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Crayton + Gabrielle

We know everyone has a unique journey, and we are honored to share our story with you. We are so very eager to welcome a child into our family; one that we are ready to love and adore, forever. At the same time, we sincerely admire you during your adoption experience, as well as we recognize your amazing courage and strength. Regardless of the outcome, thank you for taking the time to learn about our family. We wish you all the best.

Meet Gabrielle & Crayton

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First and foremost, thank you very much for considering us as possible adoptive parents for your baby. We are fully aware this isn't an easy decision but we admire the strength you are showing by even holding this book. We are truly grateful and honored, more than words can express, and genuinely admire your strength and respect your choice.

Making a decision like this is incredibly selfless, in that you are looking out for your baby first. That is admirable beyond words. You will have a lot of great choices for potential adoptive parents for your baby, and we would be honored if we were a part of that plan. Know this: we will always honor you and this gift, forever. Your baby will be loved, nurtured, and encouraged.

There is no way to express in such a short profile how thankful we are for your decision, or how much we are ready and eager to offer a wonderful life to this child of yours, and we certainly hope this grabs your attention so we can take the next step on this journey, particularly with you.

Our Story

We met via mutual friends, of all places, on a co-ed softball team! The team wasn't the greatest in the world (or even in the league!), but we are forever grateful for that experience because that is how we were first connected. While dating other people, we developed a very strong friendship over the years, to the point where we were considered best friends by others.

We traveled to Chicago for a friend's birthday trip, and Crayton thought to himself, "This is crazy. Gabrielle is the one I love the most, why don't we give this a shot," and he threw it out to her, fully expecting a rejection. To his surprise, she was taken with their relationship as well. We dated for a short year, and then got engaged in 2011.

We were married in 2012 and we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary! It has been a great journey, and now we are hoping to add a child to our family; one that we are ready and eager to love and adore, forever.

Meet Crayton, By Gabrielle

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Immediately I was drawn to Crayton when we first met, I could not get enough time with this guy. Even though we were just friends in the beginning of our relationship, my mom could sense I had a certain connection with this fella and she would often ask, why not date Crayton?

Of course, now I'd say, what's not to love? Crayton has an infectious personality, which explains why he is the kind of person everyone wants to be around. (I cannot even count how many guy friends he has, the list is ongoing!) Maybe it has to do with the fact that Crayton is always in a great mood, and he has a strong sense of confidence that so many admire; yet he is not too self-assured, Crayton has a way of connecting with all types of people, and he can undeniably put any crowd at ease, often entertaining the masses with his clever, witty jokes.

If I could summarize one of my favorite traits about Crayton, it would be that he has a heart of gold. Not only is he the very best friend I have, but he turned out to be such an amazing husband, and he continues to inevitably surprise me each day with his gentle, thoughtful, kind soul. This man I love and admire will unquestionably be the very best father one could ask for. I've witnessed his love for his nieces, which is immeasurable, and I can only anticipate the loving, loyal, inspiring, compassionate, selfless father he will someday become.

Meet Gabrielle, By Crayton

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Gabrielle is a very special person and someone who I'm sure you will love. She's very popular and has a ton of friends. You might be asking what makes this wonderful wife of mine so special? There are a few words I will use to describe her: loving, beautiful (inside and out), caring, thoughtful, savvy, hilarious (she does a killer Kristen Wiig impression).

What I love most about her and our future is that she's so great with kids. We have 3 nieces, and they simply adore Aunt Gabrielle. As well, the majority of our friends all have kids ranging from 1-12, she is great with all of them. The babies love her because she's so playful with them; the older ones (girls) look up to her as a role model.

Gabrielle loves to cook, travel, she enjoys photography (she has thousands of photos in the cloud), art and interior design. She has redecorated 3 of our homes, and they have all turned out amazing. A lot of our friends tell her she should quit her job and do interior decorating full time.

She is also special because she herself is a Gladney baby! Because of this, I've learned so much about adoption and how it can affect so many people in a positive manner. Her adoptive parents have become family to me, and her birth-mother is in our lives as well, and even came to our wedding.

All in all, I feel very lucky to have married such a wonderful person and the love of my life. I can't wait for you to meet Gabrielle, and see what I see: a fabulous person and someone that will make an incredible mother.

Gabrielle's Adoption Journey

I was adopted when I was 13 days old. Back in those days, adoptions were closed and my parents didn't know the expectant mother, nor did they really have any idea what to expect, other than a baby they planned on loving unconditionally.

I cannot remember a time in my life where I didn't know I was adopted, my parents shared this blessing with me as early as I could recall. It is so hard to imagine being raised any different; I am forever grateful for both my parent's decision and more importantly, Rhonda's decision and strength to come to Gladney.

I think it is significant to share the celebration of my adoption with you, and I can only hope to be as wonderful as both of my parents have been to me. To say this has come full circle is an amazing honor- Crayton and I are ready to continue the adoption journey into another generation.

Our Pets

Cubby is a sweet tabby cat, about 12 years old. Gabrielle rescued him before we were married from a co-worker, who also had a Rottweiler; not a good housemate for Cubby! Cubby sleeps about 15 hours a day, and spends the rest of the time cuddled up to one of us or chilling out in the sun in the backyard chasing squirrels.

Cubby is our most beloved, lovable, furry member of our family. Cubby is the king of the castle, and he rules the house with his hamburger helper paws. However, we also love my brother, Rusty (AKA Gabrielle's parent's malti-poo). Rusty visits often, so we wanted to include him because we are huge lovers of all animals.


Gabrielle comes from a smaller, close-knit family. She is an only-child, and as mentioned, was a Gladney baby. We are both very close to Gabrielle's mom and dad (Don & Linda), as well as her Aunt Cheryl. Cheryl lives in New York, but does travel down for holidays quite a bit and is a close member of our family.

Gabrielle's mom and dad spend every holiday with us, and we have started some great traditions (including pajama Christmas where we never get out of our PJ's for the day and enjoy some family fellowship and Christmas movies). Gabrielle's parents are retired, and they only live a couple of hours away, so they enjoy making the drive to visit.

Crayton's family is pretty small as well. His father (Tom) passed away 6 years ago, but his mother (Margaret) is looking very forward to meeting her first grandchild of Gabrielle and Crayton.

Margaret already has three grand kids from Crayton's brother (Quincy), who is married to a great girl (Anne) and together they have 3 beautiful daughters, aged 10, 8, and 5. They are greatly looking forward to meeting their cousin and they have promised to be great role models. They are very active in their church and all things that girls like: ballet, softball, basketball, and choir and of course, American Girls. We are very close with our sweet nieces. We live about an hour from them, so we get the opportunity to see them a lot.

Our Promise

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Assuming you were to select us, our promises to you are relatively simple, but important.

We promise to bestow upon this child the most loving and Christian upbringing possible.

We promise to raise the child with education as a priority, but also a lot of fun times along the way.

We promise to raise the child respecting others in school and in society.

We promise to give this child love, acceptance, and safety.

Lastly, we promise to raise this child having him or her know exactly how much you sacrificed to make our family happen. They will know how special you are and how much your gift has given to our new family.

Regardless of the outcome, thank you for taking the time to learn about our family.

Much love,

Gabrielle & Crayton

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