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Charley + Vicky

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile! Our names are Vicky & Charley, and we have been together for 15 years, after meeting one lucky afternoon at work. We are an adventurous couple, and love exploring...our city, the world, new places, people & things. We know that this adventure will be our greatest one....we are thrilled about this journey, and starting our family through adoption!

About Charley…by Vicky

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Charley is the best person I know. He works very hard to provide for our family. He is fun (and funny), loving, supportive, and smart. My favorite thing about him is the way he believes in me. He loves sports (football & golf most of all!), and is a fantastic cook (honestly, he could be a chef!). Charley has the biggest heart, and will be an amazing father.

Charley dreams of having a child to share his love of the outdoors & sports with...his ideal day with a little one (when old enough, of course!) would be to cook breakfast together in the morning, go out to the driving range and teaching them how to hit a golf ball, and then coming back home to grill some dinner and watch a movie or a football game.

I can hardly wait to see this dream come true!

About Vicky…by Charley

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I love Vicky so much. She has the biggest heart that I know! She is the balance of my life and my true best friend. Vicky puts everyone first and is the go to person for family vacations and fun. She will be the best mom because she is compassionate, patient, and most importantly, loving.

Vicky loves to stay active, and is always seeking out fun ways in which to explore our city. Vicky's dream day with a little one would be waking up with a snuggle and some cartoon watching, with breakfast cooked by me (Dad will definitely be the chef!). Breakfast would be followed by a fun day out....a visit to a park, museum, and fun lunch with ice cream. Then home to rest, and dinner. Vicky is very creative, so I can already imagine her making up dance routines & putting on plays with our child (while I cook them dinner!).

About Our Families

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We'd like you to meet Vicky's mom & dad - Liz & Pete (the two in the middle). The thought of welcoming a new grandchild into the family makes them very happy! Vicky & her family come from England (Vicky was born there). A baby that is part of our family will be able to have English & American passports. Vicky's sister is expecting twins, a boy & a girl....so cousins will be nearly the exact same age.

As you can see, we are a family of dog lovers. We have two very sweet cocker spaniels of our own, Louis (the white one) & Bentley (the black one)...they are both very calm and lovely older dogs (12 and 11 years old), and they are very excited about being big brothers. We have a great yard to play in, and they are looking forward to a new playmate to share it with. This picture is our family at our last family get together.

More About Our Families

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Now we'd like you meet Charley's family. His parents are Linda & Dan. Linda & Dan have three children (Charley, Missy & Danny) and have six grandkids (three boys, and three girls!), and are really excited about a future addition! They adore their large family, are tireless when it comes to playing with their grandkids, and love spending time with everyone together. They have some land in the countryside, which is a great place for us all to come together and enjoy each other and the great outdoors.

Thank You

Thank you so much for viewing our online profile; we hope you will consider looking at our full profile book as well. We are so honored to be considered as adoptive parents for your sweet child. It is truly an honor, and something we are looking forward to more than anything in the world.

We think so much about having a baby in our lives, but we have thought so much about you, and what it must be like to be making the decisions that you are making. We have also thought very carefully about the connection between a child and their birth mother, and we will always do our very best to honor and cherish that, for you and for the baby.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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