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Dwayne + Valerie

Hello! We are Valerie and Dwayne. We think adoption is such a unique and amazing circle of life, and it is our hope and prayer to grow our family through its graces. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and to hear about our lives. We are eager to learn all about you and your journeys as well!


We admire your courage and selflessness for choosing adoption for your sweet baby. You have chosen such a brave path, and we appreciate all you are sacrificing and the role you could play in blessing us with another child. We can't imagine what you've been going through and how difficult this process has been for you. We wish you love and support in these hard months to come and hope you will find comfort in knowing we will do our best to honor your wishes. We have so much love to offer and cannot wait to be parents again! We have faith that our hearts will be entrusted with the baby that is meant to be part of our family. We love life, our families, our friends, our pets, our daughter Ruby, and most importantly each other! We are thrilled to bring home another beautiful baby with which to share our lives!

Love Story

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We grew up in the same town but attended cross town schools. We knew of each other in high school but were reintroduced by friends in our mid-twenties. We had an instantaneous bond, and we have now been together for nine wonderful years! We got married in 2012 and had a big, beautiful farm wedding. Surrounded by our friends and families, we never felt more loved than on that day. We are truly best friends and live every day to make each other happy.

Our road to parenthood hasn't been easy. We found our strength in our love for each other, knowing our angels are in heaven, and in the hope of adoption! After being approved with Gladney for 6 months, we were surprisingly blessed with our little miracle, Ruby! However, Valerie became very sick due to the pregnancy, and Ruby had to be delivered 10 weeks early. This experience taught us how precious and delicate life is. Although it hasn't always been easy, we love our journey to parenthood and look forward to the next adventure it brings us!


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Dwayne is the best dad! He has a great sense of humor, and he is always trying to make Ruby and me laugh! He is caring, thoughtful, and has the biggest heart! He is resourceful, handy, and hardworking. Friends and family come to him for advice and help on anything from a leaky toilet to what plants they should have in their garden. Dwayne is active and lives for the outdoors. He enjoys hunting, farming, gardening, camping, riding four wheelers, and building things with his hands. He is smart and knows a lot about how things work. He is great with kids and loves spoiling Ruby as well as our 13 nieces and nephews! He is a wonderful husband, he loves and supports me more than I ever could have imagined. I couldn't have asked for a better man to walk beside me through life. I know no matter what challenges we face, he will be a great partner, mentor, father, and friend!


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Valerie is a strong, wonderful, and passionate woman. She has always loved hosting dinner parties, cooking, decorating for holidays, dancing and singing! She enjoys reading, learning, and trying new things. She amazed me with her strength in dealing with our loses and Ruby's time in the NICU. I always knew she was going to be a great mother, but I could never have guessed how patient and attentive she would be to our little girl. I love watching how she cares for everything around her, her love for children was one of her traits that made me fall in love. She loves beauty and tries to find it in all things. Valerie has a strong sense of style. Many friends and family members come to her for fashion and style advice, and Ruby is always dressed to the nines, thanks to her personal stylist, Valerie. She is also a talented creative artist and it shows in everything she touches! Valerie is positively motivated and not easily discouraged. Her therapies are long walks and shopping! There are not enough words to describe my love for my wife, and I love watching her with our daughter and continuing to fulfill her dream of being a mother!


Ruby is our darling little girl! She entered our lives in October 2015 and is loving life. She was born 10 weeks early and spent 47 days growing and getting stronger in the NICU. We are so proud of her and all she has overcome! She has become the light of our life and taught us so many things. She has such a pleasant spirit and fun little personality. She loves our pets and is always smiling! We cannot wait to be parents again and see her become a big sister!

Home Sweet Home

We live on a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburbs of Pennsylvania. Our home is less than a mile from where Valerie's mom lives and from the house where she grew up. We have a multilevel, English Tudor home. We have four bedrooms and plenty of space for more little ones. Our home is also a stone's throw away from a beautiful township park with a playground, multiple ball fields, and a walking trail. Additionally, we are close to a private community pool to which we already hold a membership.


We have two cats, Stefano and Gracie! Stefano is an older, black and white, long-haired tomcat filled with "Cattitude." Gracie is a middle-aged, tiny, gray kitty who is shy and sweet and never makes a peep. They love sleeping the day away cuddling together on our bed and with Ruby any chance they get. Stella is our playful and sweet puppy! She is a black lab/border collie mix. She loves long walks, hugs, snow, cuddling, playing ball, and kids! They bring so much joy to all three of us each and every day!


We are blessed with an abundance of loving family members! We are lucky enough to have three sets of parents. These special people make us who we are, and bestow upon us nothing but infinite love and support. We spend tons of time with them all, and they help out with babysitting! They cannot wait to welcome a new addition to our family!

Valerie is one of seven kids. It's a little crazy but definitely seven times the fun! There are six girls and one boy; she is number five. They are all very close and love to hang out, play games, and spend time together. There are now nine little ones. The family bond has only improved with the addition of all the children. Together we enjoy holidays, Sunday dinners, the annual Nana Pajama Party, vacation to the beach each summer, and so much more! Everyone is thrilled about a new playmate!

Dwayne is one of four siblings. He is the baby and has three older sisters. There are six little ones in his family. They love playing card games, swimming in the pool at their parents' house, getting together for family picnics, attending the county agricultural fair, and just spending time together. The kids are already excited about sleepovers with their new cousin!


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More than anything, we just want to thank you! We want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and devote our lives to providing everlasting love and security in a safe and happy environment. We will raise your child knowing where he or she came from and speak of you often and lovingly! Your child will be proud of your brave and courageous heart and your ultimate sacrifice that brought him or her to us! We promise to love this little angel wholeheartedly and make him or her the center of our world! This sweet baby will have doting grandparents, loving aunts and uncles, more cousins than he or she knows what to do with, and a proud big sister to help him or her get into mischief! We will honor you and your adoption choice every night in our prayers and pray that you find peace with your decision. Thank you for considering us as the parents and family of your child. We understand this is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make! We wish you all the luck in the world and will keep you in our thoughts!


Valerie & Dwayne


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