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Cory + Summer

Hi!! We are Cory and Summer...we have been married for 15 years and wonder daily, where did the time go?!?! Time flies when you are having fun, it truly does! We both love children and have always desired to be parents. We are excited to grow our family through the blessing of adoption.

Our Story

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It all started back in August of 2001, in Lubbock, TX. We had both moved there to attend school, but really for two different reasons. Cory moved there from California with a scholarship to play baseball and Summer moved there from the DFW area to get a degree in Education. God had other plans for us though.

Within weeks of moving to Lubbock, one of Summer's best friends from high school, who also moved to Lubbock, introduced us to one another....and the rest is history. We met in August, engaged in December, and married in April.

Since day one of our relationship, we have always been great at communicating. It is one of our strenghts as a couple. We would stay up all night, just talking about the future and what that would look like. We never imagined the journey the Lord was about to have us walk together as we tried to start a family.

We have had many ups and downs, highs and lows, laughter and tears, and joys and sorrows, but we can both honestly say we would not have it any other way because we have each other.

Cory's Family

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Cory grew up in a close knit family. He is the "baby" of the family. He would say that his parents are some of his closest friends. He talks to them nearly every day.

Cory's older brother is Kevin. Kevin and Jen have 5 children-3 girls and 2 boys. Being Uncle Cory is the best job. They live in beautiful Colorado. We take full advantage of the adventures Colorado has to offer and visit them as often as we can.

Cory gets his handy-man abilities from his dad, Chuck. However, he gets his character qualities from his mom. Jan is sensitive, patient, loving, and generous.

Chuck and Jan are both retired and love being grandparents they are eagerly awaiting the addition of more. Even more exciting, they recently moved to Texas to be closer to us and our future growing family.

Summer's Family

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Summer comes from a family of fun-loving jokesters. Someone is always being silly, especially Garry(aka Daddy). Everyone is super excited to giggle and laugh with a new addition to the family. This new addition will be the first little one on Summer's side of the family.

Julie (Summer's sister) and brother-in-law live just a few minutes away. Juile loves photography and is super creative and crafty.

James (Summer's brother) lives with his fiance in North Carolina, he is very techy and loves to make people laugh.

Garry is semi-retired and lives on 40 acres just outside of town. There are endless oportunities to explore, watch stars, fish, have a bonfire, or pet animals out there. Summer also gets all of her cooking skills from her dad. He is a true professional and could be the next Iron Chef.

Thank You!

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Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile. More then anything, we want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and will devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, security, and joy we can offer.

We also want to communicate this one, but most important point: God is SO good and He has the perfect plan for your life, your baby's life, and our lives simultaneously. We pray that throughout this journey you will have HOPE, COURAGE, LOVE, FAITH, AND PEACE.

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