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Chris + Jes

Hello, we are Chris and Jes. Thank you so much for taking a moment to learn a little about us. We are humbled by your bravery and strength in choosing adoption for your child. We are very excited to become first time parents. We have a large support group of family, several of whom are adopted, and friends. Please know that your child would grow up surrounded by love and unconditional support.

Dear Expectant Mom...

Thank you for considering us as loving parents for your child. Our names are Chris and Jes. We cannot imagine the feelings you have or will experience in your decision to plan an adoption for your child. We admire your courage and strength in taking this difficult step in choosing an adoption plan for your child. As you make your important decisions, we hope that this glimpse into our lives will help you know us a little better.

Our Story

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Chris and I met our sophomore year of high school. I knew immediately that I had met the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We discovered that while we are different we have many things in common. We developed a wonderful friendship that became the foundation of a loving relationship. We managed to find each other young; the seven years we dated gave us the time to solidify our bond and experience life as a couple.

Meet Chris

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The first thing I noticed about Chris was his great smile. Chris is an amazing husband and best friend. He understands and finds humor in my silly antics. Chris is smart, outgoing, loving, and driven. He works hard to provide a stable and loving home. Our new son or daughter will have daddy wrapped around their little finger the moment they arrive. I am so excited to see him become the wonderful father I know he will be. Chris enjoys fishing, biking, ultimate frisbee, bowling, golf, working on cars and spending time outdoors with friends and the dogs.

Meet Jes

Jes is a wonderful wife and best friend. She is loving, caring, and an absolute joy to be around. Jes definitely keeps me in line, but I wouldn't know what to do without her. She has made me a better person just by knowing her. She is great with our niece, as well as our friends' kids, and I know that she will be a wonderful mother to our child. Jes enjoys reading, fishing, attempting to bowl, game nights and spending time cuddled up with the dogs.

Meet Our Family

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Our dogs are Coda and Ziegen, and being Mini Australian Shepherds they are very active dogs. Coda is very "take charge." As a herding breed, he needs to keep an eye on everyone (his herd) to make sure they are safe. He LOVES playing Frisbee and is a total momma's boy. Ziegen, on the other hand, is perfectly happy to let his brother watch out for things. When it comes to fetching his ball, he is a little energizer bunny.

Family is extremely important to us, we both grew up with a strong sense of family. As family already touched by adoption, everyone is very supportive and excited about our decision to adopt. Jes' mom and uncle are both adopted. Jes is the oldest of three, with a younger brother and sister. Chris has one older sister and a beautiful niece. We have been blessed with very close knit families who get together regularly.

Our Home

We have a three bedroom home with a large backyard. It is the perfect yard for a play set on which your child would enjoy lots of time swinging and having fun with friends. Our home is located close to family, with Jes' grandparents actually living only 4 houses away. This makes a perfect place for our regular family dinners.

Our Life Together

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We love to travel, we love spending time in the mountains and exploring national landmarks. We love spending time outside, biking, fishing, hiking and just spending time with our dogs. We are excited to share our love of the outdoors with our child. We have regular game nights where we enjoy spending time with friends over dinner and playing board games. We have started a new tradition where every Saturday we visit our favorite sushi restaurant. This gives us time to unwind from a long work week and just spend some time as a couple.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Should you decide to choose us to parent your child, we promise to provide the best life we can. We promise that they will be loved unconditionally, surrounded by family and friends. We are so grateful that you are considering us as parents for your child.

Chris and Jes

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