoil our nephew as well as his goddaughter and godson. I have always dreamed of watching Jackson become a father and whether he's watching dance recitals, coaching little league, reading stories or helping with homework, I know he will be a wonderful role model.

Meet Erin – By Jackson

Erin is a clinical dietitian in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at a local hospital and an extreme planner, which is one of the many things I love about her. When we were first engaged she told me how she saw our future together; house with a big yard, three children, and the two of us still as happy as that day. Even when her most cherished plans have us taking a different path to achieve them, she always adapts, looks at it as an adventure and enjoys the ride. Some of the things Erin enjoys are; cooking, baking homemade treats, watching and attending sporting events with Jackson, working out and spending time with family. She has a younger sister, who she talks to everyday and a two year old nephew who loves spending time with his auntie. Once we welcome our child into our family our plan is that Erin will transition to a part time position and move to being a full-time stay at home mom soon thereafter to be with our child as much as possible. Erin has always wanted to be a mother and I can't imagine a better person to be an adoptive mother.

Our Favorite Things

'Our Favorite Things' Image

Two of our most favorite things are traveling and the Christmas season. We love exploring new places together and are lucky enough to take an annual trip with Erin's family. Traveling with our child is something we are looking forward to, especially when we see their eyes light up as they walk into Disney World for the first time. We also enjoy taking an annual trip together at the start of the Christmas season and adding our child to that trip will only make it that much more special! It is our favorite time of year and we are excited to share our family Christmas traditions with our child such as; watching Christmas movies, baking cookies, decorating the Christmas tree while drinking hot chocolate, hosting family and friends and cooking big family meals.

Thank You

In closing, we wanted to thank you again for creating an adoption plan. We look forward to sharing the story of how strong and brave our child's birth mother is with them, just as Jackson's parents did with him. Being an adopted child is extremely special and something our child will always understand. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read this and get to know our family. We are truly thankful for everything you are doing and look forward to sharing our special appreciation and love for adoption and the birth mother with our child.

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