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Dean + Ashley

Thank you for considering us as loving parents for your child. We cannot imagine the feelings you have or will experience in your decision to plan an adoption for your child. We admire your courage and strength, and hope our story and these photographs of our life give an accurate image of who we are and the kind of parents we will be to your child.

About Us - Written By Ashley

'About Us - Written by Ashley' Image

We met 10 years ago while Dean was visiting his friends who owned the daycare where I was a preschool teacher. I saw him walk in with a collared shirt, jeans, and brown dress shoes on while holding his very favorite large iced coffee. I thought he was so handsome! We started spending more time together and after a couple of nice dinners and some afternoon walks through the quaint coastal Maine town where I was living, we were falling for each other. 10 years later we still enjoy nice dinners out and nice, long walks. We have built our relationship on communication. After he returned to Massachusetts and I remained in Maine we stayed connected through phone calls and the occasional weekend visit. After a couple of years long distance I moved to Massachusetts where we worked on building a life together. I began my life long dream of being a schoolteacher; I met my best friends and became part of an amazing family. We became engaged 2 years later and were married in a beautiful ceremony on the island of Saint Lucia in 2013. Since getting married we moved to Texas, bought our first home, and have settled into our dream jobs. I have been teaching kindergarten for the past year and Dean has been promoted to regional director. When we aren't spending time at home working in the yard, lounging in the pool or playing with our 3 dogs we love to get in the car and explore the great state of Texas. We love going on adventures to new places, exploring the sights and scenery and finding new places to enjoy a good meal. Dean is blessed to have 3 boys from a previous marriage and I am blessed to be able to have them in my life and love them with all of my heart. We are very much looking forward to adding a baby to share our wonderful life with.

About Ashley

My wife is the most caring, loving, and sensitive person I've ever met. Ashley spends her days as a teacher and devotes her time and energy to ensuring her students understand the value of education, compassion, pride and honesty; she truly loves her students and her career! She cares about each and every student and is a model teacher! Ashley loves me and my boys! She loves me for me; all my unique singing, dancing, and quirky ways and every day I wake up and go to sleep knowing that I married my best friend and love of my life. Ash has been a role model, educator, and loving step-mother to my three boys and for the last 10 yrs. Ash has stood by me parenting, mentoring, challenging and loving my kids to ensure they grow up to be respectful, thoughtful, good-hearted men. She's taught them how to cook, and helped teach them to ride their bikes. She plays card games and Monopoly (which she secretly hates) and even Super Mario Brothers filling the house with laughter! Ash loves long drives, cooking, Christmas lights, and our pets! She's funny, beautiful, and a good person who is our family anchor! She's caring, honest and true... she's my best friend, my partner and the love of my life!

About Dean

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My husband is the most amazing man I know! He works so hard at everything he does, from his job of 9 years as director of corporate security, to being a devoted and loving husband and a role model for his children. Dean has made it his personal mission to make me smile every day for the past 10 years. He sings me a good morning song every morning or will make an entrance into a room with a little dance just to make me laugh. He will take me to get ice cream (it's my favorite food) for dinner if he knows I've had a long day. Dean will go with me on lazy Sunday drives through the country side, which is by far one of our favorite past times. He is my best friend and I couldn't be more grateful to have him as my partner through this life. When I see him with our boys it fills my heart. He is the dad who helps with homework, boy scout badges and sports, but more importantly Dean is the dad who teaches respect and responsibility to oneself, family and community. Dean serves the community by giving back to the homeless, veterans and animal organizations which he also requires of his boys who donate clothes and toys to less fortunate children and food to area food banks. He loves cars, music, and exercise. With his family he enjoys watching movies and making his "world famous" popcorn, playing video and card games and going on road trips to explore and adventure.

About Big Brothers

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Chris is a boy scout just a few badges away from Eagle Scout. He loves fishing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and is even a certified scuba diver. He has come to love fish and has set up and maintains his own tropical fish tank. Chris loves math and science and wants to be a marine biologist.

Michael is the youngest twin. He is very creative. He loves to cook, build with legos, and draw. He loves to read and will often find him curled up in the hammock, sitting poolside or curled up under his blankets with a flashlight reading late into the night.

Danny is the oldest twin. He loves the water like his big brother but especially loves surfing and fishing. He likes to draw, especially pictures of Batman. At school Danny is really good at math and hopes to go into journalism or photography someday.

About Our Family

Prior to moving to Texas we lived just down the road from Dean's family and we saw them almost daily. His parents adopted Dean and his twin brother Derek as infants. We would have dinner together, do projects around the house for them or just sit and chat in the yard while the kids played. Dean's brother and his wife of 20 years lived in the next town over with our 2 nieces, Kayla and Kassie. When the kids were younger we would have all the children for sleepovers, trips to the movies, and weeks at the family beach house.

Ashley's family is mostly in Maine. We use Skype to "see" each other often. Ashley is blessed to have a mom, dad, step-dad, and step-mom. She also has a younger brother, Michael, who is married to the love of his life, Kim, and together they have a new daughter, Emma. Kim has a 9 year old daughter, Natalie, from a previous marriage that is adored, spoiled and loved by all.

About Our Home

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When moving to Texas we specifically chose our home for the space it provides us. We have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 1 of each is all ready for baby. It has 2 living rooms which gives us room to have a family space and a kid space right next door. We have an eat-in kitchen for family dinners but also have a dining room for hosting family during the holidays. We have a pool in the backyard, which we love to spend time in as a family. Our own vacation spot in our backyard! We have a big oak tree in the front yard just waiting for a swing.

Not only did we choose this house for what it offered, but we love the neighborhood as well. We have a playground, walking trail and fish stocked pond just a short walk away. Family friendly sidewalks for afternoon strolls and a cul-de-sac to minimize traffic flow.

Why We Are Adopting

Dean and his twin brother are adopted, so when we decided to expand our family we knew this was the best way for us to do it. Dean and Derek have had a wonderful life and are grateful for the plan their birth mother made for them. It is our hope to be able to provide an equally wonderful life for our child thanks to the plan you are making.

Our Thanks

It is our sincerest hope that the glimpse we have given you to our life fills you with comfort during what we imagine is an emotional time for you. We have so much love to give and can't wait to share our life with a child. We wish you strength and peace during your journey.


Dean and Ashley

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